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I write commissions and sometimes write stuff I come up with too. Nuff said.


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and use of authority standing,

"I am a princess, and you will will respect my authoritah!" Demands an impertinent twatblight spunkle.

That is a large amount of triggers. Usually I copy and paste spoilers into my address bar to read them (on iPad) but for this one I had to use the comment posting box...

7834803 You sounded like Homestar Runner there. :twilightsmile:

7834822 Well, it's going to no doubt be over 50k words upon completion, so...yeah. Lots of tags for the content.

...Why can I picture Spike finding Amaya's dragon toy and telling her his are bigger?

Well, the spoiler list was so detailed I almost feel like I don't need to read the story anymore.


Some part of me really wants to object to the triggers list being almost more descriptive than the story description, as well as being rather a bit larger.

So... Is going to be a story with a little of clop as spice

Or clop with very little story?

Comment posted by Totally_Original deleted Jan 1st, 2017

I have a feeling it will be yet another "canon character x original character" shipping.

Wow, featured at the first chapter, good job. :twilightsmile:

Is it just me, or does the coverart say "Thestrals at Twulight"?

Hello, Twulight Sperkle.

That cover art makes me uncomfortable.

The bat ponies look like the got drenched with black paint. Eugh.

I, accidentally, transformed this fic into a comedy... reading Bane instead of Bade.

- Bade, you are a big colt.

Anyway, great fic.

7835090 I toned it back a bit.

7835299 It's going to be a well-fleshed story with a good chunk of clop. Primarily, it is a clopfic though, yes, though not a mindless one.

7835437 It is. If you don't like that, abandon ship now. :trollestia:

7835486 Thanks for all your help in making it possible! :pinkiehappy:

7835931 Anything in specific you can point out that makes it 'creepy'?

7836165 I fixed it to look better, hopefully. I also fixed the typo....which I could swear I did before saving and posting. Meh.

7836204 "Oh, you think darkness is your ally, Twilight. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, molded by it..."

Still looks drenched in black paint. Try to look up canon pictures of batponies and go from there.

7836314 Well, I wanted them to be be somewhat unique to the canon thestrals. That's the point of an OC, after all. Besides that, all ponies are different in appearance, so why shouldn't thestrals be different in at least shade? I modified them to reflect that.

They should at least have grey skin like canon bat ponies. In canon they have light grey skin, you can go on from there, but there are things that make them look ridiculous. I mean, that's reasonable, but it makes them look tacky.

EDIT: Noticed the picture change. One of the batponies legs is the wrong color, though.

Yes, and a story too!
Great characterization also.
Looking forward to the next installment.

Can anyone tell me how to remove the spoiler bars so I can read what's underneath on mobile? Thanks

7836423 For the record, they were a very deep grey before. As for the different shading on their legs inner left legs, that's shadowing.

7836491 Well, there's a lot of content to list! :twilightsmile:

7836734 Thank you, I will be submitting a new chapter every day for the week (01/01/17 - 01/07/17). Stay tuned!

Those tags. Unf. You had my interest already. After reading the first chapter you have my full attention. Lovely start so far :twilightsmile:

7836862 Thank you sooooooooo much for that.

Aren't thestrals creatures in Harry Potter?
And how can Twilight see them? :applejackunsure: I thought thestrals can only be seen by those who have seen death.

7836822 highlight the text and you should be able to see it


Thestrals are also the proper term for 'bat ponies' in the MLP fandom. Oftentimes 'bat ponies' can be considered slang or derogatory, and thus insulting.

7837027 'Thestral' is just another term for a 'bat-pony', at least in the MLP universe.

7837101 What he said.

7836895 Glad you're liking it so far! Stay tuned, next chapter's where the 'fun' starts.

Very strong set up, good character development, and minimal typos. I'll stick around to see where this goes.

It's a fanon term to describe bat ponies.

You should probably choose a different colour for letters in the coverart. Like, I wasn't aware that there was something written there until I enlarged the picture. Also, it's rather jarring to have a screencap next to a show-inaccurate drawing of characters (for starters, the outlines of ponies should be darker than their coats).


Oh. I see. I didn't know that. It's amazing that the brony fandom are using the name of a creature in Harry Potter to describe bat ponies. I even wonder if thestrals and hippogriffs will be canon in the MLP universe?

I do hope both mares are getting pregnant this heat season.

7838510 Technically speaking, Thestrals (bat-ponies) have been shown to exist in the show several times, including the Season 5 finale, so we know they're canon.

As for Hippogriffs, I suppose it's possible; Equestria is filled with ponies, and we know that griffons have a town there as well, on top of the population of Griffonstone. It's not hard to believe that a pony and a griffon could fall in love, and considering there are examples of them in fiction I don't see why hippogriffs couldn't exist.

Awesome! Do you think hippogriffs in MLP would look like Silver Quill? That'd be awesome. :raritystarry:
I even hope there will be Australian cultured ponies from a horse pun version of an Australian city. Like Sydneigh (horse pun for Sydney). Or at least a character with an Aussie accent. If that happens, or has already happened, I'll be having real fangasms since I'm an Aussie myself.

...See, this just makes me want to see Spike get with Amaya, at least once, all the more.


so we know they're canon.

I am not so sure about that. The fact that Rainbow was a thestral tells me that its more likely that its magical and not natural.

It's been a while since I've been this excited for a story to update.

Comment posted by ransom username deleted Jan 4th, 2017

7841172 How 'bout use Google to translate, a-hole. :rainbowderp:

7841151 :twilightsmile:

Why is this in the Boobies and even more Boobies group?

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