Scientific Pursuits

by LegionofPony

First published

When Spike and Twilight spend some time together after announcing their feelings to each other, Twilight learns something about Spike's body that she never knew when things get closer...

*See below the break for content warning.*

Spike and Twilight have always been very close, and ever since the day she'd hatched him they were like mother and son. When Spike hit adolescence however, his feelings for her evolved from simply mother and son to lovers...for him, at least. When all is said and done however, Twilight might learn some things about dragon anatomy and reproduction that she never learned in any of her books...and record it. For science, of course, but also for love.



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I am aware there is not a very creative nor original setting for this story, but I kinda just wanted to write it regardless and didn't want to spend ages setting up for the action, as the show has done that well enough for me already.

TLDR: I regret nothing - yay SpiLight!

As a general warning, this story is kinda fetishistic, as are most of my stories. This particular one contains, in no given order: an interspecies romantic relationship between a dragon and a mare, potentially technical incest, exhibitionism (kind of; camcorder recording for scientific reasons, and the viewing of said recordings), anatomically correct genitals including spiny hemipenes (2 penises), male masturbation, deep penetration/slight cervical penetration, multiple orgasms in short amounts of time, light cum inflation and knotting/tying, as well as possibly impregnation; shower sex (quickie vaginal), extremely minor masochism (hair-pulling with claws digging into flesh, biting; no wounding done), and unintentionally sexualized medical trans-vaginal and trans-rectal ultrasound and an incidental orgasm from such, and more male masturbation and vaginal sex. If you don't like any of this...I don't know what to say.

SUPER spoilers: impregnation, pregnancy, pregnancy sex, minor lactation, and non-graphic birth.

Also, please feel free to comment, whether praise, discussion or constructive criticism. I like hearing what people have to say about my writing, as well as ways I can improve. What I do not like outright bashing of anyone's work based only on it containing a certain pairing or personal bias against certain traits of the story. If you don't like it, OK. Nopony's making you read it.

As for them still being in the Golden Oaks Library as opposed to the Friendship Castle, this story is based after Twilight was ascended, but before Tirek showed up.


The draconian anatomy depictions used were heavily inspired by the older MLP comics by Kitsune Youkai on e621 (site contains NSFW content) - namely inspired by 'Dragon You Over' and the standalone Spike-related pics - and their breeding habits partially by Dreamscape in this story. Obviously, I added my own takes to these and simply used them as a base.

BetaHammer also recommended I split a chapter to improve story flow and make some suspense, so thanks for that.

As for the NEW cover art, it's a portion of artwork done by 'the minuscule task' on derpibooru, #1328825.

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A Drake's Confession

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Please read the description if you haven't already! I write them for a good reason, I promise!

If you have, please enjoy.

It was a late summer day when Spike had asked her, when he had taken their lives down that irresistible and wondrous path he had.

Twilight and Spike had been in the Golden Oak Library that day, having just finished dinner, with Twilight volunteering to clean up after Spike had cooked. Spike had become a much better chef since he'd grown older, now an adolescent dragon and able to cook much more than simple snack foods, quite impressing Twilight as his dishes went from charred hay fries to full-on gourmet dishes within only a few months of diligent study on the subject.

"Twilight?" Spike asked, twiddling his claws as he was wont to do when he was nervous. Spike tensed as Twilight came into the foyer from the kitchen moments after he'd spoken, levitating with her magic a dirty dish before noticing she still held it and returning it to the sink, her lavender horn then losing its raspberry-pink glow as she cut the magic flow to it.

"What's up?" Twilight asked casually, before then noticing just how tense and nervous looking Spike was, looking upon her adoptive son as she noticed his purple scales much paler than usual and he held a light blush on his face, seeing him shifting around as he tended to when uneasy and not even looking at her. She hadn't seen him like this since he was a lot younger, back when he was what was considered a baby of his species, but even then only after he'd awakened from a nightmare or came back from some other scary event. "Spike, you OK?" she asked calmly but with a small twinge of concern in her voice as she walked up to him, quickly putting a comforting hoof on his arm.

Spike twitched when Twilight's hoof landed on his arm, but looked up at her in response. He looked scared, but not of something terrifying or threatening. Oddly, he looked more scared of her then anything else. "Spike...?" Twilight asked, waving a hoof in front of his face, quickly finding that his thousand-yard stare was unbroken and he was clearly deep in thought.

Should I really ask her this? Spike thought, mentally running through all the possibilities of what could happen. She could think he was simply kidding with her and would simply laugh it off, she could ask him to never ask anything like that again and to totally ignore it afterwards - or worst of all, he could be asked to leave and never come back. She could call him a perverted, filthy creature...

Or maybe, just maybe, she'd say yes.

Spike inhaled deeply, his eyes clenched shut now as he concentrated on what to say. He knew that Twilight was a well-learned pony, that she was indeed a PRINCESS - a pony of very high status and power, indeed holding the power of spreading Friendship under her control. This had to be executed perfectly if he even hoped to have a chance of pulling it off.

"T-Twilight, we've known each other for a long time, right?" Spike asked, his voice higher-pitched than normal and nearly to the tone it was at when he was still a baby. As he'd grown older his voice had deepened a lot, now a deep baritone compared to what it once was, and now was again as he comparatively squeaked out his words.

Twilight nodded in response to his silly question. "Of course we've known each other for a long time Spike! I hatched you back when I was just a foal, remember?" Twilight said with a small giggle but noticed Spike tense up more at that sound, making Twilight immediately stop. Why was he acting so skittish? He was usually the first into a situation with his opinion clearly stated, not one to hold his tongue. "Sorry, please continue." she said, giving Spike a comforting smile.

Ok, here goes... Spike though, his eyes closing as he looked away from Twilight.

"I think I love you Twilight."

Twilight didn't get it at first. "I love you too Spike, you're my son." Twilight said flatly, as of yet unaware of the deeper meaning behind the drake's words.

"N-no Twilight, I mean I think I LOVE you." Spike then said, trying to convey what he truly meant, his claws virtually flailing in emphasis of the word 'love'. Trying to show her that his love went beyond that of mother and son. That he'd wanted her to be his mare ever since he'd hit adolescence and his true feelings for her came to light to him.

"Spike, what do you mean? Do you mean...?" Twilight asked, her voice unsure. Did Spike, basically her adoptive son, really mean he loved her romantically as she was taking it, or was she simply imagining the meaning behind his words?

Spike could only nod stiffly, then forcing himself to look up at her and meet her eyes. In them, Twilight saw the nervousness of before, but also something else. Beyond the restrained tears, she could see he was indeed baring his heart and soul to her, his expression both hopeful and doubtful at the same time as he awaited her reaction.

"S-Spike, this is so...sudden..." Twilight started, her words taking on a nervous edge of their own. She'd never been told she was loved like that before and wasn't entirely sure how to react. After all, how does one react properly to being told by their own adopted son that they had a romantic interest in their virtual mother? How did you react when...

Spike's expression changed from slightly hopeful to a forced neutral as she said that, perceiving rejection and choosing to opt out quickly. "D-don't worry about it. I was...just kidding. Yeah. Just...kidding." Spike said halfheartedly, forcing a big smile. Trying to hide the hurt starting to form already at the predicted angry reaction from Twilight.

"Spike...I know you're not kidding. Please come here." Twilight said calmly - but as Spike remained stunned in place, Twilight instead started walking closer to the paralyzed drake herself. Spike shrunk away slightly from Twilight as she approached him, expecting her to strike him, to lash out and call him a pervert who loved his own mother. Instead, Spike was surprised to feel a softly-placed hoof wrapping around his shoulders, feeling Twilight pulling him into a hug. The hoof was quickly followed by another, then shortly after by her muzzle against his cheek and nuzzling against it.

Twilight then placed her muzzle over Spike's shoulder as she stated to speak in a soft tone, telling now her own feelings about Spike's revelation. "Spike, I've known the way you've felt about me for a while but didn't want to embarrass you by bringing up the way you stare at me behind my back...or about the many times I saw you peeking in at me while I was in the bath...or looking underneath whenever I flick my tail."

Twilight took a deep breath before continuing, nervous even though Spike had initialized this outpour of hers with his own; "Honestly, I've always thought about inviting you into the bathroom with me, of letting my tail flag and giving you a good look, but never knew how you'd react. I was afraid of coming off as some old mare who loved her son wrongly, even if we aren't related by blood - a mare trying to come onto the dragon she hatched..." Twilight said, her voice full of barely-contained emotion, with Spike soon feeling a wet droplet trailing down his back.

Hearing Twilight sniffling and gripping him tighter after her confession, Spike wrapped his own arms around Twilight tightly, his own barely-contained tears finally being let loose, increasing the tightness of his hold on her. "T-Twilight, you mean...?" Spike started, but was suddenly silenced by the too-familiar light tingle of magic wrapping around his muzzle and making his next words come out as a muffle.

Twilight pulled away from the hug but then started biting her lip softly, hesitant as to what to do next. Finally she found the courage to do what she'd actually been wanting to for a while, ever since her little baby dragon grew up to such a sleek, handsome adolescent drake. She quickly closed in before pressing her muzzle against him and met her lips with his.

Spike's eyes went wide at the sudden sensations he'd felt on his lips so unexpectedly, jerking back on reflex. "SORRY! SORRY!" Twilight yelled out, her face growing hot as she quickly pulled away at Spike's reaction to her kiss. She waited for him to call anything and everything off because of her suddenness, sure she'd screwed it up massively, that...

"Twilight, what was...that?" Spike asked, his claw rubbing along his lips softly, a dazed look in his eyes. He'd never been kissed on the lips before, never having felt close enough to anypony in that way before to initiate such a gesture of affection. Now however, Spike felt his dragon greed kicking in slightly as he found he rather liked the sensation, wanting to get more. "S-Spike want." Spike whispered, approaching the startled alicorn mare before him. Spike wanted more of what Twilight had given him, and he was gonna get it.

Twilight saw Spike approaching her at a quick pace, all hurt gone from his eyes, with them now squinted slightly in...determination? Spike met against her within seconds, with them only being a few feet apart - and when he did, he grabbed Twilight a little rougher then she'd have liked. "Ow Spike, caref—!" she exclaimed, feeling slight pain from how roughly he grabbed her and how tightly he now pressed her against him, figuring the drake didn't know his own stren—

Twilight's thoughts and words were cut off as she suddenly felt Spike's muzzle roughly mash against hers, his lips desperately seeking more of that sensation he'd gotten earlier, the kind he wanted now. Twilight went slack in his tight embrace as she felt his lips against hers, awash in his masculine scent and the sensations he was giving her, Twilight never having experienced anything quite like this before. Sure, she'd experienced friendship, even the deep friendships like she had with Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity – but never had she felt this...close to another being. Feeling so unified with them...

Spike calmed down once Twilight went slack, himself awash in the sensations of their second kiss. He, instead of being forceful now, kissed her softer, reigning in his greedy instincts as he realized just who he was slightly crushing against himself and realizing he was acting this way with his mother. As he opened his eyes and he loosened his tight embrace on her, he saw Twilight's expression soften as well, feeling her now pushing into him when he released her. Showing him that she wanted this from him.

That she loved him back.

Spike and Twilight held their kiss for a while, now softly kissing each other instead of Spike forcing it. Twilight knew that Spike was prone to get greedy like this when he first encountered something new that he liked, trying to capitalize upon it in the highest way possible no matter the cost, only for his morals she'd taught him to bring him back to earth shortly after, before anything serious went wrong. Twilight now felt a surge of pride rush through her alongside the pleasure from the muzzle locked with hers as Spike was the one who went slack now, letting Twilight take the lead as he apparently won the fight with his instincts to take instead of give.

Twilight pressed on carefully, her tongue tracing Spike's gem-crushingly sharp teeth until suddenly the wall of enamel parted, her tongue suddenly pressing deeper into his mouth now. Twilight moaned softly as she felt Spike's tongue literally wrap around hers, his flexible reptilian tongue against hers bringing a whole new world of sensations to her as she felt her back tingle, her wings flaring up on reflex as her surprise at those feelings manifested.

They continued Prance-kissing for many minutes, both laying down on the couch now with Twilight leaning onto Spike, bodies intertwined with each other and light moans of passion coming from both. It was with a final moan that Twilight finally relented, pulling out of Spike's maw and feeling his tongue still wrapped around her tongue, but soon after feeling his constricting grip on it release as he felt her pulling away.

After they broke the kiss, Twilight and Spike simply lay together for a while panting, their heads light as they recovered from the sensual overload they'd given each other. "W-w-wow." Twilight managed to mutter out, putting a hoof through her mane and realizing just how much Spike had tussled it during: finding her hair lightly snarled and basically in shambles, but she didn't care. Instead of getting up and taking care of her mane as she tended to after it got messed up, she instead got closer to Spike, nuzzling against him as they cuddled.

Eventually, Spike heard a light snoring from the horned head laying on his side now, looking down to see Twilight's eyes closed and a light smile on her face. Knowing she wouldn't mind, Spike lay his own muzzle across her side and closed his eyes, holding her close to him as she slept upon her son. Her lover.

A Burning Desire

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It had been a number of weeks since Spike and Twilight had first revealed their true feelings to each other, spending time with each other as they usually did but now with an extra edge to their normal behavior with each other. They would occasionally nuzzle or softly kiss when passing each other in the library whether during work or off-time, sometimes with it escalating to what they'd done on that first night, which Twilight did extensive research on it and learned was called 'making out'. She'd learned of it before in her earlier studies on pony behavior, but had mostly forgotten about it given her previously non-romantic lifestyle. Then she proceeded to learn as many ways of 'making out' as possible, studying this lovely new thing to her heart's content.

During this time it was early Spring, and like most mares during Spring, Twilight had started feeling more...frisky as of late. She started to get more aggressive with her affections with Spike, taking on the lead role more and more during their make-out sessions as she felt that need starting to grow within her.

Spike started to notice a lightly-musky scent around the library now, also noticing that Twilight had not left the house for the past day except when her Princess duties called for it, always acting highly agitated and constantly keeping close to him. Very close. Spike was no dummy to what was going on with her however, with Twilight having taught him about mares, stallions and this time of year when he himself had grown of age to breed – teaching him and having him study on the subjects of equine, and what little was known of the far-less-researched draconian, reproduction.

Spike knew Twilight was in estrus now, accepting that she would just be more moody and a lot more clingy for the next few days until her full estrus passed, then would be the same way again in a couple weeks when a second wave of it came, and so on until the end of that breeding season. He was used to it by now, having lived with her for so many years and knowing that even with that estrus-suppressing spell she usually used, Twilight still experienced some of the lesser mental symptoms of her heat if not the physical ones. Even after much study and tweaking by the unicorns, the spell was still unable to eliminate the deeply-rooted urge of the mares to be close with stallions, or at least with those close to them, throughout their heats. Twilight as such had always wanted to cuddle with Spike during her heat every year before, but their true feelings for each other coming out really seemed to ramp that up this year.


"Spike can you come up to my room please? I need your help with something." Twilight asked Spike, getting a nod from him as he placed the last book from that stack onto the shelf, then climbing down from the ladder. As she indicated for him to follow her, Spike saw Twilight's tail swishing rapidly as though she were agitated – and knew she probably was, given she told him she hadn't used the estrus spell this year. When he'd years past asked why she didn't use the spell some cycles, Twilight had explained to him that the spell was only to be used when absolutely needed or else it could possibly cause, in the cases of extensive over-use, permanent infertility or possibly other reproductive-health problems in the ponies it was cast on. That, while the being cast on a pony a few times every year was totally safe, additional castings over four per year were somewhat more risky, and with the spell only lasting a day or so of the usually three to seven day cycle anyhow, it rendered it useless but for during very important times.

Spike watched as Twilight suddenly dived onto her bed as he'd entered the room, her tail flagging instantly and her whole pussy and rear put on full display to the adolescent drake behind her. She'd been wanting to do this ever since Spike had told her of his true feelings for her, then had asked her to be his mare the next day after she awoke. She was only too happy to accept, but never before found a proper time to fully sanctify his claim and truly become his until today, her schedules always so hectic or the mood and timing never seeming just right to her.

