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This is a neat opening. I can't wait to see how Spike deals with all this, and how the others find out of his disappearance.

Welp, so far so good...

Even though he was all too happy to help his old crush, Spike still couldn’t help but feel a little down for Rarity not giving him a chance at being more than a friend or helper. He knew he couldn’t force these kinds of things but he still wished he could live his dream of romancing Rarity. Even so, he could be patient until Rarity was willing to give him a chance.

That, or maybe just cut his loss with her and go for someone new, someone he's got a good chemistry, and lots of common grounds with, like Gabby... but oh well...

Starlight looks at him with sympathy and can’t help but feel to be on the same boat when it comes to her childhood friend, Sunburst. Starlight would be lying that she didn’t admit that she had feelings for him and tried to give him some clues here and there but Sunburst appears to be oblivious to them. It was then that nearly a year ago was when Sunburst revealed that he’s in a relationship with a very… large mare named Whoa Nelly.

...Sunburst and Whoa Nelly? Hmmm. What would you call that ship? Sun Whoa? Sunnelly?

She nodded and began to concentrate. Markings across her arms and chest begin to light up and a portal suddenly opens. The three step through the portal with Spike in tow and the portal closes behind them. Just like that, Spike was gone.

Oh no...

“What the… who’s there?!” Spike called out. Turning his attention to where the voice originated from and spots a figure in the shadow with a pair of glowing amber eyes staring at him. The figure emerges from the shadow and Spike’s eyes widens...

Stay tuned.

As the jackal lowers herself to kiss her lover, her tongue invading his mouth, while his balls begin to ominously churn and gurgle and swell in size, the dragon thinks back of how he got into this situation.

i don't think testiclas actually do that


True, but only in real life that is. Because, I actually seen those particular words in many other Fan Fictional Sex/Porn Stories. So? 🤷

So, WHY CAN'T the Jackal Queen and her very sexy/hot Egyptian subjects make a "truce or deal" with the Mane Six and their Pony friends. And share Spike?! I mean, it will stop the unnecessary drama, and will help them to cooperate and working together to stop the REAL Dark Force/Threat coming over soon.

Plus, Spike will get to have more Girls. :moustache: 👍

Edit: Why did I deserve a dislike?

I’m interested although I’ll save my like for now and see where this story goes. Safe to say I’ll be sticking around for a bit so keep it up. 👍


Also, more Boobjobs, and Blowjobs will be very NICE!!


...Sunburst and Whoa Nelly? Hmmm. What would you call that ship? Sun Whoa? Sunnelly?

Little idea from an image I found on Derpibooru. the image is id: 1122627.

Trying to picture the Jackal.

Sooooo any artwork for the jackel?

Wow...well the Mane 6 are gonna have their work cut out for tmem, especially when Spike actually have females into him that are NOT the Crusaders...I have a feeling though Starlight has a better shot at him than the others...I can see the Jacal Queen and Starlight tagging up at some point...

Im goona keep an eye on this...:moustache:


Spike is so f****** luckily to have these hot jackals!!!!!! :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:


By Starlight having a better shot with Spike than the "others"? You mean the Main Six, and NOT just the Jackal Queen and her Jackal subjects as well?

And by "tagging up"? I hope it's not a jealous/envious competition on who's to having Spike?

Yeah, i think a pairing up of Starlight with the Jackal Queen for Spike should be really interesting. After all, once Spike took off the glasses, he has to realize Rarity is just one mare, and he's gonna have females that see him as possible mating potential--Starlight is a bit of a surprise though after how Spike opened up to her...

Also, i dont see a competitive issue--I can see the Jackal Queen inviting Starlight as another mate. I hope this doesn't devolve into a catfight (appropriate for the occasion) because i think Spike has enough love for both...:twilightsmile:


Don't forget that Spike will have MORE than having the Jackal Queen/Starlight Glimmer. I mean, the other Jackal Subjects are his "Mistresses/Consorts" in his growing Harem as well. I don't know about Rarity, Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, or Rainbow Dash might join them, IF they have a secret crush for him ( Even though Rarity is only doing a Terrible Job for keeping Spike for many years like that.) ?

For the time being, the Mane 6 don't have a snowball's chance of having Spike as more than their little brother and good friend, and Rarity blew up any chance of courting him just by how she treated him over the years (didnt realized Spike's a prince, since he is Celestia's adopted son...but if she discovered that...:pinkiegasp:)


Good point. But, we will see what the Author's decision will be IF the Mane Six "should" be added in the far future.

