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Work hard. Learn. And use your skills to better Equestria. That's a worthy goal for anypony!


Becoming an alicorn has been hectic, and it's nice for Twilight to be able to kick back for a moment and do something she loves, with Pinkie Pie no less.

Science, of course. Why, what were you thinking? Though shouting your 'Eureka' moment in the streets is bound to get ponies thinking...

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Huh. Not what I was expecting. Though the ending was perfect.

Exactly what I was expecting. Doesn't mean I loved it any less. :rainbowkiss:

Damn it, Pinkie. :facehoof:

Unintentional innuendo is best innuendo!

Twilight must have been really focused on the data, to not hear Pinkie say she was going to tell everybody. Either that or she doesn't understand the innuendo. I would have liked to see Rarity and Fluttershy's reaction. Fluttershy would be redder than Big Mac.

When I clicked on this, I was expecting a mediocre innuendo one-shot ala Detachable. I was right, but I'm not sorry I read it.

Too good, man, too good.

I could easily see Pinkie shouting that throughout the town.

~Skeeter The Lurker

At first, a little hesitant to read. Now... fuck, that was funny xD

... Totally saw that coming.
Doesn't mean I laughed any less when I read it, though.

That's a damn sexy cherry.

I read the summary, and knew exactly what was going to happen.

Still awesome, though.

That was odd. Poor cherry. What did it deserve? I named it Malcolm. :pinkiesad2:

a hundred tonnes of seething cosmic plasma

I'm pretty sure the sun is a million billion billion times heavier.

Ignore me I'm nitpicky


One of the rare cases where my hyperbole is not nearly hyperbolic enough. You're right though, the sun is at least 1.2 metric fuck-heaps heavier than I stated.

Good laugh! :rainbowlaugh:

They only went ding when there was stuff.

Hahahaha, I see what you did there :rainbowlaugh:

Hehehe, I told you to ignore me. The only purpose to the comment was to assuage my ocd. :twilightsheepish:

2300915 Nah, Twilight probably took it literally.
... Innuendo not intended (at least not until after I re-read my comment.)

*19.88 million billion billion times heavier.

Don't claim to be nitpicky and then be off by an order of magnitude!

Lol. Yeah, I guess I was being lazily nitpicky.
If that's even a thing


:heart:both of ya. Reminds me of a story I was editing- the author had a arcano-gauss weapon sort of thing, and mentioned the payload and velocity. I remember suggesting obsfucating the exact speed into "an appreciable fraction of the speed of light" to avoid just this sort of thing.

Turns out, had he kept the original velocity, not only the target but everything within 300m would have been vaporised. Ambiguity and ambivalence are so nice :rainbowwild:


You took away the numbers? :fluttershysad:

:heart:s you two, too.
Also technically Earth's sun is 19.88 million billion billion times more massive. Equestria's sun could actually be a little smaller, so I might not be off by an order of magnitude.
For that matter, ambion could even be correct at a hundred tonnes, making this whole discussion pointless.

The shadows aren't wonky, so the sun is reasonably far away. If the sun is made of 100 tonnes of hydrogen gas at, say, 0.1 atm of pressure, it would be a sphere of radius 143m. To be of similar angular size to Earth's sun, it would have to be at an altitude of 15.5 km (this actually works out remarkably well, considering I picked the pressure arbitrarily: the ambient pressure there is 0.11 atm). That's close enough that shadows are going to be pointed in different directions in places that are reasonably close together, and the day/night cycle would favor night very heavily, so I don't believe that 100 tonnes is remotely reasonable.



3163077 If there were such thing as Fimfic Posted Image Bingo, that one would absolutely, positively, undeniably have to be one of the slots. :pinkiehappy:

At first I was all worried cause the opening was a 'weather report' about the sun shining.... but I plowed through it (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! :pinkiehappy:) and was rewarded with one of the silliest plays on words in the history of words being played with! So thanks! :yay:

Oh lawdy, the italics are exploding!


3163146 What if that's why Celestia and Luna control the Sun and Moon. They would have far more night than day normally, so Celestia moves the sun faster during the night, increasing the day to even them out. Luna controls the Moon to keep its cycle the same as that of Celestia's wonky Solar schedule.:rainbowderp::trollestia:

So Nightmare Moon could have just kept the Sun and Moon in place, and brought about eternal night.:twilightoops:


metric fuck-heaps

New Favorite Unit of Measurement:pinkiehappy:

That would only work for a small portion of the globe. Keep in mind that 15.5 km is lower than the top of big thunderstorms on Earth (the anvil is usually at an altitude of 15-21 km). If the sun is that low, it can't illuminate half of the planet like the Earth's sun does. Its light will only be able to reach a relatively small portion of the planet's surface at any given time (about 450 km in any direction, if I'm doing my math right, and assuming there aren't any mountains or such in the way). For comparison, the illuminated area would be less than twice the area of Germany (thanks, wolfram alpha!), assuming that the planet is similar in size to the Earth.

3172540 I know. I was just joking around. It's a rediculous concept... but hey, most of the best fanfics came from rediculous concepts.:rainbowwild:

In one story I gave the Equestrian sun's weight as 'seven hundred billion tons' for no reason except that I liked the rhythm of the phrase (seven hundred billion tons, doo-dah, doo-dah). Later I went and did the math in order to make an additional joke, and found that it was a pretty good estimate -- you know, only short by about sixteen zeros.

ANYway, about the whole rest of your story -- cute! Voices of Twilight and Pinkie both well captured, and the setup for the joke seems natural enough, like something they would reasonably be doing (including the use of a test target with a cherry on top). It would have been fun to get some reactions from other ponies as well, but then that might run the risk of overstretching it. Fun stuff! :pinkiesmile:

A misadventure due to Lyra and Bon-Bon's misinformation would be a good follow-up.

...Just sayin'.

This isn't funny at all. Sex jokes aren't funny. He he... I mean, you should be ashamed. Well, they might be a little funny. :pinkiehappy:

Should have ended with "facts wrong." The remainder added nothing.

I'm frankly surprised that anypony actually heard that and didn't immediately assume that it wasn't what it sounded like, because Pinkie Pie.

Wait...where does your cake come into all this?” Pinkie gasped. β€œIt’s not a lie, is it?!”

I'm surprised nobody has commented on this yet. Nicely done :)

She's doing that on purpose, she has to be. :rainbowlaugh:

Lights blinked more excitedly, bits whirred and things went ding. They only went ding when there was stuff.

They can also boil an egg at thirty paces, whether you want them to or not, actually.

Brilliant story.

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