Twilight knew that she'd just come into her standing estrus a couple of hours ago but already it was ravishing her body, her instincts overwhelming her with the desire and need to breed, to accept a stallion into herself. The need for a stallion to breed her, and fill her belly with his foal. She decided that now was finally the time to show her true love for Spike, and for her to become his mare in more ways then one.

"C'mon Spike, I closed the library early today so we can be all alone. I think it's time you and I learn something books can't teach us, huh?" Twilight asked as seductively as she could, swishing her tail to put emphasis on what she intended, permeating the room more with her scent; the scent of her pheromones that would have driven a stallion wild with lust, but went largely unnoticed by Spike given he was of a different species.

All Spike had ever noticed prior when Twilight went into season was that she smelled a little more musky for a few days, and was much more cuddly with him, but it never really did anything to him beyond that...but what did do something to Spike was just how she was acting towards him now, his cheeks growing flush as she'd so suddenly and blatantly presented herself to him after asking him to simply come upstairs with her.

Spike slowly approached her laying form but was unsure about this situation he was suddenly thrust into, never before having seen Twilight like this. She had always used that estrus-stopping spell on her most intense first cycle all previous years, but knew that this one she hadn't. Not needing it now that that she had a male who could help her...well, maybe.

"T-Twilight, are you sure about this? You're in heat and...might not be thinking clearly." Spike started, only to look down at Twilight. She was sweating, her rear saturated with her fluids and clearly showing how much she needed attention, her marehood very inflamed – and the way she whined and winked her clit at him, it virtually made his heart break. She looked horrible, needing a stallion to sate her heat...but Spike could only wonder if he even could be that "stallion", if he could even help her at all given they were a different species.

"Spike, please, this estrus is so bad...I feel so hot. I love you, I need you. I need you to breed me and stop this burning." Twilight begged, her voice just above a quivering whisper as she spoke, her loins almost feeling like somepony was holding her lower belly over an open fire. She squirmed as she awaited her partner, her clit winking non-stop to Spike on reflex to a male she loved being behind her, "Please..."

Spike stiffly nodded to her after only a couple seconds as the sudden shock of this happening so quickly wore off, his agreement making Twilight give a very relieved sigh. "T-thank you Spike. I knew I could count on my number-one assistant to help me in my time of need." she said with a chuckle, remembering how much that nickname had meant to Spike when he was still considered a baby. How much it still meant to him, even if he brushed it off as if it were nothing but an old kiddie name.

"So...uh...w-what do you want me to do exactly?" Spike asked as he knelt down behind Twilight and sat down, his snout level to her quite-presented crotch. He gave a gentle sniff, confirming the same musky scent he'd always smelled before but so much stronger now that his nose was almost touching her slit, finding the winking of her clitoris to be oddly arousing now that she was winking to him, showing her need for him in the most primal of ways a pony could.

"Well, you remember that book on p-pony reproduction? You know, the one I made you read when you were curious about why I acted this way, I think...that one time I didn't use the anti-estrus spell during that week-long studying spell? I think it was just as you were coming into adolescence...?" Twilight asked as she struggled to remember the title, the sour look on Spike's face clearly showing he did.

"'Breeding Education for Young Stallions and Mares'? Ugh, do I..." Spike confirmed, remembering all the gross details about foaling and what happened immediately after it as though he'd just read it, with most Purple Dragons having a photographic memory...even if they did sometimes forget small things.

"R-remember the section on com-common foreplay practices among ponies?" Twilight asked, the only-warm breaths Spike was loosing on her sensitive sex feeling almost scalding in intensity, with him unintentionally teasing her arousal even higher. When he nodded, Twilight continued, "R-remember the section in which the stallion uses his muzzle and tongue to stimulate the mare's vulva and vagina?" Another nod. "S-Spike, I need you to do that for me." Twilight begged, then rolling on her back and spreading her legs slightly more, using her hooves to make her vulva slightly part now and expose the deep pink inside of her vagina to him in a most obvious invitation. "P-please?"

Spike only looked on in awe as Twilight exposed her most private sanctum to him, never having seen her like this before - never having seen her so desperate for a male, for him. "You mean where the stallion put his there?" Spike asked, sticking his tongue out experimentally and looking at it. Like most dragons, Spike had a very long tongue in proportion to his body size, with it easily reaching his mid-abdomen when fully extended – and he stood about 4 feet tall, about half-a-head taller then most mares.

As Twilight looked back and saw Spike's long, skinny, and from her experience very prehensile, tongue sticking out, she felt another burst of heat from between her legs as she remembered what it had felt like in her mouth...and could only imagine what it would feel like between her legs. She needed that tongue again, but now she needed it inside her marehood. Right. Bucking. Now.

"Spike, yes, please. Oh by Celestia, please p-put it in me." Twilight begged, only then noticing how submissive her tone was. She later chalked that up to the extensive amount of reading she'd done on dragons through her schooling, though mainly focusing on it after Spike had hatched through present day. Those readings were meager given how little contact ponies had had with dragons throughout the years, but she had gathered from them that male dragons loved to be the dominant ones when it came to any relations, whether with other species or within their own, especially during migrations or breeding seasons.

Dragons were only observed actually mating once by one pony, but the author claimed in the book that he'd had a bad front angle and couldn't actually see the act taking place, adding that he couldn't move to see more lest he be spotted and, at minimum, interrupt the breeding. He however had written that he'd definitely seen enough to know that dragons were ferocious, feral breeders, with the drake giving the dragoness no mercy and mating her repeatedly after he'd mounted her, and did not climb off her back until he was done. He'd said they bred once right after the other until either the drake's semen reserves had run dry, or the drake was certain he'd impregnated the dragoness.

After the drake stopped his thrusts and hilted, the author wrote that the dragoness had cried out alongside him, her hips grinding against the male's – and the cry didn't seem to be in pain judging by the female's very pleased, seemingly orgasmic expression and sounds. The author had also noted that the male remained inside the female for a number of minutes after each orgasm, seemingly either unable to free himself from her for some reason, or simply unwilling to and wanting to remain as deep inside as possible, to keep his seed fully within her to increase the chance of conception.

The more she though about it now as she lay presenting on her bed, with her dragon's scalding breath washing over her slit and underneath to her teats, the more Twilight realized how much she looked forward to all of it. How much she looked forward to her dragon rutting her.

"Spiiiike!" Twilight whined out when her hopeful mate hadn't reacted as quickly as she'd hoped to her very open invitation, squirming once more as another burst of heat surged through her body. As she felt him still only breathing on her some seconds later, she looked back and saw him staring at her spread lips and winking clit while stone still, seeming unable to even do much more then breathe. Great, she'd scared him. Deciding she'd instead have to take the initiative, Twilight lit up her horn and gave Spike's head a gentle push forward – and gave a sharp, involuntary yelp as she finally felt his scaly snout rub against her swollen and extremely over-sensitive marehood.

Spike had quickly pulled back in surprise to suddenly being pressed against her wet crotch like that and upon hearing her loud exclamation, but as he licked his lips and tasted the lightly-salty but more sweet flavor of what she'd left there, he quickly found himself wanting more. Much more. "S-Spike want." he softly said, his dragon greed kicking in again. He wanted his mate now, and he was going to take her.

Twilight sharply gasped as she suddenly felt Spike's thin tongue working over her outer lips, apparently cleaning up the extensive amount of her fluids already there as his claws took her hooves' positions of holding her open wide, with Twilight conceding the right as she shifted and drew her hooves up to fold under her chest. "Y-yes Spike, I'm all yours! Take me mooooore! I'm all yooooours!" Twilight moaned deeply as she felt him suddenly push his forked tongue into her a few moments later, apparently having cleaned her lips of her nectar and now seeking more from its source.

The thin but very flexible muscle swiftly worked deeper into Twilight's spread marehood, leaving her momentarily stunned at just how good Spike's tongue felt, almost tickling along her canal with its forked tip. When a stallion's tongue could have gone no further, Spike's tongue only kept snaking ever deeper into her marehood, his ministrations forcing whimpers of pleasure from Twilight as she panted now, so overtaken by just his tongue that she couldn't imagine how the rest of him would be. Bringing her to wonder just how all that would work anyways.

Even after all the years they'd been together, Twilight had never before seen Spike's...penis. He'd never needed a diaper like pony foals did, with most dragons instinctively seeking to 'do their business' away from their sleeping areas or homes, and Twilight using that instinct and a baby dragon's highly-developed intelligence to quickly and easily teach Spike to learn to use a toilet...after only a few misses.

Even when he'd reached adolescence and undoubtedly had the urges to mate that came with it, he'd never been caught by Twilight satisfying himself, always very discreet about when he did 'it' and apparently waiting for her to leave the house or to do 'it' away from home.

Now that they were being intimate, the curiosity of what Spike looked like 'down there' was virtually killing Twilight as he licked her – but even through her curiosity, she couldn't ask Spike to leave her now that she'd felt his tongue within her. It just felt too good to even think of him stopping!

It was only a matter of seconds after he'd entered her before Spike felt his tongue-tip rubbing on something deep inside Twilight, finding what felt like a small, looser ring against a wall. "Twi-ight, waf thif?" he asked, unable to speak properly given his tongue was currently buried within his mare. As he tried to speak again and ask if she was alright, he felt Twilight shudder at the vibrations his voice and movements his tongue made within her as he spoke, making Spike feel another clench on his tongue and hearing another deeply satisfied moan from her.

"S-Spike, that's my...oh Celestia, that's my c-cervix!" Twilight barely managed to stutter out, feeling just how deep he was and in total ecstasy at having something that far within her, with that depth being unheard of for a stallion's tongue. "Oooooh Celestia, you're so deeeeep!" she moaned out as she felt the light, almost tickling yet satisfyingly firm sensations of his tongue all along her passage and against her cervix as his tongue wriggled around in her, thin but strong - and he was just showing her how flexible as well. Twilight felt as his tongue wormed around in her, feeling its tip moving along her inner walls as it bent and twisted and doubled around itself within her, with Spike apparently exploring her whole passage with his tongue.

It wasn't long until Twilight felt him hit a particularly sensitive spot a couple of inches from her entrance in his slow exploration, making her give a small cry and wrap her hooves tightly around the back of his head. Her back arched up as she pressing her hips against his snout on reflex, burying him deeper into herself as she felt a sharp burst of pleasure. "Oh S-Spike please...l-lick there again?" Twilight begged as she held him tightly against her crotch and didn't really give him a real choice in the matter, wanting, no needing, to feel that again. Twilight knew Spike must have hit that mythical spot that all the biology books she'd read had only hinted at, the massive burst of sensation making that the only explanation. He'd apparently found her G-spot. Hard to miss, given he had every inch of her marehood covered at once after all!

As Spike did as asked and licked her 'there' again, Twilight felt herself tensing, knowing she just needed a bit more... "O-one more time. Sp-Spike, please!" she begged breathlessly – and as she did feel him lick against that spot one more time, that was it.

Twilight cried out in a near-scream as she had the most explosive orgasm she'd ever experienced, her inner walls squeezing Spike's tongue for all it was worth, her clit winking rapidly with each contraction and massive bursts of pure, orgasmic pleasure surging through her, her juices spraying onto Spike, then oozing out and onto the floor beside her bed.

Twilight was held in that state of ecstasy for nearly a minute as Spike kept diligently licking on that spot, with him not remembering why licking right there had triggered Twilight's orgasm, but now wanting to make her feel good for as long as possible now that he had. He was no foal when it came to sex despite never having been with a pony before in such a way as this, with him not only having studied and memorized the book on pony sexual behaviors and anatomy, but also personally knowing how good it felt to have an orgasm. After all, he was an adolescent drake that was no stranger to his own claws. Now that he had somepony to share that knowledge with, nothing gave him more satisfaction then to bring that kind of pleasure to his mare.

Spike didn't stop licking until Twilight had released her bear-hug from his head and instead gently started to push him back as she grew too sensitive down below, to which he quickly removed his tongue from her before then licking his lips, savoring the last of her juices he'd gotten. "Mmm Twilight. You taste better then a sapphire cupcake!" Spike exclaimed, but quickly noticed that Twilight now looked even more desperate than before he'd licked inside her! Twilight whined in her need now as her inner stifles and flank were saturated in her juices now, her clit winking even more frequently than before. "T-Twilight, what's the matter?!" Spike asked, clearly worried at seeing her condition degrade because of him. "What did I do to you?!"

"I-it's OK Spike, this is t-totally...n-normal. For a m-mare in full estrus, foreplay only makes them n-need the stallion more, to become even more receptive to him. S-Spike, I NEED you to breed me. NOW! Twilight exclaimed, once again rolling onto her stomach and flagging her tail to him, putting her winking, soaked marehood on display to him once more.

Spike knew the basics, but wasn't practiced at all, his claw no real preparation for the heated, begging mare before him. He felt himself fully erect now from the very arousing show Twilight was putting on and from having brought her to orgasm, but wasn't sure how to proceed. "Um...Twi, do I you just want me, well...stick it in?" Spike asked with a confused tone, seeing Twilight's back legs trembling lightly as she impatiently awaited her 'stallion'.

"Y-yes Spike! P-please!" Twilight begged, raising her rump higher in the invitation; "t-treat me rough, just like a dragoness!"

"Ok, here goes," Spike said with some hesitation, then gripping himself with a claw and lining himself up with Twilight's dripping wet slit.

Dragons Have THOSE?!

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This chapter contains extensive anatomical exposition, studying, and recording of scientific descriptions of the structure and functioning of a dragon's penis (in my mind). If you want only strictly sexual content, go to the next chapter.

~ ~ ~

Twilight just then realized something as she felt Spike's narrow tip rubbing between her lower lips, realizing that this was likely the first actual recorded instance of a pony and a dragon mating that she knew of! As she discovered this, she realized that she was making history, that this needed to be documented. She needed to remember and record everything so she could to make future notations of it, and possibly remember it much later on. For science, of course.

As much as it pained her, Twilight spoke up. "S-Spike, I need you to stop." Twilight said, instantly feeling what little of Spike's tip he'd put into her slide back out instantly, earning her another burst from her heat at his absence. Spike simply sat as she left the room for a second, puzzled as to why they'd stopped so suddenly just as they were getting to the good part. Twilight came back in the room moments later, returning with a camcorder levitated in her magic, the sight of which made Spike immediately tense up.

As Twilight started setting up the tripod the camera sat upon at the end of the bed, Spike moved beside her and watched as she instead removed the camera, turned it towards herself and started speaking: "This is Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria starting a case study of the possibilities of equine-draconian interbreeding and whether or not it is even possible at all. With me is a willing adolescent drake named Spike, who will be breeding with me toda—HEY!" Twilight finished with a yelp as Spike snatched the camera from her magic and turned it off; "Spike, this is going to be valuable research material that ponies need to know! We're making history! Recording it is important!" Twilight said, the wood floor giving a solid thwank as she stamped a hoof on it.

Spike sighed, turning the camera over in his claws as Twilight merely watched, not wanting to offend him by simply taking it away without regards to why he'd interrupted her, but at the same time feeling her need to document gnawing at her. "I dunno about recording our first time Twilight, even if it is for science. I mean, isn't this kinda thing supposed to only be between a mare and a stallion...though I guess in this case a mare and a...a drake? Doesn't recording it just, I don't know, make it seem... I don't know, wrong to you?" Spike asked, slowly turning the camcorder in his claws, awaiting a response.

"Spike, this would be the first recorded instance of a pony and a dragon mating...EVER!" Twilight insisted, knowing that something like this needed to be carefully documented and studied, to be recorded for the advancement of knowledge itself! "Spike, this is very, VERY important for science! We need to know what happens during and possibly after the mating, and possibly if the old legends of kirins and other pony/dragon hybrids are true!"