Allrighty, lets see where this goes:moustache:

More more pleeeeeaaaaassssseeee

I gotta read what happens next please update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't rush me or the next chapter might not come at all. :ajbemused:

buenas el capitulo es increíbles tengo ganas de ver el próximo capitulo

Comment posted by Deadpool1 deleted Jun 19th, 2021

“ WEARS MY BABY!!! ” She demanded, screaming at the top of her lungs.

Um, wrong version of 'Where's'.

Other than that, looking good so far.

Thanks for pointing that out. Fixing it now. :twilightsheepish:

That leaves us with one question:

How are they going to find Spike without any lead they can follow?

Don't worry. Me and NetherTempest have an idea for that.

Hmm feel like Spike should keep that anger, just because they promise you sex doesn't mean they could have been normal bunch and talked about it first. Talking likely would have worked perfectly.

Traces of the sleeping dust would do it.

Well, at least Spike is being treated with good hospitality, but the girls are not dealing with his disappearance too well. Especially not Celestia.

“Well Eris is attending an Ogres & Oubliettes convention over at Manehattan and won’t be back for a few weeks.” Fluttershy responded nervously.

...So is Discord "Eris" in this story, or was Fluttershy referring to his "Cousin Eris" from the IDW comics?

Yes, Eris is r63 Discord in this story.


"Good hospitality"?! For the most part, probably.

But, are we gonna just ignore the mini-fight with the Jackal Guards, or that hostile tensions between him and that Jackal Queen ( Who is being very rude, "forceful", and even has a superiority complex.

Despite that she is talking to a Royal Prince, and the Son/Nephew of the Pony SUN and MOON Princesses! Not to mention has family and friends with the remaining princesses.

Sure, pissing off Twilight and her friends is bad. But, he is also friends with other important rulers; Ember, and Thorax/Pharynx. And also a hero to the Crystal Empire. )

So, they probably piss off four empires/kingdoms at the same time ( Equestria, Crystal Empire, Dragon and Changeling Kingdoms ) !!!!!!!!!!

So, that potential "Civil War", or even that "Dark Force" in the summary is probably the LEAST of their concerns.


Edit: Why do I keep getting dislikes?! I'm just stating out the obvious and facts here?

Comment posted by Admiral Q Ponyform deleted Jun 27th, 2021

Eh people hate criticism these days


Okay, but this isn't like a "hateful" or "trolling" criticism against the story. I do like it, I just like to criticize the Character's very poor decisions in the story. Especially the Jackal Queen for pissing off the four main kingdoms I have listed before.

Mysteries of The Forgotten, The Zenthian Jackal, Are these M.I.B references?

insert gods kind Bastet or others

I'm not in any sort of rush or hurry to bug you about this story. So far, it's a great story. I can't wait to see what you do with it. Keep up the great work and stay safe.😄👍😄👍

Its a little off-topic, but I love seeing Celestia in this warrior princess mode and dress...I bet Spike is gonna be a bit embarrassed when Princess Celestia and Queen Samira meet--can you say perma-boner?? He is a hot blooded male after all...:raritywink:

If I may ask, are you planning to have more art for this story, and when the next chapter will released?

Samira wasn’t lying when she allowed Spike to write a letter to Ponyville but what she didn’t say or what Spike didn’t specify was that she would send the letter directly to his friends…

Huh, she literally signed her own death warrant!

I hate the ruler. She's bieng an idiot. I mean, I get bieng desperate, but do your research lady!! Yo ushould hav eknown he was friends with not one, but four alicorns!!

Awesome job. Celestia's not happy her baby has been abducted. Spike himself is willing to at least go through with the queen's plan. Sadly his letter to the girls wound up in the wrong spot in Ponyville.

Darn. It would seem like it was one those "you need to be more specific with the target location"-message sending spells.

Keep it up.

I have a feeling either Eris or Fluttershy czn get this message before anypony else, but my money is on Fluttershy. After all, the letter has shown up on the edge of the Everfree, and that is decidedly Fluttershy's turf. But there is still more in store.

Also we see that there is a possible civil war on the Jackal Kingdoms hands due to the lack of males and the urgency to save the race. I get Queen Samira is a bit scatterbrained with how thing start up, but I hope she develops the more she interact with Spike.

Finally, Princess Aziza really seems a lot like Sparity, but in reverse--she's the one that got the crush on Spike at first sight...unlike canon with Spike seeing Rarity for the first-ever episode of FiM. Definitely keeping an eye on it, especially when the ponies (specifically Starlight Glimmer and Momlestia) arrive on stage and meet Queen Samira and the other Jackals. Something's telling me that Spike will not be a virgin when the ponies arrive...just sayin'...:trollestia::raritywink:

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