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The Fumble · 4:01am Oct 16th, 2015

... Is this really my first blog post on the site? Huh. Either way, I'm now working on a weird Kudzuhaiku parody thing called The Fumble with Steel, Scarlet, Sigma, and SC. Since I apparently can't link M-rated fics in blogs directly, here's a link to Steel's profile, where it's front-and-center.

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Comment posted by FourShadow deleted Jul 21st, 2016

2224778 But my other question, I don't understand what the folder titles mean.

2224778 Never mind, my fault. I forgot, I had to click on a specific folder to submit it. My bad. :pinkiecrazy:

2224573 Why can't you submit it yourself? Is there a problem with the site?

Hey, I'd like to suggest a story to the F/F/T3K folder, but I can't. I honestly think the fic I'm almost done with would be worth the riff, my story has a bit of clunkiness and isn't all that well written that I think it's worth being put in the riffing pile. Plus in all honesty I could use a good laugh.

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