Spike looked down to the device in his claws, knowing that Twilight was right. This was about more than just dignity or love now; this was about helping ponies learn more and to become closer to understanding nature and themselves. Spike nodded as he held the camcorder out to Twilight, who then picked it up in her magic again and turned it on. "Science thanks you Spike." Twilight said, once again going back to her documenting voice; "The drake has agreed to allow this study to continue, so we shall. I should note that I am in full estrus at the moment, so I apologize in advance for any lack of...professionalism during this study. Now without further ado, I shall proceed to study the dragon's anatomy."

Twilight then moved herself so she was sitting facing Spike, and for the first time she saw Spike's dragonhood - then gasped as she saw a second! "Well, dragons apparently have two penes as compared to a pony stallion's single penis, though they appear comparatively slim overall as compared to a stallion's. The penes also appear to come out of a genital slit instead of a sheath, similar to other reptiles. The genital slit has the general look of a mare's vagina, except that it is horizontal and coming from between two of his scale plates instead of being made of skin. There is also a concave inner portion which resembles an actual vaginal entrance only much larger; an elongated, eye-shaped slit from which they emerge, with the penes themselves aligned horizontally, side-to-side that is, to each other." Twilight said as she moved the camera over Spike's crotch and genitals, recording every detail.

"Each of the penes appears to be approximately the average length of a young stallion – about twenty centimeters, nearly eight inches, long, with the penes seeming to taper larger instead of a stallion's large, constant length, a drake's starting out fairly thin only to grow thicker until it grows very thick at the bottom. In terms of diameter, they appear to go from from one-point-five centimeters, or about half-an-inch, in diameter at the tip to about five centimeters, or nearly two inches, at the base, with both smoothly tapering up in size." Twilight said in the cold, clinical voice she always used when studying or analyzing something, making Spike realize just how much this was killing the mood.

"Are you almost done with this Twi, I'd...kinda like to, ya know, get on with it..." Spike said as he shifted in eagerness, his penes giving a visible throb.

Twilight understood the sentiments as she felt another surge of heat from between her legs, having utterly forgotten she was in heat for a moment as her quest for knowledge took over. "Just a little longer, I promise..." Twilight said, getting only a puff of smoke from Spike's nostrils, with him making it quite clear he wasn't enjoying being treated as a test subject instead of a lover.

Twi gave Spike a kiss on the top of his muzzle before returning to his lower body, deciding to work quickly so they could 'get on with it' as he'd said. "I believe I can see some additional, rounded swelling about an inch from his bases contributing to the size of them, with the remaining length behind there rather small in diameter. I am not sure what that swelling is, but am nonetheless making note of it." Twilight said, then soon after realizing it looked similar in structure to a canine's 'bulbus glandis', or 'knot'. Noting the possible similarities aloud, she moved on.

"Along the penises' lengths, a large number of very small triangular-shaped slits can be seen, growing longer as they reach the bottom and stopping just before the swollen portion..." Twilight said, then lifting one slit with her magic and slowly reaching inside and pulling out its contents, eliciting a soft gasp from Spike and seeing his hips shift upwards as she did. "The drake apparently finds stimulation of this part of the penis very pleasurable." Twilight notated, and upon lifting the rest of them with her magic and extricating all that was inside them, she quickly found that they were in fact coverings for a line of thin, clear, spine-like nubs with the points facing backwards. She could see pink flesh inside the harder casing, notating that the apparent 'breeding spines' were not unlike an animal's claw in composition.

Twilight decided to see if Spike could tell her more then she could merely see. After all, they were part of him. "Spike, do you know what these spines and swelling are used for in dragon mating, or have any clues at all? Surely you've...masturbated before?" Twilight asked, nudging the swelling at the base of his penis, as well as one of the many clear spines going straight up the top and along either side of his penis with her hoof-tip, noting the spines started getting longer and larger near the knot and apparently grew shorter as they neared the tip.

Hearing Spike moan softly and hump his hips as she again rubbed a hoof-tip over one, Twilight realized that the spines must be very sensitive to being touched and moved. As she had touched it, she also felt that they were firm but flexible to the touch, finding that they must be made of some sort of hard cartilage or something similar. She also realized the spines weren't at all as sharp to the touch as they looked as she touched the tip of one, instead finding it to be firm yet pliant as she pushed down gently on it and felt it bend under her hoof not unlike a very stiff hair would, getting another muffled moan from Spike.

Spike's blush grew hot as his usually subtle self-pleasing was brought to light, but realized that was trivial compared to what they were about to do. "Well, the spike-thingies come out as I get past my big swollen parts the first time, then more and more as I get closer to orgasm, making it hard for me to really rub anymore given how sensitive they get..." he said, then pointing to the now-slightly-more-swollen roundness at the bottom - "...then the things at the bottom get bigger and the part behind them get really, really sensitive when I'm just about to blow. Then when I rub behind it, it feels really good, the spines go out all the way and the bulges at the bottom get huge...and then I...cum." Spike concluded, blushing furiously now, with Twilight both physically and mentally recording everything he'd said.

"Wait, drakes DO have knots? Spike, show me." Twilight demanded as she heard of the bases swelling heavily near ejaculation, only to see Spike's eyes grow wide.

"Ex-excuse me?" Spike asked, not sure he'd heard her right. Surely she couldn't mean...

"Spike, I would like you to masturbate in front of this camera and show me and all of Equestria how dragon penises work." Twilight again requested, quickly adding with a blush; "F-for science, of course."

Initial Studies

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Spike never thought he'd hear Twilight ask him to masturbate for her while she recorded it, but here she was moments after she'd asked, staring intently while he placed his claw on his stiff dragonhood, laying close beside him on her bed so she could get a better shot for the camera. She watched as he took some of the large amount of what could easily be identified as pre-cum and rubbed it along his tip and tapering length, hearing him groan softly as he worked over the now-slightly-flared spines.

"Drakes appear to create and release pre-ejaculatory fluids just like equine upon sexual arousal, and apparently it is also just as viscus." Twilight noted, having taken some of Spike's pre-cum and rubbing it between her hooves in front of the camera; "It is however a little thicker in consistency and milkier in coloration than recorded instances of equine pre-ejaculate. Perhaps some sperm is released with it, to ensure fertilization even in the case of coitis interruptis?"

Spike then started to rub himself slowly with one claw on each penis, pulses of pleasure surging through him as he soon after rubbed a little harder, his actions growing more intense every second after he passed the lumps the first time and his spines came out. He felt himself getting close quicker than usual, his spines flaring slightly with each throb. It never felt this good when he was doing it alone, but now that Twilight was here watching him, recording him, it felt so much better for some reason.

It was only a minute later before Spike felt his load building up, his spines starting to flare more as his penes swelled larger. "T-Twi, I'm getting close!" Spike exclaimed, his rubs getting faster and rougher, Spike forcing his engorging knots through his claws with each thrust. His force behind each hump was growing more and more powerful as he tried to apparently force his knots into his tightly-clenched claws, with it swollen to the size of a small orange already and rapidly swelling further.

"The drake reports being close to orgasm. We can then see how or if a dragon ejaculates and how it is compared to a stallion's." Twilight reported, feeling her own loins getting hotter still as she watched her son and lover masturbate for her.

The extreme sensitivity to the touch on his flaring spines now made Spike stop rubbing his lengths and rammed his hips forward hard a few times, the last time forcing his knots through and him grabbing behind his now-huge swells, one with each claw. Spike squeezed his eyes shut and gasped as the spines then flared out straight, each now standing out from about a 7mm to 1.2cm, or approximately a quarter of an inch to a half-inch, from his penes as his knots swelled even larger still, each longer than they were before he'd started rubbing himself as she looked down his now-thickly-swollen shafts. Twilight watched as Spike tensed, watching the subtle throb-throb-throb of his members as they visibly swelled up – before he then thrust his hips hard into the air and groaned deeply.

As he loosed his first gush of cum from both members, Spike's first large shots came out hard and rocketed upwards, undoubtedly sticking to the ceiling as Twilight heard a wet distant impact. He loosed another few shots at that high velocity, each joined with a sharp thrust of his hips, two very-hot streams hitting Twilight in the muzzle and also the camera as she leaned over him too far to get a better look as he climaxed, making her yelp at the unexpected and rather hot and sticky semen now sticking to her face.

As she saw him relax again and didn't see any more large streams after the first volley of four, Twilight got closer again with the quickly-cleaned camera once Spike had stopped cumming...or so she thought. When she looked closer as Spike squeezed the sensitive point behind his knots and presumably simulated a mating tie with a dragoness, she observed a number of much smaller throbs and subsequent spurts of semen coming from him even after his main climax, each much thinner and smaller squirt coming out every two seconds and starting to paint his lower belly and her bed with the thin, milky-white fluid. Twilight then used her magic to gather the semen from the ceiling and wherever else it had ended up, moving it to a graduated cylinder for measurement.

"The drake has ejaculated four large globs of semen after forcing his knots through his claws, these actions leading me to presume he instinctively simulated a tie with a dragoness upon nearing climax, with the clearly 'knots' at the bases having swollen greatly to at least nine to ten centimeters, or just over three to four inches, each in circumference now as he 'knotted' himself. At least part of climax seems similar to ponies in action with that being the ejaculation itself, the semen being ejaculated at extremely high speeds into the female and consisting of large amounts of semen, with the main ejaculation of this drake being..."

After pausing a moment to look at the cylinder containing his semen, Twilight finished; "...approximately one-hundred-fifty milliliters in quantity, which is about five fluid ounces. That's about equivalent to a really pent-up stallion in rut, for reference. However, unlike ponies, spines have risen to presumably assist the knot in keeping the penes inside the dragoness or to stimulate her further, possibly to bring her to orgasm or to ovulate, if dragons are induced ovulators."

"The most likely theoretical purpose of a dragoness's orgasm, if they indeed can orgasm, would likely be to bring the semen deeper into her oviduct...if they are as anatomically similar to other reptiles as male dragons are that is, as well as to encourage more ejaculate from the drake. If they are induced ovulators, the sensation of the drake's spines on the dragoness's oviduct walls may trigger the formation and release of ova to be fertilized by the drake's deposited sperm. Unlike pony stallions, the drake also still seems to be ejaculating even after the main climax. Spike, how long do you post-ejaculate like this for?" Twilight asked the spaced-out dragon - and amazingly got a response.

"A-about f-five...minutes?" Spike answered in a dazed tone, each squirt of semen accompanied with another small burst of pleasure for him and light thrust of his hips, with those much lesser in intensity than what he'd gotten from the big pulses, but nonetheless very enjoyable.

As she felt another particularly vicious burst of heat from her crotch, Twilight decided she'd had enough of a show and needed relief of her own. "Spike, do you think you can...y'know...mate again?" Twilight asked, really really hoping he'd say yes.

"Y-yeah Twilight, not a problem. Lemme just...finish first." Spike said as he held tightly behind his knots, riding out his post-orgasm while Twilight could only watch as her snatch burned...or could she...?

"Spike, is there any chance I could..." Twilight started, her tone lustful as she intended to climb on him and ride him while he came...but that might invalidate her study. "...never mind." she finished in a frustrated tone, only getting an initially confused look from Spike, but with it quickly turning into a look of realization.

"Twily, turn off the camera for now and come here," Spike said, very clearly seeing Twilight's need and wanting to help her, though not on camera.

"But Spike, what if..." Twilight rebelled, unable to tear her eyes away from the soft throbs of his penis, the camera trained on each small pulse of semen he released and each slight upwards pump of his hips.

"Twilight, it doesn't do anything different, I promise. Now, come here." Spike said in a more demanding tone, finally seeing the red 'record' light on the camcorder turn off.

"OK Spike, I'm here. Now, what?" Twilight asked after coming to where Spike had indicated, a slightly annoyed look on her face and tone in her voice. He'd called her away from valuable 'research' after all.

"Turn for me, my beautiful little mare." Spike asked gruffly yet gently all the same, seeing Twilight follow his request and turning her rump to him. " raise your tail..." Spike again requested and Twilight obeyed, flagging her tail over her back revealing her soaked, swollen mess of a crotch to him, her lips now a deep purple-maroon in her extreme arousal. Seeing her like this made Spike feel more dominant than ever, the mare before him needing him badly...

...and he was only too happy to oblige that need.

Spike sunk his snout into Twilight's eager marehood instantly, getting a muffled, surprised whinny from Twilight at the sudden sensation. Her whinny tapered off into a deep moan as she felt Spike's tongue lodge itself deeper into her, her head rolled back and her spine arched, presenting herself for him to get even deeper. So that he did, eagerly.

While Spike kept his post-orgasmic spurting up, he continued to eat Twilight out, getting deep and earning long and constant moans and quiet whinnies from her as she let her pleasure be known. He soon went back to that spot she'd so strongly reacted to before, the one she'd cum from when he'd licked it. When he repeatedly licked there again a few more times, Twilight suddenly tensed up, her clit winking rapidly and her walls squeezing rhythmically. It looked like he'd get a repeat performance, him realizing she must have gotten extremely turned on by him jacking off for her and was already near her peak.

Having worked herself up majorly by watching Spike masturbate, another virtual flood of mare-honey soon followed as Spike licked her G-spot again, Twilight tensing up as she starting to grind her oozing snatch against his muzzle, giving a breathless cry as she started intensely cumming to her dragon for her second time.

"W-wow." was all Twilight could get out, standing some seconds later as her orgasm slowly tapered off, still feeling Spike's tongue diligently cleaning inside her. After a couple minutes more of eating his mare out and making her orgasm again, Spike finally released his grip on his penes, then removed his claw from behind his knot - and a very dazed Twilight watched as his knot deflated, his spines lowered and he stayed fully erect! "S-Spike! How did you do that?!" Twilight asked, quite surprised at the unexpected reveal. She'd never seen or heard of any species doing something like that after mating - to be ready for a second round immediately after the first.

"Well, it always does that after the first time I finish. After the fourth or fifth time, it sometimes doesn't though." Spike answered matter-of-factly, only to watch Twilight's jaw drop.

"F-forth or fifth time?!" Twilight screeched in disbelief, feeling another burst of need as she saw Spike nod, her heat burning harder than ever after three orgasms without a male's seed ending up within her.

Today was going to be a good day, she knew it already.

"Spike, enough studying, I need you to breed me. A lot. I want you to rut me until you can't cum anymore! ...and Spike? Use both." Twilight demanded, placing the camera on the tripod and positioning it properly to get the best possible upward-facing rear angle. After turning it back on, Twilight got on the side of the bed again then watched as Spike got up, then flagged her tail over her back again and left her inviting, winking rump very available to her soon-to-be dragon mate.

"I love you Twilight, and I'd be proud to make love with you...finally..." Spike said in a loving yet huffy tone as he stood behind her and lined up, Twilight feeling his tapered tips once more starting to enter her a second later.

Hooves-On Studies

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"Twilight this is your first time, right? Shouldn't I go slow to avoid hurting you when I...well...'pop your cherry'? Spike asked as he stood mounted on Twilight, his members pressed against her winking vulva, with the drake barely restraining himself from plugging her to the hilt at once.

Twilight shook her head, "No Spike it's OK, you don't need to worry about that. Like most mares, I lost my hymen during my first estrus. And besides that, your tongue would have already have done the job even if I were physically a virgin, as far as you put it in me..." Seeing Spike's confused look, she continued; "When I turned ten, Princess Celestia knew I was going to be going into my initial estrus soon, and also knew how intense the first would always be for an inexperienced young mare. So, on my tenth birthday, she not only provided me with all the books to learn all about pony reproduction and multiple masturbation techniques to relieve a mare in estrus' 'sexual needs' for as long as possible, she...well she also provided me with a small...artificial phallus with which to do so with."

"...and when it came she...kinda taught me how to use it....personally."

Spike's eyes widened at that. "Woah, Celestia gave you a DILDO for your birthday, and showed you how to use it?!" he asked, feeling himself throb at even the thought of Twilight using one on herself, let alone Celestia 'helping' her with her first heat! "Do you...still have it?" he asked, a very suggestive tone in his voice.

