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Twilight asks a very important question that Celestia really doesn't want ponies to find out about.

First time writing a story so please destroy it with as much criticism as you can.

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One word to the ending.
Lol. :rainbowlaugh:

oh god

Thumbs up for Safety Dance.

Anyways, you need slight checks to grammar and spelling. Nothing horrid, though. The plot itself was okay.

I wish I could have cake every Tuesday. Wait... i guess I could.

...Not bad, not bad at all. For this being your first story you did pretty well.

While I can't say I approve your take on Celestia as a somewhat tyrannical ruler, I have to admit this story made me chuckle a bit. I was expecting her to turn Twilight into a statue and put next to Discord for eternity, but I guess little Twi just brought the banishment decree on herself.

Princess Celestia would never say let them eat cake, because it is all for her. Also that is child cruelty... :applecry:

That Skyrim reference! Good shit!

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