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This story is a sequel to I Found Love: A Princess Cadence and Shining Armour story

It's been a year since fourteen year old Princess Cadance left Canterlot and the colt she loves. When she returns, she needs to face the realities of becoming a princess and how that will affect the relationships around her. It is a reunion not without its share of difficulties, and there are some ponies who would rather she not take the throne, but the love of those who care for her will always see her through, and she will take her place as one of Equestria's newest princesses.

Prior reading of I Found Love: A Princess Cadance and Shining Armor Story will be needed to properly understand this story.

Cover art by RivaMon - I'll draw my own later...

Chapters (3)

Princess Cadence is a lonely filly who has been shielded and protected all her life as a princess and member of the dwindling race of Sacred Alicorns. She longs for a friend her age to play with, and as a young teen she is sent to stay in Canterlot where her Aunt Celestia would personally mentor her in developing her magic. There she hopes to finally have the freedom she longs for and find somepony to be her friend. Instead, she is asked to foal sit for one of her aunt's royal adviser's fillies who may just be as lonely and reclusive as she.

This is the story of how Princess Cadence learns that the ability to give love cannot be complete without finding love for yourself, and sometimes it is found when you least expect it.

Chapters (13)

A human child is found at the edge of the Everfree forest. She seems to embody all the innocence and magic that make up Equestria and the fantastical creatures that live there, but as the six friends struggle to care for her and find a way to get her home they discover that the human world can be a cruel and tragic place and through this loss of innocence they realize that they are what hopes and dreams mean to a child in another world who has no hope left.

Chapters (4)
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