Twilight giggled and shook her head, virtually reading his mind. "No Spike, that was a small model intended for young fillies experiencing their first estrus..." She then paused and turned to look at him, meeting his eyes; "...I've got a much bigger, full-sized model now. Maybe we can play with it later..." she virtually growled, making Spike's cocks throb against her slit again. "But for now, we need to continue this experiment...I mean lovemaking. Lovemaking!"

Feeling his breeding instincts prodding him on, Spike felt his need rise, feeling Twilight still winking against him. "Uh Twi, can we....y'know...?" he asked, feeling butterflies in his stomach and a burn in his cheeks and loins as he asked.


Twilight only nodded as she then faced forward and rested her head on the bed, not verbalizing it but her body more than showing she was beyond ready herself. Moments later, she moaned quietly as she slowly felt Spike starting to spread her.

"The d-drake is starting to p-penetrate me with both penes and by Celestia does it feel goooooood!" Twilight moaned out loudly, her clinical tone gone and now replaced by a lustful one, her need finally winning out as she felt Spike entering her and spreading her open; being penetrated by her first real male ever.

Twilight gasped in pleasure as seconds later she felt Spike's tapered penes slowly spreading her wider, so much different then how her stallion dildo felt; the one she had kept well-hidden from Spike and only used when she really, really needed to sate herself during her heats. As she felt him slowly spread her, she realized that while she didn't feel as utterly full all at once as she did with the stallion dildo, the slow and gradual stretching in its place was actually better to her. Twilight kept winking constantly, her clit being rubbed as Spike pressed in, Spike himself moaning softly as he felt her constant ripples and motions around him.

"A d-drake's penis feels v-very different than a stallion, sloooooooowly spreading me open unlike a stallion instantly filling a mare's vagina, a m-more gradual spreading as he sinks sooooo deeeep in me". Twilight couldn't help but moan again during her reporting of what she was experiencing, her over-sensitive passage sending bursts of pleasure through her as her body rewarded her for accepting a stallion to breed her. Though it wasn't truly a stallion, it didn't care: all her body cared about was that her marehood finally had something warm and pulsing inside of it, eagerly clamping down on it and pulling it deeper to prevent it from getting away.

Twilight was not at all unhappy however at being only slowly spread like she was, not at all displeased at the gradual spreading as opposed to being so suddenly full, especially as he got deeper and his taper started to grow larger. By the time Spike had nearly hilted her, he'd surpassed the depth that her ten-inch dildo could reach, with him seeming much longer and thicker than he looked once he'd first entered her.

"The dragon's penes have undoubtedly s-swelled further and increased in diameter and length at least s-slightly since initial penetration, the warmth of my vagiiiiina apparently setting off something we haven't seen before; extensive s-swelling of the penes in reaction to a-actual penetration! He has inserted at least twenty centimeters and is still going!" Twilight reported, feeling herself being slowly filled more and more as his lengths swelled within her. As she finally felt the lumps at the bases pass her vulva and enter her, Twilight felt the spines rise suddenly, feeling them press again her inner walls; not being sharp at all and indeed quite flexible, but instead making her sharply gasp in pleasure at the sudden, intense sensation.

As Spike pulled out the next time, both he and Twilight cried out suddenly and simultaneously, both experiencing extreme pleasure and Twilight some minor pain as his sensitive spines softly raked her foal-passage. Twilight felt those nubs now rubbing deeply into her hyper-sensitive walls as she clamped down in reaction and sending a mind-blowing amount of sensation through her, that one rub feeling nearly orgasmic in intensity and making Twilight yelp again.

"T-the rear-facing spines on the penes have -mmmm- expanded outward upon full penetration, s-strongly stimulating my....ooooooh Celestia...vaginal canal. I-It seems they are a-at least p-partially used in dragon b-breeding to f-further stimulate both the drake and d-dragoness during mating, m-much like the m-medial ring in p-ponies." Twilight said staccaic, her head tilted back as she felt Spike softly nibbling on her neck now, slowly licking with the ticklish tip of his tongue as well and making her alternately giggle and moan at the combined sensations. She felt herself wetter than ever before, Spike making a loud, wet slap against her each time he thrust in, feeling herself winking near-constantly now with her muzzle buried into the pillow.

"T-Twi, you feel....REALLY good inside. T-tight and so hot!" Spike finally spoke for the first time since they'd started, feeling the same intense sensations as Twilight did as he felt his sensitive spines and rods being rubbed by Twilight's tight, ribbed passage as he pulled out. The sensations made him instinctively clench her hips tighter and ram himself right back in upon pulling out some, feeling his penises being stimulated that much more and making him throb constantly now as he felt her inner muscles constantly working over him, milking him strongly.

"Oh C-Celestia the d-drake" Twilight finished with a moan, her rational mind shutting down as she was overwhelmed with so much pleasure, wave after wave washing through her; each push in filled her so full of her Spike, and each pull out making his spines pleasantly rake against her walls. Twilight decided the reporting could wait until after, now simply giving in as Spike fully entered her once more, relaxing and raising her rump higher as she let her 'stallion' breed her, feeling him go deeper as a result.

As Spike pulled out to his tip again, he instantly plunged back into Twilight, his breeding and hoarding instincts both taking hold now as he hilted in her again. He wanted Twilight more and faster, and he was going to take her. As he started to hump harder, he let his greed take over, intending to take her as hard and as long as he wanted, and quite sure she wouldn't protest.

The swellings at Spike's bases were increasing and his tapered tips were now tapping against her cervix as he apparently swelled even further, the depth and speed he was going causing Twilight's mouth to be wide open but nothing to come out. She was speechless, in a world of ecstasy she'd never known before as those tens of tiny ridges rubbed deeper into her sensitive insides with each thrust and pull out, stimulating her beyond anything a stallion could ever even dream of as she felt them growing ever-so-slightly more ridged as Spike grew closer to climax.

Spike constantly pounded into Twilight, each throb of his penes causing his spines to flare slightly more for a second, with it not un-noticed by either. Both were quiet except the occasional grunt, gasp or moan from either or pillow-muffled whinny from Twilight, both too overtaken by their actions to even think let alone speak, only their instincts driving them now.

Spike's urges took over more as the seconds of pure ecstasy ticked by, each more and more rapid hump into her feeling like a mini-orgasm to Twilight as her passage constantly spasmed and winked around Spike, the extreme stimulation of his spines gently scraping inside her every time he pulled out nearly too much pleasure for her body to handle.

At about the one minute mark, Twilight felt Spike's knots growing more each time the lumps passed her lips, making it harder and harder for Spike to pull out each time. After he barely pulled out the last time it had entered her, Spike came-to enough to realize that his knots were starting to get huge and his pulses more insistent...and knew what that meant. "T-Twi, I'm close." Spike told his mare as he stayed only partially buried within her, knowing that his next full thrust in would likely be his last.

Twilight was already pleased beyond all belief at her dragon's heavenly members, having felt countless mini-orgasms during his thrusts and now more than ready for a real one; ready to receive his seed. "Spike, i-it's OK. You can finish...inside...f-for science. For m-me." she panted encouragingly, reaching back to give him a kiss on the forehead as he leaned over and held her tight to him, her marehood's near-constant winking and clenching letting him know that she was ready too.

With a few rough final thrusts, Spike gave his all to the last one and forced himself into her for that last time, pressing his lips tightly to hers in a kiss as he did and making both of their mind promptly explode when his knot was forced inside her with a quiet pop.

Twilight came so hard that it made the previous powerful orgasms Spike had given her with his tongue seem like twinges of pleasure in comparison; the pure, white-hot tsunami of an orgasm overtaking her as she not only felt Spike's spines flaring out further and seemingly into every sensitive point her vagina had, but also his large lower spines expanding as they spread her wider and dug deeply into the very sensitive first few inches of her vagina. His knot meanwhile grew too big to pull out, locking them together until his orgasm was finished.

Twilight couldn't help it as a high-pitched squeal of pure pleasure pealed out of her, followed by a loud whinny as her brain was saturated with a massive flood of endorphines, feeling Spike's knot swelling even further inside her now that he was fully buried. Twilight was unable to hear anything, see anything, feel anything except those wonderful, wonderful penises buried in her as she squeezed and clenched over them, feeling the spines pressed firmly into her walls as they grew ridged, his length then starting to swell and pulsate more. She felt him growing thicker and longer still, moving even deeper into her until his now-not-so-thin tips were pressed very tightly against what must have been her cervix, before slipping painlessly just into the relaxed sphincter and filling her entire tract with dragon cock.

Twilight was still spasming in her orgasmic throes as Spike starting to twitch within her, before soon feeling a very strong series of pulses from his members. Her second whinny was joined by a deep, dominant growl from Spike as his own orgasm started. His first jets of very hot semen rocketed through her penetrated cervix and into her womb, making her cry out again. Feeling each powerful impact slam against the top of her foal-oven, that sensation of extreme heat so deep inside her body, sent her careening off again into yet another explosive orgasm.

Twilight's mind literally blanked as she started her second orgasm within thirty seconds, all the while feeling those wonderful spines still lodged against her walls, each pulse of his lengths inside of her or clench and wink of her passage making them dig slightly deeper for a moment and send another nerve-wracking surge of ecstasy through her.

After Spike's first four huge gushes coated her womb from the top down in his extremely thick, sticky, and hot dragon cum, Twilight felt as Spike's penes continued to pulse within her, but now more softly and at a lower frequency. His knots both kept him trapped within her, still filling her with pleasure beyond belief as his smaller squirts of semen filled her further. She could feel the small, hot spurts pass her cervix then start to ooze down along her womb, starting to pool at the bottom.

Twilight cooed as Spike held her closely and remained knotted in her, both in a state of perpetual bliss as she felt that soft squirt squirt squirt deep within her accompanied with a small twitch each time, every gentle throb making his spines rub inside her each time and making another surge of strong pleasure ride her spine, her body responding with a wink and a tight clench in return. She then felt his lips and tongue working along her neck as he seeded her, showing his affections for his mare as she merely lay there limply, exhausted and happily accepting it all.

About five minutes of softly pumping more of his seed into Twilight, having been cuddling and kissing during the tie, Spike's knot finally reduced enough to pull out...but instead of pulling out for long, he swiftly got to work on round two.

"S-Spike?! What are you...?" Twilight asked in surprise as Spike then flipped her over on her back after pulling out of her, positioning his still-hard cocks between her legs before he swiftly started pounding into her again, making Twilight squeal in ecstasy as she felt his spines flare out again when he hilted her. Twilight couldn't take the feeling of him filling her so full at once and his spines scraping against her now-extremely hypersensitive passage again, the over-stimulation sending another intense wave of orgasmic pleasure through her as she came again, now feeling one of his top ridges of spines rubbing deep into her G-spot with every pull out in this position.

Twilight could only think back to the recounting of the dragoness observed by that one pony, and how she had a very pleased expression and smile on her face. Twilight could now say DEFINITELY that dragoness was mostly cumming her womb—or more likely oviduct, as in the case of other reptiles—out just like Twilight was as that dragon pumped her full, as Twilight had what must have been an exact copy of that expression as she was held tight by her drake's loving claws, filled full of him and clenching once more on all he had to offer in orgasmic bliss.

Spike continued to mate his mare roughly for another minute, constantly ramming Twilight hard and making her climax and writhe beneath him frequently as his spines worked their magic on her clenching walls, this position allowing him to get very deep within her even before he started swelling more. Spike himself clenched his eyes shut as he felt himself softly pulsing within his mare with each rough thrust in, feeling his spines being so slightly, deliciously bent and his swollen lengths gripped so tightly as her tight passage caressed his dragonhoods, sending shockwaves of pleasure through him as well.

It wasn't long before Spike felt himself nearing his peak again, aided by Twilight's constantly spasming pussy as she kneaded his further-swelling length, with her more often than not riding another intense orgasm, her sounds and whinnies of extreme pleasure revealing all. He gave her all he could as he felt himself at his limit, giving another few very rough humps before moments later hilting himself again. He could feel himself tensing as his knot swelled, his spines fully flaring again as he gave another dominating growl, biting down softly on Twilight's ear as he started pulsing in her and his own pleasure exploded again.

As she felt Spike climax inside her again, Twilight came once again as she felt his spines press deep into her passage and his knot seal them together as his tips once more passed her cervix, another few strong pulses of his extremely hot cum blasting directly against the top of her womb again, followed by countless small gushes as she could only lay there squirming and crying out, cumming again and again to her number-one assistant, drool trailing down her face and neck as her mind virtually blanked out. Whether the drool was his or hers was not known to either, both too spaced out in orgasmic bliss to know anything other than their pleasure.


After a short while, Spike pulled out of Twilight this time when his knot deflated enough, both panting as his fluids-covered members still stood hard, his mare-cum-soaked lengths now getting another good looking over from his mare, with Twilight observing that they'd grown at least twice as large in diameter and half more in length than before they'd had sex, his knots still swollen huge and making her scarcely believe they were even bigger inside of her mere moments ago! "By Luna Twilight, that was..." Spike started but could only give a soft shudder to finish, no words able to describe accurately what he'd just experienced.

Twilight could only lay there as she looked blankly up to the ceiling, still dazed and panting, feeling so lovely and perfect now with her love's hot cum deep inside her again. After a moment of cuddling with Spike on her side, she finally turned over on her back again, shuddering lightly as she felt the cum that leaked into her passage slide a bit deeper again, with Spike's post-ejaculate thinner and more watery than his main loads that were still coating her womb, using some spare pillows to boost her rear even higher to encourage his seed deeper into her body.

Instead of saying anything in return to Spike's earlier partial-statement, Twilight simply reached over and pulled the young drake on top of her, meeting her muzzle with his again in the passionate kiss they'd left off. After a few minutes, Spike finally broke the kiss again, now simply laying on top of her, loving the feeling of her soft fur and warm body against his chest.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I need a drink." Twilight finally mumbled out, sitting up and concentrating her magic down to the kitchen, retrieving something from the refrigerator. Moments later, Twilight levitated in a pitcher of cold lemonaid and two glasses, pouring one for each.

After their short break and drink, Spike stood and looked down at Twilight, whom was still laying on her back on the bed; his eyes trailing from her eyes to her muzzle, down her neck and underbarrel, down to her teats, and finally ending at her sticky, still-soaked marehood. As he felt his breeding instincts kick in again, he himself still hard from earlier, his erections having never died down even through the break they took.

As if on cue, Twilight felt as her belly started that slight burning itch again, wincing at the sensation of her heat slightly flaring. "Hey Spike?" Twilight asked, with the drake quickly looking up from her crotch and meeting her eyes again; "You think we can go again?"

Spike quickly responded with a large smile and rapid nods, quickly climbing onto the bed and mounting Twilight as she still lay on her back, lining himself up as Twilight slightly squirmed in anticipation. A second later Spike slowly started to insert himself again, earning Twilight's forehooves wrapping around his long neck and a deep moan from her, finding her pulling him into another kiss as he started to sink deeply once more.


Spike had proceeded to breed Twilight twice more before he could no longer get erect again, cumming the same huge, hot amount in her each time and making her climax countless more times herself as he'd fully bred her to his body's content. After he'd pulled out the last time, Spike lay beside Twilight as she reluctantly drained of his post-emission, with her body simply too full to hold all of his thin post-cum. But all that truly mattered to Twilight was that her entire womb was thickly coated and filled with the sticky globs of his main load, with that centralized sensation being all she could really focus on.

Kissing and cuddling his mare, Spike rubbed her now-domed belly from behind, shuddering as he felt that lightly-swollen globe and realizing that he'd filled her beyond normal capacity the last two times he'd climaxed in her. That he'd made her expand to accommodate the massive amount of dragon cum he'd pumped straight into her womb, knowing that its sticky composition would have coated the eggs inside a dragoness, or kept it there until it ensured conception when she ovulated, then eventually would be absorbed by Twilight's body. At least that's how it would have worked in a dragoness...

