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Editing Plugs · 7:24am Mar 21st, 2017

I know that I haven't published anything in a while, but fear not: I have not been idle. I've had the pleasure of serving as editor for two of my absolute favorite clop authors on the site, Moon Dream's very own OTP of James Light and Hardcover. The former is the proud owner of the ballsiest group on fimfiction (and

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...It's something that I've considered. There are definitely elements of the setting that I like; "maledom" can be fun, as well as some BDSM, slavery, "training," mind control/brainwashing, and degradation elements.

But, there are elements of FoE that I don't like as much, both sexually and narratively, and the setting is tightly controlled by its creator, so any story that I wrote wouldn't be considered canon. Considering on top of that how many downvotes a story gets just for having FoE in the title, I'm not sure it's worth pursuing.

I HAVE been pondering my own (non-anthro) maledom/sexual-slavery setting centered around changelings instead of caribou, with more actual sex and less out-and-out misogyny. But given the effort it takes to build a setting like that from scratch, I'm not certain whether I'll pursue that, either.

2429252 I was thinking that you could write a FoE story.


I'm afraid that I do not. It costs you nothing to make a suggestion, however. I write for myself, but I certainly don't mind knowing what my readers are interested in.


If I didn't mention it before, Thorax is also a name I used in one of my SFW stories years ago. I think it's just less weird than most insect-y names and can even be shortened to "Thor," which is a kinda-sorta normal name. Or maybe the show writers just plagiarized me. Never know. :trollestia:


Sounds good! I like it. Gives him a sort of Romanesque aura of respectability while he's dangling his junk before passers-by.


...My life is now complete.

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