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almost no one has any idea what being autistic means

And with Equestria being roughly a century behind on most things, I'd expect ponies to have even less of a clue (Hans Asperger was contemporary with WW2, and his study was about what you'd expect from his country in that era).

Oh this was absolutely wonderful! 💙

Unf :heart:

Very cute. Great job! :pinkiehappy:

I never noticed that about your characters, but maybe that's because I'm somewhere on the AroAce spectrum so I just don't know how allosexual people are supposed to talk to each other

That's what I meant by "his country in that era", the literal Nazis. I just didn't feel like being the one to start that particular !@#$storm today.

Let's not go there, shall we? Regardless of where the terminology originates from, it's what we do with ourselves that matter.

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