"Spike, I love you so much." Twilight said in her post-coitus daze, utterly exhausted but beyond satisfied as she felt her heat completely quelled now, not even a trace of it anywhere to be felt. All she felt was her dragon's hot cum stretching her belly out and the thinner post-ejaculate oozing out of her marehood onto the bed, the feeling of utter fullness and creamy wetness throughout her whole tract and on her rump satisfying her on a very deep level.

"I love you too...Mom..." Spike said, patting her belly affectionately, Twilight now knowing that him calling her 'mom' could possibly have a double meaning. As she lay there, Twilight could only wonder what her heat now being gone meant, wondering what this breeding may have caused as the legends of the kirins came back to her; legends of that species born long ago from the love of a dragon and a pony, but for so long lost that it was just assumed as myth now.

Did Spike just get me pregnant? Twilight wondered, but as she cuddled up to him, she realized that she was totally OK with any results of this. She loved him and would be proud to bear his child or children, if such a thing was even physically possible. Twilight soon after reported exactly what she'd felt during and after the mating aloud for the camera, with Spike also putting his two Bits in about it, giving both sides of the story for documentation.

After finishing and shutting off the camera, Twilight yawned and stretched out, her eyes hooded as she gave Spike a dazed, very tired smile before tucking her muzzle into the crook of his neck and jaw. "Night night, Spikey." Twilight's muffled voice said to him as he held her in an embrace, their tails intertwined together under the covers as they cuddled in their afterglow. Twilight felt her eyelids growing heavy as she cuddled against the warm scaled belly of her lover, her son, her Spike, closing her eyes and soon after drifting to sleep in his warm embrace.

Hypothesis Presented

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Twilight awoke early the next morning feeling better than she had in a very long time, her heat still totally quelled in a way she'd never before experienced. There was only so much a dildo could do for a mare's estrus after all, even an enchanted one...

As she tried to turn over, Twilight found her Spikey behind her now, holding her against him and making her the little spoon of the cuddle. As much as she enjoyed being held to his warm, scaled body, she knew she couldn't simply remain in bed all day. She had a few things she needed to do before Spike awoke.

After carefully extricating herself from her lover's gentle grip on her by utilizing her magic, Twilight went to the restroom to 'freshen up' from the previous night with a quick shower, then went to the camcorder still at the end of the bed and removed the magic vessel from it, which contained the recording of last night. She then magically duplicated it, making three copies with the same contents. She obviously felt some hesitancy at what she was about to do, knowing what the vessel contained, but also knew her own feelings couldn't get in the way of scientific progress. Besides, she'd have to tell them all eventually anyways if all went as she planned it might.

After writing a letter to each recipient explaining the situation, Twilight placed each copy within an individual envelope along with its appropriate letter and sealed them with her own official seal she'd gotten, letting them know it was truly from her. She then paused in her actions and thought about Spike again. This wasn't right.

Twilight sighed as she focused on the envelope, the runes of the teleporting magic in the front of her mind...before she let it drop to the floor again. She couldn't send it. Spike wouldn't have wanted this, and she...didn't want to go against his will. She knew she would likely need some help if she truly were pregnant with his...brood, but their partnership was more important.

~ ~ ~

Spike awoke a few hours after Twilight had, stretching out and scratching along himself, quickly learning he was alone in the bed. For once, Twilight had actually awoken before him. As he went to get up he quickly felt stickiness along his side as he pulled the bottom sheet up with him, a light blush blooming as he realized just what it was as memories of the previous evening rushed back to him. As he got up off of the bed after peeling the sheet off of him, he quickly went to the restroom to shower, cleaning himself of the dried remnants their earlier lovemaking had left behind.

After finishing a few minutes later, Spike proceeded to clean the bed, putting the dirty laundry in the wash and putting new bedclothes on the mattress after doing his best to clean off what had seeped through the other sheets. After all that was done, Spike heard his stomach rumble, quickly reminding him of how hungry he felt. Unsurprising, given how much energy he'd expended those few hours ago.

Upon opening the door to Twilight's bedroom, Spike quickly picked up on the scent of blueberry pancakes and fried eggs, with the additional scent of gems peaking his interest that much more. Is that...sapphire?! Spike wondered as he moved down the stairs, quickly landing at the base of the stairs and moving towards the kitchen and the sounds and smells of breakfast.

Sure enough, Spike saw a shiny, blue powder within a measuring cup; the few small fragments of the magically-pulverized originals indeed confirming to him they were sapphires, his favorite gem. Twilight turned to him as she heard him getting closer to her and soon walked over to him, letting the current pancake cook. "Morning my special little guy!" Twilight said in a motherly tone, before placing down a plate of sapphire-blueberry pancakes before her mate, soon after drizzling them with syrup and another generous sprinkle of sapphire fragments, topping it all off with whipped cream and completing Spike's favorite breakfast.

Spike heard her calling him that childish name, and felt as another blush started to grow warm; "Moooom!" Spike whined out in embarrassment at such treatment. His blush only burned hotter at the feeling of Twilight ruffling the ridges on his head playfully before going back to the food and minutes later coming back with a plate of her own blueberry pancakes, with hers lacking any sapphires given ponies couldn't eat gems.

They ate in silence for a while, neither saying anything until the silence became stifling. " about last night..." Twilight started, instantly hearing a sharp clank of Spikes fork on his plate as he apparently dropped it, then a scraping as he scrambled to pick it back up. After such a reaction Twilight was hesitant to continue, but what needed to be said needed to be said, especially if any wheels had been set into motion by their breeding last night. "Well, first I want to say I love you, and thank you so much for what we did. I...really, really loved it." Twilight said sincerely, reaching over to give her lover a kiss on the side of his snout.

Spike only nodded as he continued eating, quite hungry and eating quickly as such, finishing his first serving of pancakes and getting up to get more. Before he could however, Twilight levitated him over another stack of three pancakes and got a nod of thanks from him. She'd learned long ago to make double what she used to when he was a baby upon Spike hitting puberty, with his appetite easily doubling as he did. As she watched him dig into the second pile, she decided she needed to tell him what she'd wanted to do. He had every right to know.... everything.

"Spike, this morning I wanted to send a letter and a copy of our...documentary...from last night to the three other Princesses so that they can help me decide what to do next." Twilight asked, bracing for his reaction.

Upon hearing what she wanted to do, Spike nearly spit his mouthful of pancakes all over Twilight, barely managing to choke them down as he stared at Twilight wide-eyed, almost disbelievingly of what she'd said. "Y-you WHAT?!" Spike squealed out, his panic manifesting upon thinking what would come of it if she did. He stared at Twilight for the next few minutes wide-eyed, his brain still trying to calculate what she'd said, his claws feeling numb and cold now and his heart in his stomach.

Twilight had expected such a response, remaining cool and professional, not letting her own inner turmoil at what she wanted done and its possible repercussions show. She had to be the strong one, as she'd initiated it. "Spike, calm down please. I promise I have a good reason, just let me explain myself." she said, seeing Spike indeed taking a few deep breaths as he worked to calm himself, with her herself keeping a tight grip on herself, fighting not to show her own feelings on the matter.

After Spike had stopped hyperventilating a while later, Twilight finally took a deep breath of her own and prepared herself. A lot needed to be said. "Well to start with, Spike, you and I are likely the first pony and dragon couple in current history, let alone the first recorded pony and dragon to breed within many, many thousands of years. As such, that gives us a prime example of learning whether or not ponies and dragons can...miscegenate." Twilight finished. The confused look on Spike's face showed he had no idea what she was talking about, so she tried a different phrase; "Inter-fecundate?" Still, he remained dumbstruck, so finally with a frustrated grunt she chose to paint it in black and white; "To learn if a dragon can get a pony pregnant, or vice-versa."

That one hit home, and Spike gasped softly at the realization of what they'd done last evening hit him in full; he'd inseminated Twilight, multiple times not to mention, during her heat, planting his seed directly into her womb when she was most fertile! "B...b..but that's not possible, is it?! I mean, ponies and dragons are so...different! How could they possibly...have foals?!" He asked, expectedly panicked at the possibilities this brought up. The possibility that he may become a father in some months, with a pony mare!

Twilight heard his panicked tone and barely held herself back from joining him, instead bringing a book forth from upstairs in her room, having placed it on a study table earlier for easy access. On the front of the large red cover, engraved in gold, were the words 'Legends of Pony Hybrids Throughout History'.

Opening the book, Twilight quickly moved to a bookmark she'd made during her earlier review of the book, having read it soon after Spike had shown his true feelings to her, mainly wanting to learn what she was possibly getting into. Upon the book laying flat and Spike seeing an illustration on the page, it became all too real. There, illustrated in this historical book, was a sketching of what looked like a pony with a crest of draconian fins on its head but also a mane of hair, its thin dragon tail ended with a large plume of a pony's tailhair, large membranous wings with a row of feathers on the edges, its legs long and slender like a dragons but ended with hooves as it stood quadruped, and its whole body covered in both scales and fur; a very obvious hybrid of dragon and Pegusus features.

"Now, this was a 'kirin' that was allegedly named Swiftwing the Fleet, and was said to be the child of a male green dragon and a female Pegusus, both of whose names were lost to history. He was allegedly very, very fast both on the ground and in the air." Twilight paused, turning the page; "...and this one..." she said, the page showing another pony-dragon hybrid that looked very similar to the first in basic anatomy, but lacked the wings and had more scales than fur. Instead of the wings, on its forehead was a very obvious horn that looked similar to a unicorn's, but had a more jagged appearance almost like a changeling queen's. " Silverfang the Wise, who was supposedly most talented at magic. There are even tales of him besting a few top Unicorns in his arcane prowess without much effort at all. The most interesting part of him is that...that he was rumored to be conceived by a male purple drake and a Unicorn mare..."

That perked Spike's attention even higher, the reality settling in as all of this legend was brought to light, the fact that this all may have happened before making him both nervous and excited at the prospect; something his and Twilight's friend Pinkie Pie may call 'nervous-cited'. He was fascinated beyond belief that ponies and dragons could possibly inter-breed, but at the same time horrified that he was having a first-claw experience of it.

"T-Twilight, does this mean...what I think it means?" Spike asked, looking to Twilight once more, with her meeting his eyes. Slowly she started to nod, before stopping herself.

"Well, these recountings ARE many thousands of years old, so who knows how true they may be. That, and the fact that some ponies really like to write falsehoods sometimes. That's why I want to call upon Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. They'd know if these legends are true, and if... if it's indeed possible for you and I to...have a baby."

Spike audibly gulped as it was finally vocalized like that, his stomach churning in nervous-citement at the prospect. The prospect he and Twilight may be making history a reality once more, and having a child together in the process.

"Ok Twilight, send them." Spike said with faux-determination; almost instantly regretting his choice, but knowing they would need help just as Twilight had said.

"Thank you Spike. I love you." Twilight said, and after giving Spike a brief kiss, both watched as she lifted the envelopes containing the recording, and a second later they vanished, all on their way to their destinations.

~ ~ ~

Celestia stared in utter shock at what she saw and heard in the magic hologram in front of her; her eyes wide, mouth agape, and wings locked in arousal; watching the poor-quality, shaky filming of what was presumably the 'documentary' the included letter had mentioned. She watch as Twilight poured over every detail of Spike's apparently doubled set of equipment, personally memorizing every detail of those two penises as Twilight commented on them, with Celestia herself not having seen a drake's penes before. "They...they have two?!" she asked herself quietly, watching the camera trail over their every detail, feeling her face grow flush as she saw their every glorious inch.

Celestia then watched as Spike had rubbed himself to orgasm, noticing the quantity of his ejaculate and how much he swelled up, with seeing everything in action making her whole body feel hotter than she'd felt in a good while. She then watched as the camera stabilized as it was placed on a tripod with an upward-facing view of their crotches, then saw as her ex-student had her drake assistant mount her and essentially rut her silly twice, then twice more after a break, watching as Twilight's belly grew more and more swollen with his seed each time Spike climaxed in her, watching her pelvis swell majorly near her vulva with his knot inside her, each pulse after pulse the huge lump made inside her with each spurt of dragon cum.

The details of how it had felt at the end finally broke her tenuous self-restraint. Celestia quickly sealed her door with magic after feeling just how soaked between her legs had grown during the viewing, giving a frustrated grunt as she felt her crotch burning hot in arousal, knowing she wouldn't be able to get anything done at this peak of desire. At least Twilight had warned her in her letter to view it privately, and now she could see why! Rewinding the recording to the start of their first time, Celestia quickly focused her magic and opened the drawer in her bedside table, producing a rather sizable stallion dildo. This was simply too hot and exotic to not enjoy...

"Yeah Spike, give it to me hard..." Celestia caught herself whispering as she levitated the dong to her entrance, before shoving it in hard; "OOOOOOOH yeah...Twilight, do what you did to me our first time..."

~ ~ ~

Dear Cadance,

Contained within this envelope is a copy of the first modern recorded instance of a dragon mating with a pony; as well as a personal, hooves-on study by me on the possibilities of mating and possible cross-breeding of a dragon and a pony. As you are co-rulers of a part of Equestria, I have provided you and Shining Armor with a copy for scientific reasons. Due to its contents, you may wish to view it in private. Just saying!

Twilight Sparkle.

Not so professionally: Sunshine Sunshine, Ladybugs awake!

Shining Armor had quickly dismissed himself after learning what the recording had contained at the introduction, as would be expected of a loving brother, with him wanting no part of anything involving his sister sexually. Princess Cadence had then laid alone on her bed as she watched Twilight examine Spike, Spike masturbating, then the two starting to breed, watching the drake who so long ago saved her Empire from enslavement starting to thrust into her sister-in-law and one of her oldest friends like a common mare in heat.

As the Princess of Love, Cadence had indeed felt a huge surge of love the previous night centered in Ponyville, and found it rather odd that it was centered around Twilight's place in Ponyville...but this explained everything. As she watched her sister-in-law and closest friend, as well as the savior of her empire, going at it like animals, Cadance couldn't help but find herself growing aroused, her feelings of love for them morphing as she watched them in such a way. She knew it wasn't right to feel the way she did, but she'd always had an...attraction to Twilight ever since she'd babysat for her, and watching this was making those feelings resurface.

As the recording finally ended quite some time later after a total of four ruttings and ties, with an outro on what it had felt like for both of them, Cadence felt herself beyond aroused. Her marehood was swollen and soaking wet from rubbing herself during it with her hoof, feeling like she herself was in heat but knowing such wasn't true, knowing instead that she was just really freaking horny!

"S-Shiny?" Cadence called out in an obviously needing tone, knowing her stallion was waiting in the next room and would hear her; "Can you help me with something? You see, I seem to find myself REALLY horny and need a super-sexy stallion to help me with it..."

Within a second, having used a blink spell targeted right for their bedroom, Shining had arrived to his mare's booty call, his eyes wide as he saw Cadence presenting for him as she lay on the bed; her tail was curled over her back and her marehood soaked and lightly puffy as she lay with her rump in the air and her chest against the mattress, most obviously inviting him to mount her with a wink of her clit when she saw him walk in, the flash of her deeper pink insides and clit making Shining's sheathe swell.

Within seconds of smelling her powerful arousal in the air, Shining had instantly climbed on top of his mare as she had asked, softly licking and nipping at her crest and hearing her moan in response as he impatiently waited for his body to ready itself for his willing mate, her croup grinding against his sheathe to help it along. Moments later he started humping softly against her when he'd grown erect, seeking his target—

"SHIIIIIIIIINY~!" Cadance cooed out as she felt Shining sink into her well-prepared body, feeling as he soon after hilted in her and started to claim her as his mare once more.

~ ~ ~

Celestia had later that day noticed a guard limping a bit, and had asked what had happened, noticing then the guard had been Luna's assigned chamber-guard for the day while she'd 'slept'. After she'd asked what had happened to him and why he was limping, the guard got wide-eyed and told her. Luna had telekinetically lifted him from his post, and, after asking his permission, had stripped him of his armor, placed him on her bed on his back, and had sexually ridden him, hard, until he'd climaxed three times in her. She had only released him when she'd had a second climax of her own and couldn't get him erect again.

