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Back at it · 4:03pm March 25th

Oh boy. It's been more than two years, but Uniformity is finally out of hiatus. I didn't expect it to be that long, but things like that are hard to predict.

As they say, better late than never.

Along with the new chapter there's a brief summary of events so far, since I expect I'm not the only one whose memory needs a bit of jogging.

I'm not really sure what happened, to be honest. The motivation and energy just drained out of me bit by bit, and for the past two years (after barely finishing the story Back and Forth) I've just been slogging aimlessly around. I'm reluctant to call it depression, cuz I haven't exactly been sad, but in every other way it's the only word I can find for it.

I'm back to writing now, however, and so far I'm enjoying it greatly. I hope it lasts.

I intend to finish Uniformity first thing, because it's been bugging me all this time that I left it unfinished. After that ... who knows.

I hope you all enjoy the new chapter. Cheers :twilightsmile:

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Here again · 10:18pm Oct 26th, 2015

It's that time of year again. I'm talking about NaNoWriMo of course.

I have been writing practically zilch all year. Just haven't had the energy for it. I know you're all waiting for some sort of update - new chapters and new stories - but sadly I can't promise you any of that yet.

I will be writing in November. It will be my highest priority all month, and I intend to prepare and psych myself all proper like. I hope it will kickstart me back into the writing game, not to mention give me a good first draft to work on come December. I won't be writing anything pony related for this, however. I will focus all my energy on writing a novel of my very own creation, something I've been waiting to do for far too long.

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Uniformity officially on hiatus · 7:26pm May 1st, 2015

I think I owe you all an update on the status and progress of Uniformity.

With Back and Forth done, I had hoped to get right back to Uniformity and finally give you some regular updates. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened. I haven't been able to write anything lately, and I kinda feel like a mess right now, trying to juggle everything.

Back and Forth was kind of a bust for me, and perhaps that's affected my enthusiasm a little for Uniformity and writing in general. Or maybe it's just how long it's been since I really worked on it. Maybe it's that the story has reached a bit of a slow point, and its direction feels a bit uncertain. The fact is that what little writing time I do find these days, I usually end up distracting myself with ideas and plans for other stories.

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Almost there now · 9:15am Feb 19th, 2015

A little update seemed in order, since my promise of 'the very near future' turned out to be closer to two months. How does that keep happening, anyway? Must be a curse ...

I just want to let you know that Back and Forth is essentially completed, and I'm only waiting for some feedback from a friend before giving it the final touches before publishing it. Turns out everypony is overworked and busy of late, however, so it's hard to give any promises.

I'm sorry it took me this long, even after my promise to focus exclusively on wrapping up this story. Hopefully it won't be that much longer now, at least.

Once this is done, my next priority will be to finish Uniformity, hopefully in a more timely manner this time. More on that when the time comes.

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Forward, march! · 12:48am Jan 7th, 2015

As you may have read in my last blog post, I am finally working on Back and Forth again. Since making that post, I've written (the first drafts of) two complete chapters. There's one more chapter and maybe an epilogue left to the story after that, unless I grossly misjudge things.

I'm going to finish that last chapter (and possible epilogue), then do an extensive editing sweep of the whole story before I publish the update. A few minor changes to the existing chapters (mostly added details) will be necessary, but I strongly believe it is for the best. I'll make a list of important changes for those who don't want to reread, but I figure after this much time a lot of you may want to go back and reread anyway.

In return, you can look forward to three new chapters (plus maybe an epilogue) and the whole complete story in the very near future. I hope that makes up for the way, way, way too long delay plus any inconvenience of the edits.


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Commitment · 9:27pm Jan 2nd, 2015

Happy New Year, my loyal followers, I hope it brings you many good things.

I'm sure some of you have been waiting impatiently for updates or news of any kind from me. I'm very sorry for the unseemly wait I've been putting you all through, but that was then and this is a new year, so let's get to it.

I've been writing this stuff for some years now, and in that time I have found that I really like writing, and I like the idea of writing for realz. I think I've said so before, yes? But the thing about doing things for realz is ... it's like a marriage, turns out. It's all about that scary-as-shit word, "commitment", man.

That means "every day". That's what it means. You get married, you do the married thing every day, not "tomorrow" or "when I feel like it". Well, writing's not so different, if you want to do it for realz.

I do.

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Three Years · 8:54am Jul 7th, 2014

It's been three years (and ten days, forgetful me) since I published the first chapter of Fillystata, my first real piece of fiction. Since then, I've written half a million words of pony stories. What began as just an idle attempt at writing a small story has quickly become a passion for me. It shows that if you want to write, you just gotta start writing, and keep writing.

And keep writing I do, albeit at a snail's pace sometimes. So what does the future hold?

I intend to finish Uniformity and Back and Forth before I concentrate on any more pony stories, though heavens know I have enough drafts and ideas to last me many more years if I wanted to keep writing pony. Hopefully I'll finish at least a few of them once Uniformity is complete. When that will be, I have no idea. There are at least several more chapters to come. I think we're maybe two thirds of the way, as a guess.

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Back and Forth, a while longer · 8:01pm Jun 20th, 2014

Oh sweet merciful fate, how long it's taken me to write this simple story. When will it ever be done? It was meant to be short and sweet, just five short chapters or roughly so. That's why I went ahead and published it even though it wasn't done, because I thought it wouldn't take long. What a fool I was. To be fair, it probably won't be many more chapters, but it shouldn't have taken so long to write this few words.

Ah, c'est la vie.

It's taken a rather grim and violent turn with the last two chapters, something I didn't originally intend. Let's just say I originally considered marking it as for "Everyone" but went with "Teen" just to be sure. Turns out that was a good choice in hindsight.

I don't tend to second-guess too much where my stories take me. I like to let them surprise me. I hope you all like the twists and turns as well, and I sincerely hope the last few chapters won't take me so long. One is allowed to hope.

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One year of uniforms · 6:53pm May 17th, 2014

One year ago today, I published the first chapter of Uniformity. 15 chapters and 130000 words of Lyra and Bonbon later, it's become my longest story yet and remains the most popular of my multi-chapters. It's been an interesting ride, and there's even more coming.

I had hoped to have chapter 16 ready for today to celebrate the occasion, but it needs a little more work and I didn't want to rush it just for this. Expect it around Monday instead. I know the last several chapters have been slow to come, and I certainly never wanted them to take a month or longer each. That's just way too long. I hope I can pick up the pace again and get the chapters out in a timely fashion from now on, and that the waiting hasn't put people off the story.

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Keeping score with the words · 12:49pm Apr 8th, 2014

I'm very sorry for the lack of writing of late. Things should be getting better, so hopefully you can expect some new chapters coming out soon.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a little thing I made for my own sake recently. Ever been reading a long, multi-chapter story here on the site and wondered how many words you've read so far? Tired of adding up each chapter's word count yourself?

Well, I got tired of it, at least. So I wrote myself a little script to do it for me. In case I'm not alone with my desire to keep score, here's my solution.

Just make a new bookmark in your browser with the following as the address/url:

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