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It's over.
The Nightmare is finally over.

There are some things you cannot take back.
The wounds of Eternal Night cut deep in Equestria, in no one more than Celestia herself. Reeling from the painful aftershocks of betrayal and war and grief, Celestia is unraveling. But falling apart now is not an option. Equestria has lost one Princess, it cannot lose the other. There is work to be done, and The Princess of the Day must take on her sister's mantel if they are to survive.

Raise the Moon, Celestia, before the Darkness consumes you...

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And now we know why the Princess did not so much as smile - at least, not in her subjects' presence - for at least nine centuries...

Ok, so, that's my headcanon, but still. "From that day forward, and for nine hundred ninety years, Princess Celestia showed not the barest hint of mirth. And then one day a little pegasus filly named Mi Amore Cadenza came to her court..."

Either way, right well done, thank you!

OK, I'm sure I'll actually read this soon enough, but first I need to congratulate you on still being alive and writing.

In honor of our friendship I'm going to take your advice and actually go to bed instead of composing a proper comment now but! I love it thanks for finishing it (also I have to admit this did not even enter into my suspicions when you mentioned you were working on a secret gift).

7143506 You know me so well.
I'm glad you didn't catch on! I was worried that my increased references to Fimfiction might be a tip off. I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the morning. :twilightsmile:

7143347 I look forward to hearing what you think.

Well done on this! It's wonderful to see another story from your pen. The central pain of Celestia / Luna rift continues to be an inspiring and heartbreaking topic, and you've done a great job at depicting it here. I particularly enjoyed the idea of Celestia failing to move the sun for several days at the beginning. Not much by way of notes and corrections that I noticed; right at the beginning you use a series of sentence fragments for emphasis that started to seem a little forced, but that's just a taste thing, and heaven knows I use emphasis fragments enough myself.

Anyway, this was a pleasure. Thanks for sharing!

Okay, this was a great story. Bit hard to read at times when some things seemed like a block of text at some points but the story itself was painful and rather heartbreaking.

7146733 thank you very much! I am glad you enjoyed it! Do you think putting spaces between the paragraphs would help with readability?

7146839 Yeah, it would. That's what I do anyway.

Torches hung unlit, half burned candles wept in sticks where they had been abandoned.

One of the many great lines.

And again, I love Celestia's characterization here. She is strong in spirit and has emotional maturity, which makes her weaknesses and brokenness all the more powerful and meaningful in contrast.

Celestia took the briefest pause, a mental breath, and then turned to the east.

Why would she turn to the east? Perhaps you haven't noticed, but whenever the sun is lowered in the show, the moon rises from approximately the same place it went down and vice versa. They're going around in opposite directions.

This is magnificent. Thank you.

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