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A human child is found at the edge of the Everfree forest. She seems to embody all the innocence and magic that make up Equestria and the fantastical creatures that live there, but as the six friends struggle to care for her and find a way to get her home they discover that the human world can be a cruel and tragic place and through this loss of innocence they realize that they are what hopes and dreams mean to a child in another world who has no hope left.

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Silly Fluttershy. Doesn't she know that if you touch a human that's fallen out of its nest, its mother will smell it and won't ever let the human back in its nest?

I really need to make an account here; I don't mind bookmarking stories I want to read but I've got near 100 stories bookmarked as it is.

Haha I thought people might not like that picture. Its the original twilight sparkle though! I used it to s how that the little girl knows about pretty poniesbut not the ponies of equestria. Basically her world has no fim :( later in the story I'll draw a proper cover pic. Thanks for reading!

Hah, i will wait for the other chapter, its veeery interesting

it's really different from the usual human in equestria story. So you got my attention already

needs to be longer the anticipation is killing me

Thank you for the comments everyone.:twilightsmile:
I'm working on the story daily but sometimes get lost as to what happens in the middle. I meant for it to be very different from the usual story of a human in Equestria and I hope the ending is a surprise. But its not an epic adventure story. That legend I mention isn't some epic scary battle waiting to happen so I hope you're not expecting that. I'm going to be drawing a cover picture eventually, but that pony picture is the g3 pony that Twilight was based on so I thought she was a good place holder for now. Thanks again!:yay:

woah woah wait...a human...in equestria...who isn't going to save the day with some awesome super powers.....this...story...is...going...to...be...AWESOME!!!

If celestia is gonna be all like DIE HEATHEN! on this sweet little girl some one is going to be shot and its not going to be Luna because Luna is best pony!

Oh sweet, this is a very good story, you sir, deserve some stars

34361 Thank you :) I'm a girl though, but thanks for the stars! I'm glad you enjoy it:twilightsmile:

Chapter 3 = HNNNNNG :heart::heart::heart::heart:, and this is a 21 heterosexual male reader saying this :yay:

alright then, ill wait...

and saying youre heterosexual kinda makes it obvious

This is a nice short story. Not too deep or enticing, but instead a nifty piece of fluff to keep the heart saturated till later. Keep it up, ma'am.

It actually will get quite deep, but for now its slice of life with a cute little kid. Nothing epic though, but thank you for comments and I am glad you enjoy:pinkiehappy:

Another cute chapter. Though, let me guess, Harmony's mother is abusive, right?

I'm not going to say yes or no. But I do wonder what people think Harmony's past is. There are a few clues but they seem to steer you a few different directions. Depending on how the next chapter is written out it might be revealed in it, or not until the chapter after. Thank you for continuing to read.:scootangel:

My heart just exploded, THRICE

Actually, here's a question that's been bugging me for a while: in the story the books say that humanity is a savage and monstrous race, but at the same time they say there's only one example of the species. Isn't judging a people entirely by a singular example kinda, uh, racist? :twilightoops: I mean, it'd be like judging all the ponies solely on the example of Pinkie Pie or Trixie, it's completely illogical. I know, I know, neither humans or ponies are particularly logical, but I guess what I'm getting at is that I hope Celestia isn't one to simply go, "Human? Guards, break out the rope, it's lynching time!" :trollestia: :fluttercry:

I checked that out by re-reading what I'd written and I did not refer to the human race in gereral but only one human. The story of the first and only known human in Equestria will be revealed in the next chapter which I'm writing now (but also interviewing for jobs, so sorry its late:fluttercry: )
The princesses do have a connection, and I gather you're guessing from my new picture there will be a confrontation. Maybe it will surprise you.
What it says in my description about the human world has to do with Harmony also. Thank you for your comments and it humbles me that you've been thinking alot about my story. I'll work hard on the next chapter tomorrow.

Nice idea for a storyline as I found it funny that Fluttershy was the one who found the little Human girl first. :yay:

I do wonder how will the other Ponies take to her appearance ? :fluttershbad:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great storyline like this one. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, Pinkie is truly one weird pony for an Element of Laughter.:pinkiehappy:

This some chapter as I never thought I see Fluttershy so connected with this little girl before. It almost makes me want to...:fluttercry:

Still, I must say nice job on showing up how little Harmoy takes the other ponies. I especially enjoyed her first reaction to Rainbow Dash. :rainbowkiss:

I have a theory that Harmony may either come from a family that is through some tough times, an abusive parent family or a farming family, sort of like the original series.

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great storyline like this one. :twilightsmile:

38742 My guess is that somebody from circa 1000 AD would react poorly to magic and talking technicolor horses, and would there fore just make a sour impression. I doubt anypony important is going to be unreasonable.