Celestia could only imagine what would have caused that kind of overtly sexual behavior from her usually docile sister, but knew it could have been only one thing.

~ ~ ~

It was only a matter of hours after sending the letters to the other princesses before they heard a knock on the front door of the library, with Spike joining Twilight to the door. Twilight opened the door a crack and looked out before opening the door fully, letting Spike see the royal trio of Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance standing on their doorstep. All stood silent for a while, until Celestia held up her copy of the recording and letter.

"We need to talk." Twilight said instantly before inviting Celestia and the others inside, with the others all silently agreeing in full. Moments later the princesses sat in the foyer, with Twilight and Spike standing in front of them.

"Yes. Yes we do Twilight, Spike." said Celestia in response upon settling, looking to each as she named them. After what she'd seen on that tape, she knew much needed to be said or done now, now that all the wheels were set into motion. After more silence and mental preparation, as well as sedation of her sensual memories of the recording – and longer-past memories she had of Twilight as a filly-in-heat in her bedchamber – given how they had before affected her, Celestia finally spoke up again; "So, you two have indeed bred during Twilight's estrus?" Celestia asked, causing both to tense, before both nodded. "...and then recorded it and sent it to all of us princesses strictly for scientific reasons, correct?" Another nod, Twilight only this time. "So Twilight, you have initialized your plan after all huh?"

This time, only Twilight nodded again, with Spike instead looking at her completely dumbfounded. Plan?

"Yes Celestia, I have. As you saw on the recording, my son Spike here, a young and likely very virile drake, successfully inseminated me last night...multiple times...during the 'full estrus' period of my first estrus, which is the most fertile time of a mare's cycles during a breeding season. I tested myself before inducing the breeding and not only confirmed I was indeed ovulating at the time, but that I'd JUST ovulated within ten minute prior of the test!" Twilight said, a seeming air of pride about her at her careful planning of the event; "So, the odds are that If I don't get pregnant from this, it's impossible for ponies and dragons to inter-breed!"


Spike's jaw dropped at that. "T-This was all planned among you all?!" Spike asked, in utter shock as he heard of this all being a 'plan' by Twilight. "T-Twilight, what...?" he said, too flabbergasted to even continue. He didn't know what to think, let alone say! She's planned everything behind his back, and that's why she'd recorded it! This was all some experiment, and he was just a pawn of it!

"Spike..." Twilight said, before going to him and wrapping him in a tight hug, with Spike not reacting at all. A moment later, Twilight pulled away and looked at him, seeing his expression one of deep thought, as well as what looked like a hint of...anger?

"Twilight, is this all I am to you?!" Spike suddenly shouted, before turning to the mare in question, seeing her jump at his sudden exclamation; "Just some...experiment?! Some lab rat to poke and prod and... and use?!" Spike was furious all of a sudden, his voice clearly showing the hurt twisting his gut and chest; feeling used, foolish, and above all, betrayed. "Twilight, I gave my heart to you. I gave my everything to you, and this is how you repay me? BY USING ME FOR SOME BUCKING SCIENCE EXPERIMENT TO SEE IF I COULD KNOCK YOU UP?!"

Twilight quickly shook her head, seeing Spike more furious than she'd ever had, and knew she needed to defuse the situation. "Spike, no! You have it all wrong! I...I didn't! I didn't 'use' you! I...I really do love you!" Twilight babbled out desperately; trying to explain herself, but failing miserably at it.

"Oh yeah, then why are THEY here?!" Spike asked heatedly, pointing accusingly towards the other princesses; "...and why is everypony in on knowing that this is a 'plan' of us...inter-breeding...except me?! I bet you don't even really love me, do you?!" Spike nearly hissed, his rashness making Twilight wince at the last part;"I bet you only used me for sperm! Like some...some cow for their milk!"

Twilight struggled to contain herself as well as she could, trying to think of a way to explain the situation through the cloud of her emotions; "I...I did plan this yes, but...but only after I learned that you loved me..." Twilight said, starting to tear up as she was accused of using her lover as a strictly test subject, of not truly loving him. "I...I did see an opportunity help science, but...Spike, I really do love you. I really DO want to have your child, and have since I started reading on the possibility of it." Twilight could only speak in a cracking tone, tears now visibly streaming down her cheeks as she bowed her head; "I'd...I'd never use you..."

The sight of his mare like this did indeed upset Spike, but he nonetheless felt anger at her seeming betrayal, instead choosing to challenge her in the best possible way his adolescent mind could come up with; "Oh yeah? Do you really love me? Prove it!"

Agreements Made

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Spike stood fuming as he'd learned that Twilight had used him to test if ponies could get pregnant with a dragon's seed, believing she'd never loved him from the start, and had only used him as a test subject and sperm donor. Now, after demanding she prove her love for him after she'd claimed she actually wanted a family with him and truly did love him, he stood there, glaring at her as he awaited her next move.

Upon hearing his challenge, Twilight looked up to him with the fur on her face matted with her tears, a small puddle of tears having formed between her front hooves from when her muzzle was down-trodden. Twilight looked deep into Spike's eyes as she'd looked up, and in them Spike could see sincere hurt and regret, almost instantly cooling Spike's anger. A moment later, Twilight had galloped to her drake, quickly wrapping her hooves around his neck and mashing her muzzle to his, bringing him into a very deep, passionate kiss.

Spike felt as Twilight met her lips to his once more and felt any remnants of his anger dissolve, the love he felt from her indeed true; their kiss a display of the bond between a mother and her adopted son who turned to a lover and her life partner. As he remembered how long they'd been together, indeed since he was a hatchling and was brought to life by her magic, with her virtually having birthed him into this world herself, Spike knew she'd never lie to him; knew she loved him beyond all measure. He'd just forgotten that for a bit, it would seem.

Soon after their lips met, Spike pushed back into the kiss, wrapping his claws around his mare and pulling her into a hug, softly petting down her crest and upper back. A while later, the kiss was ended with Spike pressing his forehead against Twilight's, looking into her eyes deeply as he felt her breath against his chest, both lightly panting after the kiss.

"I...I really am sorry for not telling you of planning this with the other Princesses Spike, but I really do love you. This experiment is just... a happy side effect of what I knew we would do eventually. I just optimized the probabilities of pregnancy by initiating the breeding at the top of my fertility instead of things going along and happening 'eventually', possibly when I wasn't fertile. I swear on my entire first-edition book collection, I love you with all of my heart Spike, and want to have your child to have a child with you, not just to see if I can." Twilight whispered, with Spike seeing in her eyes that she was not lying, seeing instead only the gentle, loving look she always held for him ever since he was a hatchling.

That, and Twilight swearing anything on some of her most sacred possessions was a sure indicator of truth.

Finally, Spike broke their most intimate embrace with a gentle kiss on the top of Twilight's muzzle, just as she always would do to him when he was young and upset, and always it had calmed him down. As Twilight looked up to him when his muzzle parted from the top of hers, she saw a gentle smile and soft eyes looking back, making a new stream of tears start as she once more squeezed her love against her and felt Spike's claw rest on her wing before softly petting again, letting his mare cry against his chest.

He forgave her and she knew it, neither having to speak the words. They held the hug for a while before once more breaking it again, this time with Twilight taking a few steps back. She knew it was only right to ask now, even though it was already mostly done.

"Spike, I want your permission to continue with this experiment. If you don't want me to, I won't. We're a couple, and I shouldn't be keeping stuff like this from you, nor going behind your back and doing things as major as this." Twilight said, before looking to her mate and lover.

After a second of deep deliberation displayed clearly on his face, Twilight saw Spike once more nod, giving his approval. "OK Twiley. Since you clearly want to do this and I'm sure we'll need the help if you are pregnant...I agree with you continuing this experiment, so long as you don't keep any more secrets from me and let me be involved, with everything." Spike said, with Twilight nodding her agreement. "Very well," he said, looking over to the princesses; "... you all may proceed."


Twilight continued where she'd left off after wiping her tears, now feeling the latent heaviness she'd felt from the start lifting now that she had her love's permission to continue. "As I wrote before in the letters, I...wanted to know if there are any past records indicating I could actually be pregnant with Spike's child, past the book on legends." Twilight said, "That's one reason why I sent those recordings to you, besides our earlier agreements, along with the letters asking you and Luna to come here and discuss it." Twilight said, before looking to her mentor, once more seeking knowledge from her as she always had.

"With as many times as he came in you, I'd be surprised if you weren't!" Luna chimed in, making Twilight and Spike's blushes burn hotter still; "By the Moon, even in my thousands of years of life I've never seen a stallion make a mare cum THAT MANY TIMES, nor the stallion cum FIVE TIMES HIMSELF, one right after the other!" Luna concluded, with Twilight virtually hiding behind her wings in embarrassment.

After giving a gentle chuckle and roll of the eyes, Celestia then grew serious as she stood before Twilight and her horn glowed, silently commanding the same of the other princesses. A second later a book was held in her magic, the tome indeed covered in dust as if it were untouched for many years, and as she opened it, she looked through it for a while before setting it on the table and started pointing some entries out. "Well, there are a few instances of dragons mating with ponies within the past thousand years, but never had the pony been bred during estrus, let alone on the exact day or hour of an ovulation. All of them were of adolescent drakes breeding with mares against their will. With no previous references of an actual successful impregnation or birth, or for that matter living example of kirins, we are just as clueless as you are on whether or not you will actually bear a kirin or other pony-dragon hybrid. This is unprecedented territory we've crossed into Twilight, so, like all pregnancies, all we can do is wait to find out." Celestia said, getting nods from the other three princesses.

"Celestia and I discussed this matter on the way great detail." Luna spoke up, Twilight and Spike then looking over to her as she did; "...and after seeing that you've enacted it—again, many times and very impressively and I might add great job Spike—we have decided to proceed with this proposed 'research' of yours Twilight, as that's how you've presented it to us. We were indeed...interested to find out from a reliable, recorded source that dragons indeed mated many...many times and swelled within their partners to assure conception...." Luna said, noticing her wings starting to stiffen behind her, memories of the video starting to make her feel rather warm; "...and we are also interested in finding out and recording if, in fact, a pony can bear a dragon's offspring successfully as well as anything else we can about pony-dragon hybrids. Twilight, if you are found to be pregnant, you will be observed throughout the pregnancy for any possible dangers or complications you may be placed into by it, and will be provided the top care possible throughout. Above all, everything about it will be magically and, when possible safely for both yourself and the offspring, physically recorded."

"That is," Celestia interjected, "if you agree to all of this, of course. But Twilight, I must encourage you to not go at this alone. We don't know what we're dealing with here after all, and I don't want you putting yourself in danger. We don't know what effects a hybrid could have on a mare's body, if a mare can even carry it to full term...or even what the 'full term' would be for that matter or how the offspring will be formed or even born."

Twilight and Spike looked at each other, silently debating with each other on the proposition. Slowly, Twilight and Spike nodded simultaneously. They'd taken it this far, so why not go all the way with it? Twilight had wanted to do this, and who was Spike to deny her her spotlight? And besides, it was better to have help than not if something did go wrong. "We agree." Twilight said moments later, with Spike nodding his agreement. It was all happening so suddenly that Spike still didn't know how to react; Twilight had actually PLANNED and taken every possible step to get pregnant by him? To have their child?

What have we gotten ourselves into? Spike asked himself as the others discussed the details of what would hypothetically take place if Twilight was deemed with 'foal', wondering just what the next year would hold for him and Twilight.

And also thinking that Twilight and he REALLY needed to 'inseminate' her again after the princesses left. They had to...make sure the odds were maxed after all, right? Right?

...Or maybe he was just really horny.

Extended Testing

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Spike finally awoke at the familiar voice shouting his name, swatting at the sound as though it were an alarm clock and he was trying to turn it off. "Mmm, five more minutes..." he mumbled, before his waving claw landed on something soft, warm, and very familiar. That something, which he knew to be a certain special somepony's ear, flicked in response.

"Spike, it's almost eight in the morning and we have an appointment in half an hour. I swear if you're not there with me for this, we're not having sex for a month!"

That sure woke him up. Spike's eyes popped open and his whole sleep-bleary vision was taken up with lavender. He nuzzled his snoot* into his lover's chest, giving Twilight's chest tuft a playful bite in retaliation for having been woken up so early. "Alright, alright, I'm up, I'm up..." Spike mumbled, releasing his teeth's harmless grip on the silky fur of his lover.

As he became cognizant enough, Spike quickly realized that the sheets were sticking to him, a common morning occurrence for him ever since Twilight and he became sexual together. He had to peel off the sheets stuck on him, sticky with the dried-on remains of the mixed mare and drake cum from the previous night, before getting up. "...but I think I should put these in the wash before we—"

Spike paused as he heard a magical poomf, looking back at the bed and saw the black mattress protector—which they'd invested in after a particularly long rutting session had ruined Twilight's old mattress—bare, hearing the distinct sound of the washing machine filling up with water downstairs in the otherwise silent house. "Right, magic." Spike said, getting a chuckle from Twilight as he felt her hooves wrapping around his chest from behind once she'd readied the load and closed the lid.

"C'mon Spike, you've gotta be at least a little excited about finding out for sure, right?" Twilight asked, giving Spike's head a kiss, him pushing up into her lips like a cat into a petting hoof. He smelled himself on her breath, that very specific scent reminding of their previous night's escapades, seeing some of his dried semen still on her chin and jawline's fur, as well as her neck, chest, and knew her lower belly, crotch, and tail shared the same fates. Apparently she hadn't showered yet either.

"Hard to believe it's been almost two weeks already since your heat, huh? Since our first time?" Spike asked, doing his morning stretch as he walked to the bathroom.

"Yep, and my heat hasn't come back since then like it usually did after temporarily sating myself alone, plus I've been getting...stomach odd times and for seemingly no reason, which has never happened before. I don't feel like I have hay fever or anything else either..." Twilight responded, "...I mean, the first test came back negative, but we all know it was likely taken too early. Most will be though if they're taken before two weeks, but Professor Neonatal and Doctor Joy Bundle wanted to test early, just in case a hybrid would be different and show early." Twilight said, following Spike to the bathroom.

"Yeah yeah Twi, you said this about a thousand times before!" Spike huffed, always a bit irritable after being awoken before he was ready, taking a peek at her lower belly. "You don't look any fatter, that's for sure."

"Oh hush you." Twilight retorted with a bit of a blush and a playful wing-smack across the head, before kissing where she'd hit it as they walked side by side to the bathroom. Twilight accompanied Spike into the bathroom, gave him a wink of the eye, then started the water with her magic. "You know that pregnancies in mares generally don't start to 'show' until at least three to four months after conception, and sometimes even longer....and I wouldn't be 'fat', my body and womb would be full of the foal and its various other portions, like the placenta, retained water, amnio—"

"So, we're showering together?" Spike interrupted, getting a gentle glare and nod from Twilight.

"It's more time economical. Plus, you think I'm gonna turn down you using your claws to clean me? Not a chance!" she replied, giving him a smile, "I mean, last night you sure used your claws well too..."

"Yeah, and you can bet I'll do that again next time we have sex! I don't think I've heard you moan that loud since I was on top of you when you were in heat!" Spike responded, getting a sideways glance and smile from Twilight, as well as a playful swat of her tail on his rump. Soon the room was feeling nice and warm, filling with steam in the cool late-Spring morning, with Twilight then reducing the shower's temperature as the drake and mare stepped under the warm stream together. Spike found it was the perfect temperature and Twilight seemed to agree too, making no effort to readjust it.

Before Spike even had a chance to reach past Twilight for the lavender-scented mane shampoo she always used, having to partially mount her from the side to get to the bottle on an upper shelf, he felt her lips on his, slightly startling him. A moment later, however, he pushed back into the kiss, hearing Twilight moaning quietly into his snout, with him seeing the distinct magenta glow of magic coming from behind her, her tail flagged to the side and wet squelches coming from there leaving no guesses where it was going.

"Hmm," Spike chuckled after the moderate-length kiss ended, "but I thought we needed to get to the appointment now-now-now." Spike spoke the last part in a lighthearted mockery of Twilight's voice, making her roll her eyes despite her giggle. "You're still horny even after how many times we went last night?"

