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When Rainbow Dash called for help on her dying breath, she never imagined she would be rescued twice at once. Now she is neither dead or alive, and she definitely doesn't remember wearing all six Elements ...

Rainbow Dash is divided, and she doesn't have much time. To save herself and her friends she may have to convince them to give up the Magic of Friendship, or she can fight ... but how does one fight destiny?

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Reading of the story by Skytail

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You spelled lose wrong in the description.

Hmm. *Reads checklist for great stories*

1. Dark tag. Check.

2. Romance tag. Check.

3. Luna. Check.

4 Rainbow Dash. Check.

5. Badass Twilight. Hmm only one way to find out!


Huh? What? :rainbowhuh:

In confused... I want chapter 2! :p

Dun dun duuuuuunnnn!
That's the only way I can describe this whole chapter.

welp, another story to keep an eye on, thumbs up for now but I won't fav until really like it and I need more to decide if I do. Chapter 2?


Very soon. It's almost done :coolphoto:

Can't wait for the next chapter

Much needed explanation coming up next chapter, hooray! Liking the OC's so far, it's good to see some who are kind of "informal" for a change.


Thanks :twilightsmile: I do hope I'm doing well with the various characters, it's always a difficult thing


“Does Fluttershy and the others know you ran away?”

All I can really think of right now is, "Double Rainbow".

That clears up a lot though, I was just a bit confused with her random passing out and stuff. Also, Zecora.

Double rainbow across the sky yea so intense lol:rainbowlaugh:1214082

Aww I was hoping you'd go soardash u know


It's mainly a TwiDash story, or will be. There'll be some other romancing, but TwiDash is where the focus will be, at least.

1219691 actually I don't like any story in which RD is shipped with one of her friends but I guess I can bear through this for one story just because the plot of the story is extremely interesting :pinkiehappy:

1219691 Not that kind of plot I'm no clopper :scootangel:

Want more.
BTW, I'm watching you.


AWESOME!!!!! :rainbowkiss:
Can't wait for next update:rainbowdetermined2:


Holy Shit!
Wait ... I see a refrence, A manga called Time Guardian, Where people go to a secret time shop and borrow time by giving them something they treasure or something. and they are able to do what they want within that time. Then they go back to reality. and Etc. It made me think that Rainbow is kinda in that same situation here, where if she reunites with her double she'll die 2 months later, it kinda makes me think of the aspect that her death would be paying for the time she borrowed.
Kinda cool right??
Also. DAMN! i have respect for that Eden lady, Making Rbd ( Well a part of her) Breakdown into tears like that!

1168784 I can't resisit saying this but.... I F*yay*G LOVE YOUR AVATAR PIC! It's so adorable!


I'm not familiar with it, but sounds interesting. And thanks :rainbowdetermined2:

This is getting real interesting. I like the concept Eden brings up, of the "most probable" future, not set in stone or anything. When you posted that cover image first, I thought Eden would be the Big Bad, and maybe she is because I don't know, but she's pretty neutral right now. That's cool to read.

Sooo.....Rainbow is 9 years old and Twi and AJ are 10?


Yes. I like to assume they age like real horses do

Wow! First Story i have seen that there is two sets of elements! That are the exact same as the ones in the show! This is really getting intresting.

Lol two sets of elements one for big battles against evil the other pair. Great fashion accessory :pinkiehappy:

Oh god, giant spider crabs? The horror, the horror!


Can't tell if you're being sarcastic :rainbowhuh:


Nope, not sarcasm. I'm just not fond of spiders, especially not giant ones, hairy ones. Ever played LIMBO? :pinkiesick:


Can't say I have, but I know the feeling

Hello! Love your story Ad. It is Synisster from Giant. Keep it up. So any good dark stories I am eating them up. Btw I dunno if I said before but awesome using the Shadowbolts. So much headcanon with what I am reading on this site.

Wow. That a twist. I didn't expect to see that coming. I hope Blaze isn't a Changling. RD deserves to be happy and..somehow this two felt right for her. Ohhh I am loving this story. Ty so very much.

Oh shit rainbow you woke up a dragon :rainbowlaugh:


Heh, we'll see :raritywink: And you're welcome

Hmm...Not Twidash? can't complain though, still a good read even if it doesn't have my favorite pairing.


It is intended to be a TwiDash story, that relationship is just taking its time to develop properly :twilightsmile:

AWESOME!! As always :pinkiehappy:

Keep it up

FIRST!!!! Seriously why do I do that?

*claps* Nice. Wonderful spin on everything. Me Gusta

I heartily approve. Dash is torn in two on what to do. Could it be she can be free? Tune in next time and I can stop this rhyme.

Hhmmmm Rainbiw Dash fucked a Changling :rainbowlaugh:
One question. Was it good?? :rainbowhuh:

Of course it was good. I am sure of it. Keep them coming Deadly. I have a ticket for the emotional roller coaster called fan fics.

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