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This was great, I hope to see a follow up story to this. One where Spike is out of puberty and a grown dragon, (not giant since he didn't give into his greed), and he is still with Twilight. I can see it being a interesting thing since the two of them are more or less immortal. How would it change after a few 100 years and everyone who knew about their parental/offspring relationship is dead. Will they change their dynamic from then on? Or what if Twi after a while ends up prego by Spike, that would be super interesting? Would she tell them she did it through magic or would her and Spike move away and start up a new life where no one knows of their past relationship. I don't think Spike will look for anyone else and the same for Twi. Those two no matter how they want to spin it are the perfect match for one another and I can't see them with anyone else at least the pairing in this story that is for sure the case lol.

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Good story, I am thankful for your friend in encouraging you to write.

You kept it in a nice balance of both Plot and spice.
I do wonder if the story is going to have a follow-up story since it felt that both Twilight and Fluttershy both wanted to be mothers and Spike was there to help.

Thank you very much!
I could see myself doing a follow up with some mare on dragon impregnation. It actually is one of my biggest kinks so I might have to put a pin in that!

Like I always say. It's hardly incest if your best friend/little brother/son is a dragon. :moustache: :heart: :twilightblush:


So judging by the cover art Spike's a wyvern in this?

Only kind-of incesty, like Woody Allen marrying his adopted daughter that he helped raise. It's not going to cause any mutant babies, it's just, you know, morally kind of squicky.

This makes me remembers part in Frankenstein where Victor Frankenstein married his adopted sister... At least, in Mary Shelley’s rewrite of her own story.

Hey guys. I just want to say that I'm really glad people are enjoying the fic so far! I am indeed going to do more in the future, this is only the start of a great and blossoming hobby! And I hope you guys enjoy whatever is to come.
Just so you guys know, I will take any suggestions if they seem intriguing to me. Wether it be safe, mature, sexual, kinky, anthro, anything really. As long as it fits my comfort zone. I don't think I could do anything like gore or non-consensual stuff or anything that extreme, especially if it personally makes me uncomfortable in general. So I hope everyone respects my boundaries on terms of writing or kinks. So drop a pair idea sometime! I may put a pin in it for a future fic, if I like the idea enough.
One last thing. Please be patient. If this story made you excited for future works of mine, I am very greatful. But I do have a real life with education and work to deal with. So I'm not going to have a set schedule. But, whenever I do make a story, it will have a lot of love put onto it, just like I did to this one.
Alright, that's all I wanted to say. Again, thank you guys for liking the story! :rainbowkiss:

technical incest

Or as I like to call it: Incestuish

Also, it is worth mentioning that even though Spike is a teen in this story, he is at an age for adultery.

I'm pretty sure you meant adulthood.
But I suppose both could be true if the next mare he nails is married. :moustache:

The biggest MILF of the series is Celestia. Just going to say it.

Oh no, I think they meant Adultery. Twilight is obviously married to her job, which is being a princess of friendship. lol

Ahh, yeah. I suppose that would be the proper term. Ah well, we all make mistakes. I'm no exception on it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But thank you for pointing it out!

she's old enough to be everybody's mom.

Here! He isn't. It's not the full photo. It's not mine. But to anyone who borrows a picture, even if it's cropped, please try and link to the owner/creator's original. It is their work.

Great story. I really enjoyed reading it

“ right now what was important was not getting caught.”

so what do you do?! you fucking crawl closer ! ya, real smart.

Spike blushed. “Moooooom. It's a bit early for thinking about that now, isn't it?”

ya think? not once in my life has my mother hinted to me about having grandchildren, granted i’m only a few months from being 20.

Dude, I haven't even finished reading yet, but I've got to say this: the way you write makes me think of thosr narrators of fairy talrs with a soothing voice and all. Then I remembered that there is going to be smut and now I'm horrified but curious. TL;DR 7 potatos / 2 onios

...Sequel man, This needs a sequel.

Wow, I really appreciate the compliment man. I do try to give off that effect and I'm glad it came across that way to you :yay:

If the people want it, they shall receive it. Tho I'm not sure how long it will take to come out. But as I said in a previous comment, I hope people are patient with me. I definitely want to do more SpiLight in the future. Maybe even an impregnation one with both Twilight and Fluttershy, who knows? I definitely need to add some future ideas to the list.

You know for the subject matter this was surprisingly adorable! I think you did a good job painting their relationship in a believable way. Really hoping you do do more SpiLight whether it be a sequel to this or as a new story!


Can someone please provide me with the reference for the cover art? Thanks in advance.

Just scroll over the pic. 'Source' should come up and you click it. Should take you straight there!


That function flew straight by me, thanks.

Dragons Breeding/Impregnating Ponies☑✔✅
Yeah, so it seems those are also my kinks.

Looks a LOT like Dennyvixen, but the ears are bigger.

I'd say this was a pretty good first fic to cut your teeth on. Well done.

Meanwhile in Manehatten, Rarity awoke suddenly in the middle of the night.Getting out of bed and going to the window, she looked out at the moon. She had a strange calm and content feeling, and try as she might she couldn't bring herself to feel the sadness of earlier. Almost as if she knew that Spike was okay. She smiled, "I don't know what you did Twilight, but I hope what I'm feeling is true."

I kinda hoped this would happen at the end. Great story.

You know what, that is legit pretty wholesome. A cute add on from you, I like it!

9357838 Thank you very much. :twilightsmile:

So Twilight forgets she's the princess and element of magic and that she can conveniently teleport stuff, like letters. Or that she can wait for the next train.


