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I write commissions and sometimes write stuff I come up with too. Nuff said.


Royal Guard Boot Camp is hard, and Royal Guard Advanced Training is even harder. Obsidian Aegis -a determined pegusus- managed to prevail through it all with flying colors. Now it's the first day of his dream job of guarding Canterlot castle, but it's off to a bad start already. His alarm didn't go off...

This is my first SFW slice-of-life, and it revolves around an OC I just made up, It also details a headcanon I have of why all the guards are either white or dark-gray, while all other ponies are various colors.

This is very likely only going to be a one-shot, unless I happen to need a basis for another story I think up one day.

I mainly wrote this to see how well I could build a unique character from scratch. Please lemme know how I did.

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Pretty good slice-of-life type story! In all, there were two things that stood out for me.

The biggest thing that confused me was the location of the Everfree forest relative to the castle: I never thought that the forest came right up to the castle walls, but in the story it seemed like it does.

Word-wise, there was one paragraph that had the word proceeded in two sentences, one right after the other. Otherwise, I didn't notice anything weird.

Good luck on your next story!

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