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I write commissions and sometimes write stuff I come up with too. Nuff said.

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6869445 Thank you for the compliment, and I was considering starting conditional commissions, if people would like to hire me. PM me to discuss it further, including your idea(s).

Erection.exe has encountered an error.

Many more foals would be born about nine months

Should be 11 months.

6869986 I'm aware equine gestation is 11 months, and this isn't my first time depicting a pony's pregnancy in my stories. That part is set 2 months after the wedding, and the 'love explosion'.

It had been two months since they were married, and their hectic schedules had finally allowed for Shining Armor to be present when Cadence was given her first ultrasound to see if there was a foal growing within her...

Alas, 11 - 2 = 9.

6870008 Sorry, I misread. I wonder if any of the Mane 6 "got it on" and kept quiet.

That's not what you wrote though. You wrote:
Many more foals would be born about nine months from the day Shining Armor and Mi Amore Cadenza were maried

9 month from the day they were married.

6870265 I wrote both, it would seem. Yay lack of consistency? I fixed the latter one.

Many more foals would be born about nine months from the day Shining Armor and Mi Amore Cadenza were maried

Should be

Many more foals would be born about eleven months from the day Shining Armor and Mi Amore Cadenza were married

Anywho, I really liked it! I really dig the prose, and I know I'm a disgusting pervert, but I really do enjoy loving consensual sex in the missionary (err mounted?) position for the purpose of procreation. Don't see enough of it! Thanks for the excellent fic.


I fixed that mistake already.

They were doing it 'pony-style', which means Shining was mounted on top of her while she also stood. Basically, the way most RL animals naturally mate.

I'm glad you liked my writing style, and, as anypony who's also read my other stories could tell, impregnation and ponies breeding during heat are two of my main fetishes. There will be no shortage of those kinds of stories from me!

And finally thank you for saying so, and you're welcome!

6870658 I'm not a fan of clopfics, but at least in this one you kept the sex to something that's actually believable. So I'm not gonna mock this story. It's decently written and doesn't throw the sex in my face like a lot of those garbage clopfics do.

This is probably the second most original clopfic story on this site, so take that compliment with pride, author.

6871194 Well, thank you I suppose. I'm not entirely sure why you read it if you don't like the genre, but I'm glad you liked what I've written regardless.

I've read many clops that are more original/better written than mine, but I'm happy that even a person who don't generally enjoy clop can enjoy my stories for their reasonable quality.

6872556 I like to laugh at clopfics, even if they're not meant to be funny.

Because all clopfics, asides from the ones that are written decently, are massive jokes.

Still, gotta give the clopfic writers credit for taking advantage of the people dirty and perverted enough to support that crap. And to be fair towards clopfics I do get a huge laugh out of how bad nearly all of them are.

A 'clopfic' like yours comes as a breath of fresh air because it doesn't follow the same ridiculous cliches as other clopfics. Compared to what I've read yours is definitely something original.

Also I'm gonna call bullshit that you have EVER read a clopfic more original than yours. I think I deserve a little more respect than being fed that heap of steaming bullshit. EVERY clopfic is near enough virtually the same thing. There is only so much you can do with fucking three holes anymore. It might as well be playing golf with how many Par 3's are going around now.

Heh hee hee. Golfing jokes...

this is really good and also now i gotta watch the one where pinkie knows when i get the chance

6872810 That was my inspiration to finish this! Glad you liked the story.

6872592 Well, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it.

Gender is still unconfirmed.

6876082 The baby until it was announced on EQ Daily.

6876142 I know, but this is my opinion. Or guess, if you will. Likely they'll make it an Alicorn though, cuz marketing.

What a wonderful story of the royal couple. I'm so very happy to see a clopfic of those two since Cadence really did get pregnant. :heart:

6878230 Yes indeed she did! Thank you for the kind words!

Great story! My only comment is you're describing Cadence's cutie mark as the crystal heart when canon should say that they wouldn't know that yet.

6904038 You have a point there. I'll change it, and thanks for the comment and praise.

6928540 Well, it is a euphemism. Also, I must say I'm a fan of your stories, and thanks for reading mine!

I loved this! Hot and cute and very well-written. Have a fave :heart:

7146697 Thank you! Glad you liked it.

7146725 No problem. Oh, and the baby is an Alicorn, not Pegasus, just in case you wanna change that.

7146930 I know, but I don't want to change it. I knew it was incorrect even when I wrote it, given Hasbro and their Alicorn fetish, but I simply wanted to make it a Pegasus. :pinkiesmile:

7147976 Actually, Big Jim himself said that Hasbro wasn't the reason this time. He said that he and Jason saw a story opportunity and took it, and Hasbro simply (and happily) agreed, so people now can stop making those marketing jokes.

7148629 Perhaps in this case we can.

This is some well written proper (clop) romance! :twilightsmile:

I would imagine that Twilight and her friends also went into early estrus since they were all present at the Canterlot Castle too.

8038029 That was the implication, yes.

Comment posted by HolyCross9 deleted Mar 20th, 2017

8038282 No doubt they never expected that either.

8038395 Maybe the Elements of Harmony now have a second generation to be passed onto. :pinkiehappy:

as still coming down from the adrenaline

minecart she and Twilight had had to ride in to escape the mines...

First I altered, second is fine as is. Thanks for pointing that out though!

knowing that this was for definite a choice for them both that, once done, could never be turned back; and they both knew it. 

Well...equine self-abortion...not really that 'definite' or 'could never be turned back'...not to mention possible contraception spells...

I didn't mean that literally. I meant that they wouldn't turn back. Guess I should phrase it better.

Don't really need to, Legion - I just have a habit of seeing the overly-literal side of things, more so than anyone else I personally know (though my mother has started to adapt to this, due to the sheer number of literal jokes and puns I come up with).

"Is this okay?"
*two seconds later*
"Is this okay too?"
*two seconds later*
"You want me to go further?"
*two seconds later*
"Are you su-"

Consent is extremely important, as is making sure your partner is OK the whole way through. Doubly so for virgins.

Um... I'm not done reading, but I'm not sure it's possible for Shinning to stand on top of Cadance "in the traditional 'pony-style'" and look at her marehood at the same time, as he wouldn't be able to see down there from that angle.

*reads more*

As he soon after reached a barrier inside her and Cadance felt a slight tinge of pain from the impact of his head against it, she tensed, feeling Shining tense alongside her.

That's actually wrong:

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