"What, are you telling me you don't want to have a quickie in the shower with me?" Twilight asked lasciviously, immediately arousing Spike's attention, in more ways than one. Spike felt Twilight's magic gently rubbing that special seam between his legs that both all too well knew contained his genital slit, making him moan as he felt a tendril of her magic slip inside.

Seconds later, that tingling sensation her magic made within him made his hemipenes slide out easily, gently being pulled out by Twilight's magic grasping its tip and guiding it out. "Oh Celestia it feels so good when you pull it out like that..." Spike cooed, meanwhile still leaning over Twilight as she manipulated his cocks with her magic, gently rubbing up and down along the limp organs to coax him to full hardness, his hips rocking against her soft-furred side in reaction.

"Tick-tock Spike. We only have about twenty-five minutes before our appointment..." Twilight said in a sensual voice, turning herself around with him still mounted on her so her backside faced his crotch, her tail flagged and pussy swollen with arousal, their crotches lining up easily as Twilight positioned his tips with her slit. "...and if you wanna knot me, you better hurry up. We both know that takes at least five minutes for you to deflate enough to pull out."

"Say it."


"Just...I need to hear it."

"Fine. Just shut up and...please buck me, Spike. I want you."

"You whaaaat?"


"Hmm, with pleasure." Spike responded, kissing along Twilight's withers as he pushed his hips forward. Twilight gasped as she felt his tapered tips press past her vulva, quickly feeling more hot dragon cock filling her canal up swiftly, with her so slick from her earlier attention on herself that he slid in without a hitch. Spike responded with a groan of his own as he pushed further and further into his mare's warm, welcoming entrance, feeling her muscles squeezing him just right, bringing him deeper.

"Mmmmmm..." Twilight moaned out as she felt herself being penetrated once more, feeling both of Spike's very warm, slim members sliding in deeper and deeper by the second. She felt as Spike gripped her flanks a bit tighter, his lips kissing all over her crest and withers as he pushed his hips forwards more and she wiggled hers to ease his entrance, her extensive wetness making his entrance extremely smooth "...oh Celestia that's nice..."

"Mmmmhmmm..." Spike moaned out himself, feeling as Twilight's warm, gently-squeezing insides brought him in further, practically pulling him into her, before his scaled underbelly soon met her rump. Twilight moaned deeply as she felt those small lumps which would form his knots pass into her, feeling his spines rise up into her sensitive walls in response to him hilting his mare. He held still for a bit, savoring the warm mare-pussy surrounding his cocks, before a rock of Twilight's hips got his attention.

"As good as it feels jus'...a-aaah...being filled up like this, this is supposed to be a quickie Spike. We have about eighteen minutes to be there, so..." Twilight insisted, but trailed off and gave a quiet, surprised yelp as Spike suddenly pulled his hips back, his backwards-facing spines dragging along her inner walls in a pleasurable, slightly painful way nothing else could compare to, "...oooh fuck me...please..."

Spike chuckled, nodded, then Twilight's eyes crossed as he pulled out slowly and dragged his penile barbs over her twitching vaginal walls, then started hammering into her, no hesitation or mercy showed as he dug his claws into her sides just hard enough to hurt a bit but not enough to cause more than marks that would soon fade.

Twilight wanted no less, her mind blanking at the feelings as Spike filled her up so fully and completely, then raked her quivering vaginal walls on the way out, again and again. A surge of endorphins flooded her every time he pulled out, the pain and pleasure she felt every time they mated like this merging into one sensation; an ecstasy completely incomparable to anything she'd ever felt before.

Twilight felt as Spike's lips kissed the side of her muzzle, her turning to eagerly meet his in a kiss, him passionately kissing back as she felt his hips grinding against her as he'd hilted...until she moaned at the sensation of him yanking out roughly and making her see white for a moment as his spines dragged backwards. "Mmmm...Spiiiiike~!" she moaned into his muzzle, feeling him then sliding deeper and deeper again, before yanking back out, making Twilight's back legs tremble in reaction.

" dragon dicks...don'" Spike asked between each thrust after breaking the kiss some minutes later, Twilight's chest pressed against the wall as Spike railed her from behind, her cheek forced against it each time he slammed into her.

Releasing her magic-sparking horn he was softly rubbing previously, Spike gripped Twilight's crest's skin and hair roughly in a claw much like a stallion would bite and hold it during sex, it being something he'd learned Twilight loved. This time was no exception, her inner muscles spasming on his cock as he did so, earning a submissive whimper from her as well as a hearty moan as he rammed himself back in.

Spike kept the pace slow but deep and rough, just the way he'd learned Twilight loved it most those past weeks. They'd had sex practically daily since their first time in her heat, never stopping at just one round, and sometimes more than one session per day. Twilight felt almost addicted to the pain/pleasure of being bred by a dragon's cocks, being treated and rutted like a dragoness. Spike's unique spined anatomy gave her a high that a simple stallion dildo simply couldn't, her love for their owners only adding to it.

Twilight rocked and ground her hips back each time Spike hilted in her, Spike yanking Twilight's crest back hard with each forwards thrust and adding more force to it each time, feeling her entrance starting to be spread more every time he did as his knots started to swell. Spike meanwhile felt as her clit bulged out and kissed his knots each time, her butt squirming as she tried to work them into her as they swelled up; trying to tie the knot with him once more.

Twilight knew how close he was, knowing all too well the intensity of being rutted like a dragoness, and that it only ever lasted a few minutes at most. She felt his knots growing huge, those wonderful penises buried in her as she squeezed and squeezed over them, the barbs growing ridged as his length then starting to swell and pulsate more. She felt his cocks growing thicker and longer still, moving even deeper into her until his now-not-so-thin tips were moving very close to what must have been her cervix. "S-Spike...s-stop..." Twilight said, and instantly she felt Spike stopping his knots' pushing against her pussy's entrance, though from the unsatisfied whimper she got, as well as the rapid throbs of his penises inside of her, she knew he couldn't be too happy.

"W-What's wrong...? I' close...just gotta...knot ya..." Spike said, his spines feeling Twi's inner walls squeezing down in response, making him want so badly to ram his hips in and fill her entirely again; to knot his mare and once more claim her womb for his cum.

"...n-no, no more knotting from now on." Twilight responded, looking back to Spike and seeing an expression akin to if she told him she was breaking up with him and he was being banished to the Everfree Forest.

"W-What?" Spike asked, lip quivering a bit, puffs of smoke coming from his nostrils now in his sheer arousal, "B-but how will I...'finish' without tying you?! You know I need..."

"...I know Spike, you need your knots and behind them stimulated to cum," Twilight sighed, knowing how much she wanted him to knot and cum in her as he had been for so long, but not wanting to endanger their possible child as a result. "Spike, as much as I love feeling your knots stretching me out so much, I simply can't risk our potential foal getting hurt. Around seven weeks is when the mucous plug forms at the cervix as the equine expanded blastocyst** descends to the uterus and attaches to the uterine wall, the plug preventing bacterial infection. If you were to penetrate my cervix when that was formed, which will happen if you tie me, or if somehow I got a uterine infection from you penetrating it, that could lead to...miscarriage."

Spike became deathly silent, looking away as he stopped humping against Twilight's magic. The thought of hurting his mare, or possible foal, made his heart ache. "OK, OK, sorry. I'll...I'll just...well..." Spike said, his brain too focused on knotting his mare and cumming to come up with a solution.

Luckily, Twilight had a plan for this. "Well, it's better to get started sooner so you don't get greedy later on, since I know it takes you a while to learn things. Dragons are very stubborn, after all." Twilight said, feeling her pussy spasm as Spike squirmed and a spine hit her inside juuust right. "B-but that doesn't mean you can't still cum in me. That's perfectly safe all the way until just before foaling..."

Twilight grabbed Spike's knots gently in her magic and pulled him out of her some, feeling his spines gripping at her walls to prevent her from removing him too much, sending a spike of pleasure through her and hearing Spike give a quiet 'mmm' of approval as she did.

Twilight had previously used her magic to get Spike off if she was feeling too tired or sore to be knotted again and he was still rearing to go, with him telling her it felt almost as good as being inside of her. Now seemed as good of time as any to do that again.

Twilight pushed Spike back against the shower wall behind them as she took over, moaning as she felt his knots growing ever bigger against her vulva as she held him back from knotting her and instead ground her pussy's lips along his knots.

Spike's humps grew more and more staccato and harder in response as he tried to knot his partner on instinct, it almost torturous to be so close but not able to cum without being tied. Twi meanwhile continued to rub and gently squeeze his knots with her magic; she wanted those big, thick knots inside of her and to squeeze all over it with her entrance as it streeeeeeeetched her so taut, but she'd already explained the risks and wouldn't want to risk getting 'greedy' herself later on.

Surprisingly, Spike didn't mind at all her simply using her magic to 'tie' him when her magic squeezed down tight at the base of his knots and behind them, him finding the rubbing and squeezing on and behind his knots by Twilight's talented spell was almost identical to the motions her insides made when he was tied to her and she was kneading him of his sperm, her making the magic encasing his knots warm and wet feeling as well. That was enough to simulate a tie to his mate, that sensation at long last releasing the instinctive mental bulwark to prevent wasted sperm and in turn triggering his long-awaited orgasm.

Spike gave a mewling moan as he came while buried deep inside his mare, his hips jerking sporadically as he pumped his mate full of his hot dragon cum, her magic clenching down oh-so-wonderfully tightly on and behind his knots much like she would have if he were truly inside her and she was cumming.

"...and by Celestia am I grateful you can still cum in me. Oh fuuuuck!" Twilight groaned out, her insides convulsing in reaction to the four extremely hard jets of steaming-hot cum against her cervix and flooding her vaginal fornix, her magic fluctuating as she lost concentration on the kneading spell, her own orgasm on the brink as her back legs trembled.

Casting an automated version of the spell that would last ten minutes or so on Spike's knots, Twilight let her focus solely dwell on her own pre-orgasmic feelings, but she herself needed something more. Just a little nudge to send her over.

"S-Spike, b-bite me!"



On demand, and despite his own orgasmic tremors – his mind flooded with bliss and his whole body tingling as he flooded his mare's foal-cove with his ultra-thick, very hot, and sticky drake-cum – Spike reached his head forward and sharply bit Twilight's right ear with his gem-crushingly sharp teeth hard enough for her to feel some pain but not hard enough to actually wound her, his claw tightening its grip on her crest and making his sharp claws dig into her skin enough to likely leave a short-lived mark each.

As Spike heard quite the loud whinny echoing off the crystalline shower walls, he felt Twilight's inner contractions growing rhythmic and milking the rest of his sperm into her, her clit winking in time with them; he knew he'd made her cum, a sense of pride washing over him as he felt his mare quaking beneath him in her climax.

After a number of seconds of pure bliss, Twilight came down from her orgasmic high enough to tell that Spike's initial four ejaculations once more stopped, with her feeling the heavy weight of his thick load deep within her and coating her walls and cervix. Instead, she now felt as he starting to slowly pulse more and more of his cum into her as he further inseminated his lover, Twilight feeling each little squirt, each little throb that accompanied it once every second; that and his spines digging into her walls things she found immensely satisfying.

Spike soon released her ear and crest, instead lazily licking or kissing along her neck as he practically collapsed on her, continuing to fill his mare up as her magic 'knotted' him to her. The two lovers shuddered against each other as Spike came in her for the next six minutes, Twilight light-headed and squeezing along his lengths the whole time. She felt as though she were in a perpetual minor orgasm the whole time Spike pumped more of his thinner baby gravy into her, her voluntary vaginal contractions still gently kneading him of more. "S-Spike...I love you..." Twilight panted out, her coat tingling nicely, her mind pleasantly numb after such a powerful release.

"Mm-'ove you too..." Spike mumbled out, his tongue currently wrapped around the base of the same ear he'd earlier bitten, Twilight feeling as his tongue gently constricted it and made her moan. He'd quickly learned that Twilight loved her ears licked or touched before, during, and after sex, but also liked them to be played with, rubbed, or scratched throughout the day or while cuddling. It was just another little thing that made Twilight, Twilight. Something that made her that much more special to him; something more he could do to make his beautiful mare happy.

As Spike gently tongued around and just within the flap of her ear, or alternately on the poll of her head, feeling her shudder in response. Spike slowly dismounted her, causing his knots to deflate and spines retract, her spell then ending and letting his cocks hang limply as he recovered. Twilight's legs still stayed locked as he easily slid out of her relaxed passage with a satisfying pop, with her clit winking in response to the now-warm dragon-seed drooling over her clitoral hood. Twilight's back-left leg trembled as he left her, her breathing reaching a slower pace as the warm water still washed over them, the shower completely forgotten as soon as he'd reached over and unintentionally mounted her to reach for the shampoo.

Everything came back to Twilight as she'd calmed down, an eye twitching as she realized just how long that, albeit lovely, sex had taken. "Spike, we have an appointment to get to..." Twilight said in a half-hearted, almost pouty tone, sounding much like Spike had when he was woken up earlier, "...or we're gonna be tardy."

Spike could tell Twi wasn't ready to call it quits on sex just yet, not when he'd spoiled her to two or three rounds, and multiple orgasms, almost daily. Instead, Spike slowly ran his claws up and down Twilight's stifles and croup, right over her cutie marks then up to just above her tail dock, in big circles, watching her wet tail flag to the side in reaction, revealing her semen-drooling pussy once more. "I know, but..." Spike started, licking his lips as he knelt down behind Twilight, "...first we have to 'clean' you. I made a pretty big mess in you after all."

Twilight's back tingled as she felt the thin, very distinct reptilian tongue playing over her cum-covered pussy lips, teasing out a wink from her. "S-Spike..." Twilight said with the same half-heartedness of before, tinted with her obvious need.

"Shh, it's OK. I'm just cleaning you in the shower." Spike said simply, before going back to his ministrations, slipping his tongue very easily into Twilight's passage and tasting his own flavor alongside hers; his musky masculine, lightly-bitter and lightly-spicy tasting cum mixing with her sweet-salty and lightly-musky feminine lube and cum in a very pleasant way.

"Yeah, I know..." Twilight sighed back, feeling her clit winking as Spike's long, dexterous tongue indeed cleaned her out of as much of his cum as he could reach, sinking deep into her passage, "...r-remember, not too deep. Don't go into my cervix...could hurt the foal..."

Twilight was still a bit surprised how Spike was willing to eat her out after he came in her almost every time after sex while he 'recharged', lapping away dutifully as though his semen wasn't there, or possibly even enjoying the flavor of his own emissions. She knew few stallions would do this for their mare, that was for sure, and that Spike was something special for it.

Spike simply nodded, licking and swirling around in her passage, time lost between them now as Twilight was leaning her head against the shower wall, squatting her rear end and locking her legs to give Spike's neck an easier time of it. She felt her own pleasure building slowly as Spike's tongue hit all the right spots, indeed long enough to easily double around itself in her canal and its forked tip to stimulate her clit too. Twilight loved it when he'd put her clit in the space between his tongue's tips, each tip curving over and doing small swipes or swirls on it like he was now, her breath hitching and clit winking each time he did.

As usual, Twilight didn't last long when Spike's tongue was involved, his claws meanwhile slightly digging into her plush flank's flesh and fur, adding a small tinge of pain to her pleasure. As she squirmed and tensed, her passage squeezing down on the thin, slithering tongue inside her as her clit winked rapidly under the tickling stimulation of Spike's tongue-tips, her mare fluids and Spike's saliva drooled down onto the shower floor before being washed away almost instantly by the water.

"S-Spike, I'm c-close..." Twilight warned, only feeling Spike nod once as his ministrations continued unabated, his tongue plumbing the depths of her squeezing inner passage. Spike savored the moans and trembles of his love, seeing how her head was now pressed into the floor as she'd slid down the wall, her in the 'face down flank up' position now, her legs trembling so much he was indeed mostly supporting her with his grip on her stifles.

