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Spike could bed 2 mares per day

WARNING! May contain mind-breaking rutting.

OH do go on -w- this sounds fun

6486232 He could technically bed like 5 mares per day.

I am not sure what to think of this... sure, they arn't blood related but the age gap and the whole twilight brought up spike thing.

I'm glad twilight never tried anything but even with spike intiating its rather uncomfortable to read.

Sorry, this ones not for me.

6487097 Sorry to hear that. I guess it's not for everypony.

It's getting very interesting.. I'm lovin' it xD

I shall keep reading!

Seriously, Twilight's about to die.
Even if those spikes aren't sharp, the way they'll just jut out, along with the knotting? They'll pierce right through her vaginal walls.

6487232 not if they're flexible....and they are. To quote the story:

Hearing Spike moan softly and hump his hips as she again rubbed a hoof-tip over one, Twilight realized that the spines must be very sensitive to the touch. As she had touched it, she also felt that they were firm but flexible to the touch, finding that they must be made of some sort of hard cartilage or something similar. She also realized the spines weren't at all as sharp to the touch as they looked as she touched the tip of one, instead finding it to be firm yet pliant as she pushed down gently on it and felt it bend under her hoof not unlike stiff hair would, getting another moan from Spike.

Also, they're not ON the knot.

6487170 ...and I shall keep writing!

Hurry and write more o__o I-i wanna see where this goes.. :applecry:

6489922 I don't like 'normal' so much. Normal is boring. :pinkiehappy:

6490953 I always do 'research' for my stories, and anatomical correctness is important to me in all my stories. Also, it's not like I was planning on being featured, just a happy fluke!

Regarding multiple orgasms being a fetish, it's not. It is, however, tagged as spoiler.

What the fuck is up with CommisarSilver's downvotes? It looks like six whiny Spikeholics lashing out because somebody dare have indifferent feelings to their favorite ship. Dumbasses.

And how the smeg did a nearly four-month-old story get featured all of a sudden!?

Oh Spike, you poor, foolish dragon, falling in love with possibly the nerdiest being in all of Equestria. :rainbowlaugh:

On the advice of my inner pedant, I feel I should point out that the plural of 'penis' is, in fact, 'penes'... which has the added benefit of being utterly hilarious to say. :pinkiehappy: Or you can say 'penises' but that's boring...

Spike has some seriously impressive equipment! Twi's a lucky mare. :twilightblush:

6493045 I imagine it's more the "knowing full-well what the story is about, but comes in and complains anyway" aspect of things.

Here's to hoping that Twilight discovers through her very "intimate" research that dragons and ponies are procreationally compatable.

6493278 Oh come on, just try saying it once. 'Penes.' It's such a delightfully doofy word! :rainbowlaugh:

6493045 So hard to find Red Dwarf fans!

6493045 I released it only 2 days ago. The chapters were written (as drafts) months ago.

EDIT: Just saw another saying the exact same thing. Derp.

6493278 Glad you liked it! As a notice, I'm not too fond of anthro...and it's unlikely I'll ever actually write any...but who knows!

6493194 The 'penes' thing has been changed. I always thought it was 'peni', but I was incorrect!

We will wait master :D

and it is at this point I realize just how comparatively boring human sex is...*sigh*

And this is why furries and clop exist.

able to cook much more then simple snack foods
his voice higher-pitched then normal
he was indeed bearing his heart and soul to her
no matter the cost , only for

1. Than.
2. Than.
3. Baring, in this case which would mean to open up to.
5. Just an extra spacing.

It had been a number of week since
the spell was still unable

1. Weeks.
2. Extra spacing after Spell.

more then just dignity or love now

1. Than.

and milkier in coloration then recorded instances
getting close quicker then usual
and rather hot and sticky
much lesser in intensity then what he'd

1. Than.
2. Than.
3. Extra spacing.
4. Than.

6495821 Thanks for the heads up. I'll fix them all.

seeming much longer then he looked
intending take her as hard as
but now more softy and
with her more often then not riding
a pitcher of cold lemon-aid

1. Than.
2. Intenting to take her as hard as.
3. Softly.
4. Than.
5. Is this an actual spelling? I've always thought it was lemonade. Could be regional.

Well I can safely say that after reading this I feel very... Knotty.

So, coming next, the hilarious adventures of raising a Ali-kirin?

Sorry but the whole first chapter felt so cheese I couldn't stop picturing the two of them on a bad stage overdramaticly shouting out lines at the audience. I'll give chapter two a shot but I really don't see sticking around if the story is being as subtle and believable as a foam mallet.

6495831 Will there be a sequel? There needs to be a sequel!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

6496662 I already said in the description that the story itself is generic. I focused more on the 'actions' than the story in this one, and from 2 on it does indeed get better (at least imo).

6497114 But....but...I haven't even finished the main story yet! T_T

6495874 Thanks for the grammar check, and also....lol to the knotty.

6497206 Thats how you know its a well liked story :twilightsheepish: when ppl are asking for the sequel before the main one is done!

Reptile tongues are awesome!

*sound of record stopping* Well that killed the mood.

6518704 The 'recording'? That was intended. :P

It starts off for science then it becomes something more.

Eh. Nearing the end of the chapter, was kinda hoping Celestia and Luna were gonna volunteer to join Twilight.

That was fun, may I have another? Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

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