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I write commissions and sometimes write stuff I come up with too. Nuff said.

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Rubakor #1 · Jun 1st, 2022 · · 53 ·

Feel so incredibly sorry Pound Cake has such a fat ugly fuck for a mother. I imagine banging her is like trying to do Jabba the Hutt.

O...K then...but she's not even that fat. She's plump at worst.

I call bs on that.
Mrs. Cake is a certified Milf.
Nice personality
Plump in the right spots.
Pretty on her own.


Meat is for men.
Bones are for dogs.

Comment posted by MCKeanG deleted Jun 1st, 2022

Geez, and I thought my contest entry was the only one to draw in bigoted trolls.

Nothing wrong with a milf with a little body on her bones

Dude, it's one thing to have a preference but you saw the tags, don't be the vegan bitching after buying tickets to the smoked meat competition.



What the bruh

but enough about Mama Rubakor

Spoke like a true Shakespearean

Normally Foal-con stories get downvoted by a ton but this has a lot more up votes than down. Congratulations, I guess?

Sleepwalking, yeah that's it. 💆😄

Do something like this again, it's very well written

Nice one-shot reading. The was one good pounding.

11334119 Also, what part about it did you mean specifically when you said you wanted 'more like this'? More with no verbal exchanges, more Cakecest, or more foal x mother incest, or what?

I envy pound cake. Only thing that would have made it better if cupcake had never woken up and assumed it was her husband’s. And hinting at pound cake not having had enough of his fill for his mom’s amazing body.:twilightsmile: :heart:

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