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I write commissions and sometimes write stuff I come up with too. Nuff said.

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anatomically accurate mare and stallion (including teats)

Oh~ my favorite.

7568878 I really dislike when writers put incorrect anatomy on the ponies...I mean it really, really irks me. Do your research writers! Therefore, all my stories are made with the ponies as Nature intended them to be!

I think it was an interesting story, I would have wished to see how the date would turn out, and if they managed to hitch each other together in the end. I always love it when the mane 6 are individually dating someone or having sex with a guy, and Rarity is probably the best out of them to do that.

Hope to see more of your stories soon.

7569886 The commissioner and I were discussing just that, but we'll see. I'm glad you liked it, and I will be writing more indeed.

When they first met, he told her where he worked, and what he did for a living. If she truly wanted to find him, all she had to do was go to the club manger and describe him and his cutie mark and he would have told her who he was, and given her his contact information, or passed on a letter at least. He's a club DJ, they are not hard to find.
Despite this, the story was well done. Good descriptions, and dialogue between the characters. I liked it.

I can hardly believe how hot this is. An intoxicating blend of intimacy, physical descriptions, sensations, thought, and dialogue. And the pacing is near-perfect. The sex is wonderful, the climax superb, and the afterglow kind of adorable. All in all a great chapter for what is so far an amazingly sexy story.

I'll be sure to read the rest once I have time.

7571617 I stated in the story that nopony knew his real name and he was a volunteer, so he wasn't paid or anything. All anyone at the club knew about him was his stage name and appearance. What I didn't mention is that he lives out of hotels and is a nomad so to speak, not staying in one place for long, seeking his destiny. Perhaps I should add this all in later.

Now however, with a marefriend and a foal on the way, perhaps he'll settle down in Ponyville.

7573555 Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it all! Hearing that from such a good fellow writer makes it even better too! Please, feel free to continue reading it whenever you please.

Legion brother, this is pure art right here.

I think you missed the part where both Rarity and Coco give birth. Just a heads up.

It's great to see a real conclusion to this great story. I hope you will keep writing good stories here on this site.

7606039 It wasn't missed. It was intentionally set past that, for word-count purposes.

7606050 I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I will be writing more! I'm currently working on another story and have one soon to be started. Whether or not they're good or not remains to be seen though!

If they're anything like this one, I'm sure they'll be fine.

Great story. The only thing is that Sweetie Belle would be Silky's aunt not her cousin.

7631686 Thank you for the compliment, and thank you for pointing that out, I've always had trouble with familial relationships like that. I fixed it.

Comment posted by LucarioFan2066 deleted Dec 22nd, 2016

Wait...Princess Celestia's solar movements made mares more likely to become pregnant? What is she, the Princess of Sex?
Here I thought that was Mi Amore Cade - sorry, Cadence's job (seeing as how sex is usually considered part of 'love'); guess I was wrong about that.

...Also, I don't know anything about equine biology (let alone their breeding habits), but how can a closer sun contribute to increased pregnancy rates? I thought 'heat season' was a half-yearly event with no set dates, just like how our Easter is a yearly event with no set date (occurring between 21 March and 25 April, on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox).

7571617 So you're saying cutie marks are like our fingerprints? Except that normal, non-Guard, ponies can keep track of them (whereas only human police are able to identify the owner of a set of fingerprints)?
Huh...never thought of them in that way. Neat.

Must make the Guard's job harder, though - unlike fingerprints, you can't leave cutie mark-prints at a crime scene. Sure, there's DNA from dead skin (and fur) cells, but no prints on objects; especially so when considering unicorn (or Faust forbid, alicorn) magic. How would they be able to identify the criminal if there's no witnesses, and the criminal was a 'corn, able to commit the crime remotely?
I think my love of Ace Attorney is making me think far too deeply into this...

Four fouls would be one too many for us I think

Four fouls? Err...Coco insulting her potential children doesn't seem quite right...yeah.
It's a typo, except I don't get how Legion pressed 'u' over 'a' - they're nowhere near close on a QWERTY keyboard; it'd be easier to understand if Legion wrote 'fosls' or 'fozls', since 's' and 'z' are close to 'a'. Hmm...AutoCorrect?

viewing her currant form

Rarity turned into a small, dried fruit? I think you want 'current'.

7811511 Its the sun's light that influences the heat cycle. When winter ends and the suns heat and light returns, it triggers a hormonal release in animals and they go into what is commonly called heat. In horses, it happens several times throughout the year, if they are not bred during that time. Starting in spring and ending in the fall when the sun light weakens as the days grow short and cold. Humans are the only animals that don't follow the sun's cycle for their menstruation but the moon.

7811523 Cutie marks are not like finger prints. They are more like tattoo's. Police use tattoo's as identifying marks all the time. When it comes to forensics in Equestria, I would think that they have come up with ways, like hoof-prints at the scene. If you didn't know all horses leave different hoof marks. They are all different sizes and shapes. There is also hair evidence that can be left behind. Color of coat, mane and tail are all factors.

When you want to find a pony you don't know the name of, but do know his (job, color of coat and mane, city he lives in, and his cutie mark.) It would be easy to find that pony.

7811511 As Gentlehoof said, the increased UV rays of a Spring/Summer sun induces the hormonal releases (namely of follicle stimulating hormone and lutenizing hormone) that induces estrus in mares, as well as virtually every other species of female mammal besides humans.

'Estrus, or heat, is the period of the reproductive cycle when the mare ovulates and, if bred, is likely to conceive. Estrus is also the time when the mare is receptive and will accept the stallion. The average length of the estrous cycle, or the period from heat period to the next heat period, is 21 days, but the estrous cycle can vary from 19 to 26 days. The duration of estrus (standing/full heat) is five to seven days (actually about six days), but it can vary from two to 10 days.

Mares will cycle several times during the breeding season if they do not conceive and become pregnant. The most intense estrus behavior occurs when the mare is most sexually receptive to the stallion. Intense estrus behavior lasts about three days.' - extension.org

So, by Celestia intensifying the UV rays from the sun by bringing it closer to the planet, she brought mares' estrus on earlier and more intensely than usual, thereby causing many mares to unknowingly, or knowingly, conceive due to an early heat.

7811523 As Gentlehoof said (again) there are multiple other physical ways of identifying an individual pony besides just their Cutie Mark, though that is one of the easiest ways. As for unicorns, it would be extremely hard to identify them should they commit a crime, unless they leave a sort of psychic or magical 'fingerprint' at the scene when spells are used.

7811531 Fixed, thanks. Also, yes, auto-correct.

7812229 Spot on.

7812246 Yes, but in this case, the stallion is a drifter, and therefore doesn't have a set location. He's also low-key, as well as working in mostly underground clubs...though wasn't working due to him searching for Rarity.

Comment posted by preaplanes deleted Mar 2nd, 2017

Great Story! Not many complaints really. Although it would have been an amazing plot twist if at the end Neon Lights was the brother of Blueblood. 😀

I didn't think of that, but I don't think I want to add it. It's a good idea though. Glad you enjoyed my work.

A bit late to the story, but that was probably one if the best impregnation, plot-centered stories I've read on here. I loved it! Even got a few tears in my eyes at the emotional parts :pinkiesad2:
Loved it! That's definitely desering of my like and fav!

9869189 Thanks, glad you liked it! This was actually one of the most fun ones to write, and I personally think it's one of my better stories overall too.

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