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  • MAlicorn Milk
    For months, a young Twilight Sparkle's mind has burned with the question, "What do baby dragons eat?" Tonight, a visit with her beloved mentor will reveal the answer to be more mysterious and wondrous than she could have ever imagined.
    Moon Dreams · 12k words  ·  392  46 · 11k views

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mfw I've reached the top · 10:09pm Sep 8th, 2016

"Alicorn Milk" is now the newest inductee to the most hallowed hall in fimfiction history:

I've made it, you guys. I've reached the summit. Testicular mediocrity below me; open skies above. Feels good.

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Comments ( 4 )

Fhe real question is how are you planning on celebrating this magnificent achievement?


Thank you, thank you. For my next trick, I'll probably be focusing a lot on testes of either the Lunar or demonic-Lunar variety. Gotta go for that 100% induction rate. :trollestia:


Probably by continuing my never-ending quest to find actually-good clopfics. Or did you mean how should YOU celebrate this magnificent achievement?

...Probably by reading my next story, whenever it comes out. I haven't settled on an idea yet, though I've got a few bouncing around. Unfortunately, it turns out it takes significantly longer to write clop with actual prose and story elements than it does to just throw a bunch of penises and vaginas together and call it a day. Even "Milk" took quite a few hours to write, though it's pretty modest both conceptually and in length.

Clearly, my stories are only for clop readers with the most astute and discerning of tastes. :ajsmug:


I discovered this blog by the hashtag (#what the fuck have they done!?)

I've not been disappointed.

Balls for days yo.

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