Ay man, it's my first fic. Im not going to get everything down pat the first time. There will be some things that would make a lot more sense that I didn't think of the first time around. Its a learning process, really. If it makes sense for the story, the logical thing to do is just go with it. I start fics from scratch and end them from scratch, so I just go with the flow and see what I can do to improve it as I progress. I'll get better as time goes on, but what is written is wrote and I choose to not go back to edit it because that would be fixing a mistake. And past mistakes shouldn't be erased, they should be a reminder on what you can improve on. It just gives me a reason to do even better in the future!
If you disliked it, that's perfect fine. I know I'm not perfect and that I never will be when it comes to writing. But I appreciate feedback, and yours is greatly appreciated on what I shouldn't do the next time around!

I really enjoyed reading this. I'm hoping for a sequel too and I'm looking forward to more of your stories.

It got a little shaky at connecting Twilight and Spike's feelings for me, he suddenly goes from just being turned on by Twilight to both of them having unrealized feelings?

Other than that though, this was good and very sexy, and stayed very sweet and heartwarming:twilightsmile:

Yeah, as proud as I am with the fic, I know it needs touching up in some spots. But still, I wouldn't change a thing about it. Thank you for the feedback and comment! :pinkiesmile:

now this is a great semi-incest fic!

Dearest Princess Celestia,

The past two days have taught me not only about friendship, but of family as well. With help of friends like Fluttershy, I've fully realized how important Spike has been in my life, and vise versa to him. He's grown into a fine drake, and he's still growing! Sure, he may get into some problematic antics every now and then, but he does most of them all for the greater good of someone else. I truly am lucky to have such a strong, caring, and faithful student at my side. And I can't wait to watch him mature into an adult. In a way, he and I are a lot like you and me. Only, (absolutely no offense), closer. He's my child, one I'm truly blessed to have. And I know things between him and I will only get better from here on out. I will definitely be reporting on this development of feelings and mutual trust for the years to come. As he and I further into this budding kinship of mother and son.

~Your eternally faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

P.S. We had sex

P.P.S. I’m not kidding. I fucked my own Child.
#yolo #lol #idowhatiwant

I would just like to make it abundantly clear how impressive this piece of fiction is considering it’s your first one. I’m really trying extremely hard to come up with a complaint but... I’ve got nothing.

Well done! Seriously, you deserve a gold medal for this masterpiece. I hope to see more of these from you in the future! 😉👍🏻


Seriously, you deserve a gold medal for this masterpiece.

Oh, I wouldn't go that far :twilightblush:
But I'm very flattered and appreciate the compliment. This fic is only the start of more to come. And trust me when I say that I do need improvement. But I will be getting better with each fic I make, and I greatly appreciate any support. So thank you!

I would love a sequel where twi gets preggers by spike that way she can have a son by her "son"

Admittedly... Time for an incredibly unhelpful comment, because from what I've read so far it seems really good, but I get this slight sense like something's off, but I can't put my finger on what.

Well, if you ever figure it out, I'd love the feedback! I enjoy learning how I can get better with my writing.

This was very, very well written. It was masterfully composed by a careful hand. It was very verbose without ever feeling wordy, and it had a lot of great quality and care put into it. There are many ways to interpret a teenaged Spike, and I particularly like this one. I love how well you captured the emotional turmoil of being a teenager without going into "Life sucks I hate everybody angst angst angst" mode that most writers will use. The evolving relationship between Twilight and Spike felt beautiful and real at the beginning. A bit quick before the sex, but definitely far from the worst that I've seen on this site.

I must say, though... Given the impressive show of writing skill and storytelling prowess that is on display here, it was incredibly jarring to see so many, erm...immature euphemisms? 95% of the time I feel like I'm reading something a famous author might have penned, but then the next thing I'm reading is "yank his dragon crank". Major whiplash. Some of these words took me right out of the moment because they made me snicker, like maregina and mouth snake. I know that in porn, genitals come up so often that it can be difficult to avoid sounding repetitive, but I do decree that you have overcompensated in this instance. Simpler words like "length, manhood (or drakehood), or even just the basics like cock" would have fit a whole lot better.

Thanks for the feedback!
Yeah, I know a few parts could potentially put a reader out of the moment. And I do kinda regret some lines. But I'm still incredibly proud of this being my first official fic. I thank you for your kind words! I think I'm far from the best but I'm glad I can see that I wrote well for my first one! I'll try to remind myself not to make certain lines so cringey in future clop fics lol

Dragon DNA being incompatible with something? Hmm someone doesn't know much about Dragons. Dragons are known for their Vitality! Which is 20x more evident in their spunk. So their are very few things that a Dragon couldn't get pregnant. I mean there's a reason why Dragons are known for their lust as well as greed. If you look at the eastern Heavenly Dragon King and his nine sons you would see. That 8 of his sons are mixed with different animals. It's even believed that the Qilin is one of his many children. The Qilin being a Dragon and horse or Dragon and Deer hybrid. Then there's the longma (draconequus) or Dragon Horse which is either a Dragon taking on the form of a horse. Or the offspring of a Dragon and horse. Which is what Discord claims to be. Or it's at least that's the name Celestia gave his species.

Man, after these few months since this fic's release, I'm just now realizing how cringy my first time writing style was, Lol. I'm still incredibly proud of this being my first fic but damn am I glad I improved on my style in my in-process fics :twilightsheepish:

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