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I'm 40% jokes, 30% serious, and 20% romance. The Last 10%? You tell me.


"You are hereby invited to the Apple Family Giving Harvest dinner! Bring your friends, your appetites, and something to be thankful for." Because, as the Apple Family would tell you...

No one eats until everyone gives thanks...

Part of the Flinx-verse.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I think it's perfect for the Holiday. thumbs up :twilightsmile:

What about you? What is the Overlord himself thankful for this holiday?

Yes, you missed Zecora.
"For being welcome in your ranks,
Happily I do give thanks."
Her thanks for being a welcome friend of the ponies of Ponyville. Sure took long enough.

Celestia. Don't know what she'd be thankful for.

Edit: Oh wait, Celestia's the one thankful for sitting beside her sister.


Celestia: I'm thankful that I can lead my little ponies

Somepony missed a sertain walleyed mare:derpytongue2:

What the fuck is a flinx?


Well this fic is apparently part of the flinx-verse.

Given that I don't know what that is, you've basically ended your summary with "Oh, you think this might be interesting? You might give it a try? NO, FUCK OFF UNTIL YOU'VE READ MY OTHER 64 FICS FIRST" - which makes me want to read none of them.

3553894 Alright... Where's the part that I should care?


The part where I would have read this fic, but did not.

You drove away a potential reader.

3553905 Oh well... So you didn't read a half-baked story. There's no real loss there. It would be like if a mouse decided not to walk into a pet shop. You miss the chance of being somewhere that could be interesting, but who's the one at loss here? I have over 800 people that watch me... Sure, another one would be nice. But does your one view really effect the stack of cards I have? It doesn't... And it never will.


Behold, ladies and gentlemen, the attitude that an artist of any kind should never, ever take. "I have enough readers already" is a short step from taking them for granted and feeling entitled to an audience.

3553933 Oh no, you misunderstand. I'm very clear on the "your" aspect. I don't need YOUR view. I don't need YOUR one piece. I don't need YOU. There's a great number of people on this site, and I love to please them all. Make them laugh, make them cry, make them have a moment of thought. But, you? You're small... And small things are the sort that just can't follow the fold I appease to. Sad, but true... You're just one of the few. Luckily, it is a few. I haven't found everyone that reads just for the sake of reading; but, I plan to someday.

Speaking of someday; someday you may prove your theory better than mine by getting more followers, views, and likes than me. But, until that day, I seem to have a planner that works a great deal better than your own. So... I'll just stick to that. :ajsmug:


No smaller than anyone else, pal. Don't go getting a swollen head now.

3553955 My point stands. Now, to continue this battle of whits would be poor judgement on my part. For, clearly, you are unarmed.


No, actually, your point does not stand.

You called me "small" and crowed about your own number of readers. I may be small, but you're something worse - petty.

3553966 I'm petty!? Thank you! I love her work. I was told I'm a fine writer, if not a little silly. But I never once thought I was up to petty's skills. Thank you so much. Now I just need her artistic skills and I'll be in business...

3552083 and perhaps a maybe maybe not doctor? (I love the headcanon that says he is the doctor but I also love the idea that he's some normal dude and is baffled that everyone thinks he's the doctor.)


There was a point, and you missed it.

Nobody needs an angry, loud, rude, reader. People who write fan fiction do it because they have fun doing it. This attitude of 'what the f is a flinx' and then your continued 'I am super important' behavior should never come from a valued reader.


At what point did I claim to be super important?

3572762 Now now, if you want to continue being a nuisance to me or my lovely readers, please put it into a PM to whomever you wish to bother. You are completely free to bother people at your leisure, but please keep my comment section clear. I wouldn't want your negative attitude deterring fans from leaving a comment of their own.


I apologize for almost starting an argument. :raritydespair:

That out of the way, awesome story as always. Seriously. Wish I could write this good. :raritystarry:

3573367 Oh please. If I can write, so can you. All you need is an idea. Crazy or whatever, you take the idea and let it just go wild. Don't worry about the good or bad, just write.


Thanks for the vote of confidence, but just take a glance at my stories. I have ideas, it is the execution that eludes me. :twilightangry2:

3574838 behold! The species of brony men fighting in action!
( No offence to any other girls)

Was this Luna?
"I'm thankful for industrial glue. Celestia knows how mad Rarity would be if she actually saw all the things I broke before gluing them back up... I mean... Huh?"
Heh. Sweetie Belle is gonna be in trouble........:unsuresweetie:
"I'm thankful for every single book in my library. From graphic novels, to romance, to--Um. N-Never mind about that. Eh-heh-heh...Ehhhh..."
:applejackconfused: Just.........wow. Twilight, who would've thought?:twilightoops:
"I suppose I am mildly thankful for the circumstances that led me to having a family outside of my mighty swarm... It's a... small thankfulness... But, there you go..."
"OH! OH! I'm thankful for my mom, my dad, my sisters, the rock farm, that colt that lives down the street that waves every morning, the sun, the moon, syrup, creamed corn, hats, pears, apples, sa--"
Pinkie. Just........stop.:pinkiehappy:

So, who was thankful for
- sounding like James Bond
- family out of the swarm
- possible revenge?

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