Soon the swirling dragon tongue within her, the sensations of having every inch of her pussy and clit tended to all at once, made Twilight tip over the precarious edge she was balanced on. Twilight whole-body spasmed as her orgasm started, painting Spike's face with a couple squirts of her mare-cum as she was overwhelmed by another intense climax. Twilight's teeth were clenched, her hips rocking back into the muzzle so pleasing her as her clit winked rapidly while still being teased by her love's tongue-tips, the wriggling fullness in her pussy continuing unabated even as she continued kneading it within her rhythmically.

Spike, meanwhile, felt Twilight's clenching orgasmic contractions, hearing her panting and feeling her trembling as a thicker wetness than shower water squirted onto his face and rolled down his muzzle and outer throat; obviously, Spike had made his mare squirt again.

After her trembles stopped and her contractions slowed down, her panting growing into a more even heavy breathing, Spike slowly slid his draconic tongue out of his mare, Twilight squirming as she felt each inch being retracted and sliding over her post-orgasmically sensitive canal. As his tongue fully entered his mouth again, Spike parted from Twilight's pussy with a kiss over her lower lips, before kissing up her croup as he stood up.

The sheer sexiness of what he'd just caused Twilight to experience and the heady taste of their combined fluids in his mouth made Spike's cocks rock-hard again. He quickly mounted her once more as she stood there as she was before, with her ass presented in the air. "S-Spike? Again? We're gonna be-aaaaaah..." Twilight started to protest, before feeling herself so utterly filled with dragon dicks again, instead pushing her hips up to make herself more accessible as she gave in to her lust. Her mind blanked out at the sheer stimulation as he hilted her and his spines rose again, finding him pulling back and his barbs grazing over her sensitive canal once more. Twilight simply gave in as the wet, loud slaps resounding through the bathroom while he once more got to work dirtying his mare's pussy, only to inevitably clean it out again.

"B-buck me more...please...just fuckin' take me!" Twilight begged, earning a cocky grin from Spike as he heard the sexual desperation in her tone: her desperation for him to fuck her.

"As many times as you want me to, my love," Spike replied, gripping around Twilight's hips just a little tighter as he increased his pace to the delighted cries and squeals of the nearly overstimulated mare beneath him, grunting as he once more plunged into her warm, cum-soaked depths. The downward angle from her retained previous position only added to the sheer depth he initially got inside her, him bottoming out just short of her cervix.

Any worry about being late faded from Twilight's mind, her only concern now being for her and her drake's sexual satisfaction. The rest of the world could wait, as far as she was concerned, until they both had at least another orgasm.

Or three. Or five.

Groundbreaking Scientific Discoveries

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"Sorry, sorry, I am sooooo sorry!" Twilight exclaimed as she and Spike appeared in the middle of the hospital lobby, much to the surprise, and in some case amusement, of the ponies waiting there.

"And what, exactly, are you sorry for Princess Twilight?" the young, white-coated mare at the reception area asked, looking at the royal figure incredulously, one of the ponies surprised at the sudden magical 'pop' and an alicorn princess - and her dragon assistant and mate - appearing instantly in the middle of the lobby with a flash of magic, apologizing and looking on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

A glance at the clock confirmed her fears: it was nearly nine-thirty. She was an hour late! "I'm...I'm TAAAAARDYYYYY!" Twilight explained in a very haphazard fashion, her hair starting to muss up from its usually orderly coiffure as she nervously pawed at it.

"Hi, Twilight and I had an OBGYN appointment at eight-thirty? We ran a little late, sorry about that." Spike said calmly in a whisper to the receptionist as he slowly rubbed Twilight's hoof reassuringly, getting a nod from the receptionist.

"Ah, sure thing. You can just head on back, they've been waiting for you."

"Thank you," Spike stated simply to the receptionist, her looking back understandingly. This wasn't the first time she'd seen a mare come in nervous, after all.

As they made their way back, and were hidden from public view in a closed hallway with no windows and the only doors a while down, Spike brought Twilight's muzzle to his and pressed his lips to hers. Twilight pushed back desperately; not in a sexual way, but in a way which could be likened to a foal reaching for a comforting toy, a mare looking for reassurance from her mate and lover. Spike returned the kiss and reassured her by looking into her eyes, knowing that this wasn't just about them being 'tardy': Twilight was nervous, more nervous then he'd ever seen her before. "S-Spike..." Twilight stammered out as she reticently broke the kiss, their lips parting with a nearly-inaudible smack, "...what if...what if I am..."

"If you are, they'll monitor the pregnancy, just like we planned. They'll monitor your health and the foal's, make sure everything's OK, then we'll come back every couple days to make sure you are again for the most possibly dangerous first months. After that, they'll monitor you once weekly to make sure the pregnancy is stable and make sure everything looks OK inside of you too. We've talked about this with Celestia a thousand times."

"B-But what if..."

Spike softly kissed Twilight again, her pushing back just as forcefully as the first time, before breaking it again. "Twilight, no matter what happens, I'll be here for you. Remember how you said you wanted my foal because you love me?" Spike asked, seeing her nod without hesitance, before taking Twilight's right hoof into both claws and gently squeezing it, "Just remember, foal or no foal, I'll always love you with all of my heart. We'll still always love each other..." he licked her on her nose, "...and besides, we can always try again."

Twilight's eyes teared up as Spike said that, before she quickly grabbed Spike in a tight hug around the neck. The drake was unable to breathe throughout it, his purple face indeed starting to turn maroon before Twilight finally released him. "Sorry..." Twilight said, before giving Spike one more quick peck, "...I'm just so nervous. I know you'd never leave me over us being unable to inter-fecundate—"




"I know you'd never leave me for anything, and will always be there for me. Just like always, my number one assistant." Twilight said, gently releasing her hoof from Spike's claws so she could stand on all fours. "Thanks Spike, let's go" Feeling more emboldened by her lover's support, Twilight opened the door and entered the examination room.

Accompanying her into the room, Spike stood beside the bed – the bed looking like a maternity bed used for delivering foals, for those mares who preferred the 'lying' technique to the 'natural' standing method of birthing, but was also used for various other types of OBGYN procedures including standard vaginal examinations, artificial insemination, or in-vivo/in-vitro fertilization treatment – as Twilight had her vitals taken by a nurse, including height, weight, blood pressure and magic aura test, then laid upon the bed and rested her rear hooves in a spread eagle, her tail curled up shyly to cover her modesty.

Soon, a mare walked in wearing a doctor's coat. She had a white coat, a magenta mane and tail, and peach-colored eyes. "Good morning Princess Twilight, I am lead Royal OBGYN and radiologist, Love Bundle, personal physician of both Princess Celestia's and Luna's feminine health," the mare said, introducing herself and giving Twilight a curt, polite bow, "Our Highness Celestia has asked me to be responsible for your health during any possible pregnancy and this study, and I agreed. Now, just a few questions before we begin to test the probability for pregnancy," the middle-aged unicorn mare asked as she held a clipboard in her magic, "firstly, have you experienced any dizziness or sickness..."

After a few banal questions, Love came to the final question: "Finally, has your desire for physical closeness and intimacy or sexual relations increased in the past few weeks. More specifically, has this happened after your previous estrus ended, with another estrus not starting on your normal schedule?"

"Well, no, another estrus has not started yet, and yes, I have been feeling 'closer' with my coltfriend here..." Twilight said, reaching a hoof over and innocently resting it on Spike's thigh.

"Yeah, that's putting it lightly. She's been insatiable in the sack for about the past two weeks. More often than not I'm mounted on her and my cocks—" Spike started, but was sharply interrupted.

"Spike..." Twilight yelped, her face flushing red, ears flattening, and tail dipping further between her legs in embarrassment.

"OK, sorry, always gotta be so anatomically penises are buried deep in her—"

"Spike!" Twilight groaned out, her face almost beet-red at this point, now covering her face with both hooves and wings in shame.

"What? She asked about any unusual behavior, and you've been super horny, so—"

"That doesn't mean you have to tell her everything..."

"So, you mentioned an increased sexual appetite? How much increase in the past two weeks than before?" Love asked non-nonchalantly, as though mares' sex lives were her everyday business. Indeed, however, they very much were, or at least the results of them were.

"Oh she's been insatiable!"

"SPIKE!" Twilight's wing-muffled voice said in another embarrassed grumble.

"How much so? Increased sexual activity could be linked to pregnancy hormones, as well as the instinctive urge to keep the stallion who impregnated her close to assist with food-gathering and care-taking for the pregnant mare."

"Oh, I've been wrecking her every night—"

"Spiiiiike!" Twilight grumbled, her face flushing red.

"—matter of fact, the reason we're late is because I had Twilight in the shower, and I was plow—"

The rest of Spike's statement was a muffled mumble as Twilight's spell wrapped around his snout, and when he started gesticulating, Twilight's magic also captured his claws. "Sorry Doctor Love Bundle, but Spike seems to be a little too...excited about having me as a mate and takes to bragging just a little too much it would seem..." Twilight said while furiously blushing, the last part in a low grumble as she glared at Spike with a look that could kill if an expression could be lethal, while also wondering why she hadn't shut him up earlier. For some reason, she felt...proud that Spike so utterly satisfied her sexually. Proud that he was her stud of a dragon, claiming her every time he could.

"It's no problem Ms. Sparkle, anything and everything said here will be kept strictly confidential to myself, and the other Princesses only if that information is deemed strictly necessary for the study. The knowledge of your maternal condition and potential foal's development will also be limited only to the small group of trusted doctors involved in the study, and including the princesses and your coltfriend. Needless to say, what was said just now will not be relayed outside this room," Love Bundle said with a reassuring smile, before levitating a standard clear-plastic, lidded medical specimen cup over to Twilight, "Now then, with the preliminary questions out of the way, if you can please take this cup over to the restroom there and fill it to the marked line with urine, we'll get right on that pregnancy test. We'll take blood later to do a second test just to make sure, since that's a more accurate test."

Twilight nodded, took the cup in her own magic aura, and headed into the restroom.

Spike waited as Twilight took a disproportionately long time in the restroom compared to a normal 'number-one', him almost tempted to go over and ask if she'd fallen into the toilet, before finally Twilight emerged with a heavy blush and a full cup levitated in her magical aura. "Sorry...nervous," Twilight explained, getting a simple nod and another reassuring smile from the doctor. Love quickly drew some blood from Twilight painlessly, then handed the code-name-marked samples to a lab technician to be rushed to the lab 'for expedient processing'.

The two lovers waited with a mix of excitement and trepidation for the results, Twilight watching as the doctor was meanwhile filling out various forms bearing Princess Celestia's personal seal. "So, what are those?" Twilight asked, glancing over the paperwork.

"These are forms sent to me by Princess Celestia herself to fill out regarding the state of your health and the results of any tests we perform on you. No treatments or exams will be harmful, or even be a risk of being harmful, to you or any potential foals in you," Love explained, before tapping another, much taller stack on the floor beside her desk, "and these, are to be filled out after each future examination for the entire duration of your eleven to twelve month potential pregnancy and sent back to her, including requests for any magical tests' results and sonogram images of your womb and ovaries at the three-month exam - when it would be more viable to see any fetuses attached in the uterus - and any future ones. This room you are in and I myself are to be dedicated for your service and yours alone for that duration, by Royal request."

Twilight nodded, looking at the half-meter tall stack of forms to later be filled. She'd expected Princess Celestia to document everything, and should have known she'd be as thorough with this as she was with everything else she did. She smiled as she sat back next to her lover, laying her head on his shoulder and feeling him nuzzle into her mane, feeling reassured in two ways now; by her mate at her side and by her mentor's careful monitoring.

Minutes later, the test results were brought back, with the doctor and lab technician who had completed them looking pretty surprised and the former writing down the results on the form for Celestia, before coming over to Spike and Twilight. Spike was once more holding her right forehoof in both claws, both looking at the doctor mare with anticipation. Instead of speaking though, she simply set down the test results, with a big red stamp on top of both pages:



Instantly upon seeing that, that she was pregnant, Twilight flapped her wings and lept out of the bed, tackling Spike into a hug, both squealing with delight as they soon hit the floor. Spike felt Twilight's lips meeting his in a passionate kiss even as they were airborne, his mind still trying to compute what he'd just seen on that paper: that he, a dragon, had gotten his pony mare lover pregnant.

"Quite unexpected to put it lightly I must say," Love Bundle said, getting the smooching lovers' attentions, "now, before you get too excited...though I see it's already too late for that..." She sighed, an unsure expression coming over her face as she briefly pawed at the ground in nervous habit, "I should warn you that we have no idea what will happen with a hybrid offspring of equine and draconian genetics. I hate to say it, but I won't sugar-coat it: Princess, Spike, given that we know basically nothing scientifically about dragon-pony hybrids – despite the legends of their existence and healthy, long lives in the very distant past – and it's very possibly you may have a miscarriage in early pregnancy if your body rejects the foal, despite the sperm and ova fusing and the zygote likely starting to multiply. These tests could also be false positives. If the pregnancy makes it to three months, when the blastocyst makes it to the uterus and implants during a typical equine pregnancy, both possibilities will be much less likely and we can do an ultrasound or magic-based scan to test for its development."

"Oh..." both mumbled, clearly looking rather sad at that possibility.

"Well, you won't know until you try, right? That was your plan after all, right princess? To have a kid with your dragon love?" Love asked, smiling confidently to Twilight, then Spike; "I'll prescribe you some prenatal vitamins to make sure everything goes smoothly throughout and both mama and baby are getting what they need, and you'll be taking them throughout the whole pregnancy. After the fourth week, we'll—"

Twilight zoned out of what the nurse was saying, her mind still wrapping around that one simple fact: Spike had gotten her pregnant. All those long nights, him humping into her, knotting her and filling her up, it had worked! Her plan had come to fruition! Her mind was already racing at all the possibilities that Spike's draconian traits and her pony traits could have combined into, each possibility making her smile widen.

"—and that should help increase our knowledge of a hybrid's growth. I'll make an appointment for you in two days for your vitals and blood to be tested, then every two days after, then I'll line up that ultrasound I mentioned at the three-month mark to see how everything is going. I am also going to do some basic physical and magical tests as well right now before I let you go; giving your magic aura an in-depth examination past the cursory one given to all unicorns in a basic health exam for any abnormalities, a full physical exam, a pelvic exam, all that. Is that alright with you, Your Highness?" Love said, shaking Twilight out of her trance as she heard her title.

"Oh. OH! Um, yes, that should be fine." Twilight replied, with Love pulling on some gloves.

"Well," Love said, taking off the gloves, "you've passed everything with flying colors: you are a fully healthy mare, more than capable of carrying a foal to term with no difficulties. That this likely isn't a normal foal is what worries me though."

Twilight and Spike shared a small smile at the news she was healthy, sharing a hug. Love smiled herself, before nodding. "Alright, so will you be available for an examination in two days at ten AM? Princess Celestia has requested a bi-daily exam be performed on you to record everything possible for the study, and for your health. Of course, if anything unusual or worrying happens, you are free to come to me at any time, any day, twenty-four-seven. I don't care if it's on Hearth's Warming at dinner time. If it's important or concerning to you, you come get me. Hay, we may even share dinner with ya." She added a wink for emphasis.

"I should be free for ten AM throughout the week unless something major comes up; I already gave you my schedule," Twilight said simply, before getting a nod from her royal physician as she went and fetched her pharmacy notepad and her own schedule. It'd be a long next few months, Love Bundle knew, with her marking every other day with a lavender tick at 10 AM, before making a big purple circle six weeks from then.

As the two walked out of the room, Love sighed. "Wow, a mare, an alicorn mare, gets knocked up by a drake for the first time in modern history and I'm the one who gets to supervise and care for her. This promises to be tons of work no doubt," she said, softly shaking her head as she got started on yet another form, before smiling; "but oh what a unique opportunity this presents: the first mare to ever study a pregnant alicorn, and one with a dragon's spawn to boot! Who knows, if I play my cards right, I may even be the first doctor to examine a dragon's sexual anatomy in-depth too!"