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i knewi t would have futa even without reading the 'more' part of the summary i could just tell by the wording in the summary and partly by the title now im gonna get reading

okay now ive read this and it was really good thumb up and :moustache: also seeing the incomplete status will there be more chapters?

Futa + princest = faved.

Although I'm not terribly fond of some of your word choices in describing the act, to be honest. Things like "cock-hungry slut" and "moaning like a whore" have always seemed to me to be too crude or demeaning for the more romantic, naive love you're aiming for here.


Hhhmm, you do have a point. I will try to refrain from that in the future chapters.

It's got Twilestia!
It's got Futa-Twilicorn!
It's got Antro Ponies!
It's got Big Boobies!
I haven't even read the first chapter yet and I've already faved it!

4047327 Same here, just because of that opening image, because sexiness

I don't even have to read it to fav! The concept of it all is just too perfect. It could be written in hieroglyphics for all I care.

Oh my god...this story...its too perfect.

Please, someone save me from this perfectness! It's too much!


I crushed the first one’s camera into a perfectly spherical, ultra dense carbon singularity the size of a tangerine

carbon singularity the size of a tangerine.

You made a black hole the size of a tangerine?!

That would have sucked up the world. Physically impossible. I call attempted humor and shameless filler.


What I meant was 'ultra-dense ball of condensed carbon' not 'carbon black hole'. Me no science m'kay.:twilightangry2:

Seeing as it is marked incomplete, I await more.

I came expecting some good plotless big-tittied porn.

I stayed because it was genuinely adorable.

and I came because the actual porn was that good

Vaginal Fucking Intercourse

I fucking lost it.


I'm very glad you enjoyed it. It's nice when people tell you your writing isn't shit.

I...also hope you cleaned your keyboard off.:twilightblush:

I got three quarters through. Im sorry.
First, volleyball tits? Seriously? Ow! Back pain.
14" penis? No. Just. No. Please. I know this is fiction but a lot can be said for making characters relateable and realistic rather than sex gods.

I missed the warning. Oooops

Looks like you missed this line.

Apparently becoming an alicorn not only made you a paragon of all three pony races but also a perfect example of an idealized (and highly exaggerated) standard of pony beauty.

Didnt miss it. Didnt think that made it okay, either.
I personally did not enjoy this and i meant to state opinions here.
Its not a bad story. Its good for what it is trying to do.
I just dont like reading about supermodel figures.

Look at the image again.
Celestia's tits are the size of her head. When the image is something like that, you should expect unrealistic proportions in the story that follows.

Meaning you read the story with full knowledge that you'd probably see ridiculous proportions. And you still complained about it.

duel crimes
You mean dual crimes. Duel crimes would be crimes that you committed during a duel.

The cover picture is old. Or at least im pretty sure ive seen it before. ive read enough to never trust it to do more than show some form of the relevant characters. Also the description is so long that the warning doesent appear naturally. So no i wasnt in full knowledge until after i recieved a response for an opinion at which point i double checked before cramming my foot further down my throat


You should probably always hit the 'more' button before actually reading it. I've run into readers not reading the description before so many times it's not funny.


No offense, but there were a lot of warning signs: the description, the picture, the groups. It's not like it wasn't obvious what you were getting into.

Well then. This pleases the smut connoisseur in me. It also pleases the part of me that likes good stories.

I liked how you set it all up; the accident was actually believeable. My only suggestion is watch the caps (I prefer bold text; it makes it feel like the characters are shouting at each other and not the reader). There wasn't but a few instances of capslock in there though. All in all I enjoyed it.

Please, continue.

‘Uh ok, think Celestia! Long-form census data, immigration reform, petting a cute puppy, polka dancing, Cadence and Luna having a threesome with Shining Armour- actually that’s kinda hot- Dammit, not working!! Um u-uh, DISCORD IN A SPEEDO!!!.....Phew, ok....normal...’

Quick, think of things that aren't hot. Certainly don't think of that threesome taking place in a hot tub.

Also, ouch. Poor Discord.

"Read the whole description before reading"
At a glance I see tags for romance, comedy, sex, and cover picture of a gloriously busty Celestia and an adorkable Twilight. I'll think I'll just cannonball into this one. Geronimo!

Smut for the smut god porn for the porn throne?

Is it weird I want more for the plot?

I find your lack of balls disturbing...

Seriously, a futa with no balls just looks... iunno, freaky, like it's more some deformed growth than an actual penis.

Still, this was well done, though I think you rushed the sex a bit. I get that you want "clop with plot" but the sex was still over rather quickly.

In any case, good job. :ajsmug:

Holy s*** that was hot...
I think I'll keep going with this.
Good job and well played.


Thank you for enjoying it, and I appreciate you being able to give criticism in a constructive manner. The sex most likely felt rushed because I was rushing myself to finish, but now with the contest over, hopefully I'll have more time. That being said, like Celestia, this was only my first time.:trollestia:

P.S. From your 'no balls' comment, clearly you haven't seen enough hentai, to know where this is going.:trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

By 'more for the plot', do you mean 'I found the plot lacking' or 'I want more of the story?

I generally don't like stories with really long chapters like this. That being said, believe me that this is REALLY good if it had me reading every word and held my attention for so long. Honestly, the sex part was actually tastefully done.

I look forward to more.


Thanks! Future chapters probably won't be this long. This one only was because I set for myself a specific stopping point, and well, it just started to grow and grow and grow form there....

Another rises who isn't afraid to mix love, sex, and characters and by the sound you plan to add a plenty of plot (well both meaning) to this as well. :pinkiehappy: I look forward to what you are doing here.

Gentle breeze guide your path, and a warm smile welcome you home. :twilightsmile:

There were a lot of things I liked about this, but I have to say my favorite part was how you did the character interactions at the big reveal, and immediately after. The tension, the guilt. It was great!

Very well done. :twilightsmile:

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