Just got through chapter 3. Never expected something so thought provoking.Very mysterious, and both sad and heartwarming. Definitely tracking.

33473Same here I like HiE's that re slice of life not warrior ones like the one I'm writing but I hit writer's block

i been looking for 1 of these ever since i got introduced to HiE fic's finally i found 1 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::ajsmug::eeyup:

>>“Thank you, Fluttershy. You’re the best pony.”

DAMN STRAIGHT! :flutterrage:

I expect Harmony not wanting to go home.

I saw that this had disappeared from my story update queue.

I honestly thought the mods had removed it for some reason.

I chucked it into my "read later" list. I'm feeling sleepy at the unusually early hour of 1am, so I read it after I wake.

I expect that Harmony has died/put into a coma of an illness back home, so that she can't return to Earth... she said that ''being put to sleep'' (by the doctors?) didn't hurt. Maybe that was because of an illness and the ''sleeping'' part caused her to go to Equestria. Just like the wounded soldier.

Addendum: she has to stay in Equestria and stays under Fluttershy's care. (and maybe get ponified)

i cried
i really got no words
well done

Whoo boy, this is gonna take a while to proofread. I'll save all my comments for the PMs, but until then I'll just say that it's good to see you back, ma'am. :yay:

I god my heart... HNNNNNG

dammit... *crosses fingers* happy ending, happy ending

Interesting revisions. Still sweet as can be. I'm liking it :pinkiesmile:

Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg, the cuteness :pinkiesmile:



Wow. Most story revisions are pretty "meh," as the author rarely changes significant portions of the story and almost never cleans up anything to any significant degree. You took a pretty decent story and made it better! Thank you so very much. :twilightsmile:

401728 I can't see most of your pictures so I hope they are happy ones and you liked it :twilightsmile:
401749 I'm glad you came back and enjoy the revision and new chapter. I am sorry I didn't update for so long, I hope this makes up for it
I'm glad people are enjoying these more emotional chapters. They were kind of hard to write. You're the best readers!:yay::yay:


Oh damn. Well since you didn't see the pictures, let me sum up my feelings for both the chapter 4 and the revisions you made:


And thus ends the glorious misadventures of the Bringer-of-Doom in the land of ROYAL CANTERLOT CAPSLOCK.

But seriously, even though I already enjoyed the old chapters, I still have to say that I enjoyed your revisions even more. There was only one tiny itsy-bitsy teeeny tiny thing that slightly bugged (and even then it's more about my own preferences, so you really don't have to pay any ttention to this part): it's the thing that Fluttershy seems to know awfully early that Harmony is from a different world altogether, and not, say, from some distant part of Equestria, or their own world.

And then again, I might just remember it wrong, which would make this post and semi-complain prepostiously foolish. But anyway, old story was great, revisions and new chapter are even greater. Keep up the good work! And thank you for this story! :twilightsmile:

Some stories can tell so much emotion that they are worthy of being read...this is one of them. :fluttershysad:

Never before have I heard such a touching tale of sadness and woe.

Poor Princess Luna...we finally hear her side of all of this, as it seems that her overall paranoia cause the Nightmare moon fiasco to transpire.

And yet, she was doing it all to protect the kingdom she loves, even if they didn't love her back. Such nobility in a sacrifice like this....can make anyone want to...:fluttercry:

Still, this was some update as you remodeling the storyline have made it much better overall.

The way you remodel the story to getting the character down right, has made this such an enjoyable read.

I must say emotions were running high on this chapter and it took the lone voice of a child to break tension between friends. :pinkiesad2:

Never before have I been touch by such a tale like this one. You truly are a gifted writer and I wish to encourage you upon such great work like this one as this tale of yours continues on...:fluttercry:

Yet, one more thing...whose idea was it to add the Cutie Mark Crusaders into the story...was a genius effort showing how fillies around Ponyville can react to Harmony. :unsuresweetie:

I think it likely that Harmony is/was very ill, probably not cancer but something similarly serious. Her friends she wants to help are the other sick children at the hospital/her support group.

I'm reallying liking this fic so far. The only niggle I have with it is that both Fluttershy and Twilight jump into using the word 'world' for Harmony's home instead of the more likely 'Land, country, really far away' or similar without any in story justification.

This story just metaphorically warms my heart!:fluttershysad::fluttershyouch::fluttershbad::flutterrage::fluttercry::yay:
Why don't they have any Fluttersmile emoticons?

I also think so... maybe she was in a children´s hospital wing, and she wanted to ask the "unicorn princess" for a cure to her friends in the hospital and her... :pinkiesad2:

so sad and cute can't wait for the next chapter.
why did you have to make me cry. :fluttercry:

I read this over on fanfiction.net and so far I like the revision it seems to flow more naturally. keep it up.:yay:

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