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There are two kinds of people in this world: those who know "a lot" is two words, and those who don't.


They say that there is a level of terribleness that, once attained can destroy anyone who dares to observe it. That level of awful was thought to be just a legend, but like bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster and Bill O'rielly, some legends really are true. Enter the show simply known as "Birdemic: Broadway", and although it sold a grand total of two tickets and critics universally labeled it as "an earnest show", its existence is a scar on human history we shan't soon forget, or maybe we will, I dunno.

Despite His prior knowledge of birdemic's bad reputation Jonathan P. Jafari and his bird Jacques made the foolish mistake of purchasing tickets to the show, forever sealing his fate. A mere ten minutes into the show, Jon suffered from a case of spontaneous exploding sending both him and Jacques to the magical land of Equestria. Now armed only with his wit, a bird and a game-boy color Jon must find a way home.

Will Jon make it home? Will Jacques finish that show he was working on? Will Egoraptor ever get to be player 1? I dunno, google that shit.

Rated teen for language

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 91 )

Hmm... You have my interest.



......I'll keep an eye on this. :trixieshiftright:

I'm actually surprised you captured the speech patterns very well like the random emphasis of certain words, the shouting and the nonsensical tangents.

I kinda liked it.

You have my vote. Jacques for president.

I love you.

I just got into watching the JonTron show, and now this pops up. Are you omniscient? I'm just going to assume you are.

Nice story by the way.

Come on, man. You're better than this. Fuck you! I'm sorry that was out of line.:ajsleepy:

0/7 asses. Beautiful.

Putting on Read later list.

I love Jon Tron, but this crossover gets all my WAT. Faved and followed

Right away in the first paragraphs I loved the way you portrayed Jon. I'm interested to see where this goes.:duck:

1112903 You wouldn't believe how hard it is to translate Jon's speech pattern into writing, I'm glad you like it.

I dare say this was a real knee slaper, well done good sir. :moustache:

it is amazing! liked and faved!

You get 7 flanks, good job! And egoraptor will never be first!


Damn I'm glad I stumbled across this.


Oh my gosh. I can't believe this is real.

And it is glorious.


You need to send this to JonTron :pinkiegasp:

Let's see......... Jon, the insanely blunt maniac, Pinkie Pie, a mad pony, and Jaque, a cybernetic bird with lasers in a world he can't comprehend, yup! Got all the signs of an awesome fanfic!

Well, I don't see any CAAARRRRRRRSS!

1115352 You're looking for more like this

1115595 thanks. iPad's suck when it comes to commenting :rainbowlaugh:

oooooooohhhh nnooooooooooo....this is gonna be one ah dose days, isn't it?

Oh my God take my money.

GOD DAMN YOU AND THE CLIFFHANGERS.......this is brilliant, I need more of this STAT:flutterrage:

your very good at getting jontrons humor down to a fine point. i...i can almost HEAR him talking in my head as im reading:twilightoops:

Cliiiiiicheeeeeeeeeeee ! :pinkiegasp:

You see dis? You see it? That story you wrote? Let me tell you sumthin...


I only read the title, and I already declare this the best fic ever. 5 stars, A+, 4 stars!

Friggin applejack pulling the. "Oh no, a creature that my sister KNOWS is with her, is following her, better hurt it" :ajbemused:
Apart from that

Aside from the few minor miffs I have with this story (grammar, descriptions, add more descriptions!), I absolutely love it. Fantastic crossover, I never would have thought that this kind of story could be written so well!

I hereby give you:

*Crappy drum roll*

Seven Asses.

I don't think you're doing Jacques' characterization right at all.

Jon's, however...is actually the only thing in this fic that keeps me reading, it's that good.

As others have said, the writing and descriptions need much more work, though.

Apple Jack you'r an idiot. :ajbemused:

“How does your bird talk”

I... never thought about it before! :pinkiegasp:

Birdemic: Broadway: -100 Googolplexes/ 10
Jontron: Equestria: 1 Googolplex^2/10

Bucking brilliant, man. Like, Fave, and Watch.

...Go on. :trixieshiftright:

Hm... Make the chapters longer and you have me sold.
...Oh yea, and also:

1122957 I agree Jacques is a bit more dead pan.

This story, oh it's sublime, s'god like, s'GOOOOOOOOOOOD!:pinkiehappy:

I wonder how would Fluttershy react to Jacques.

Needs a bit 'o editorial work, but besides that. I'm okay with this.

that about explains this story so far.

I realized who needs to be in this story somewhere. This story needs Malkovich.

GOOD JOB! I've hesitated to read this after experiencing a REALLY bad tobuscus crossover...


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