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New subject: Music 4 · 3:32pm Mar 16th, 2013

Today i present you, a beautiful singer that used to be a model, a daughter of Warhol's star factory, used to be the lead singer of velvet underground, but decided to make her own career, and now i present to you, Nico


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Thank you for the fave on What's the Worst He Can Say?. :twilightsmile:

Thank you kindly for favoriting my AppleShy story! :ajsmug: :heart: :yay: I'll be writing more on my own soon; just finishing up a fun adventure with a co-author.

If you can tolerate OC alicorn villains (ours has quite a back story and is fairly well realized, not a Mary Sue etc.) please have a look at Lust is Magic and let us know what you think.

Light and laughter,

Yay. Thank you for favoriting my story:yay:


Ooh, what do you plan to post? :moustache:

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