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Diamond Tiara is on top of the world, and she knows it.

She has a mother who loves her, a father who literally went to the ends of Equestria to make her happy, a best friend who will always be by her side, the adoration of everypony around her, and more money than she could ever spend.

Yet she also knows how easily all of that could fall away. So she goes through every day making sure to keep her world together.

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That..was the best Diamond Tiara I have ever read.

This is amazing! It's one of those fics that give DT a real reason to be the way she is. Fear. The most powerful of all motivations. It's wonderful.

Well, I'm sold. And didn't expect to be.

Nicely done.

I don't comment on fics much but I love this fic. Good work.

spent living there there

You only need one 'there'.

I'll be honest, this isn't an angle I've seen very much of. Transgender anxiety is definitely a new raison courroux for DT.

They could never know, because then her carefully constructed world would fall apart. Silver would hate her

I don't think a friend like Silver Spoon would leave Diamond Tiara if she did find out, maybe a surprise and/or shock but nothing drastic like leaving her behind as a friend.

stuck in a colt's body

As a trans person I always groan at the use of "trapped in the wrong body," but others go by it as well. Depends on the person.

I like it though, a bit short but gets straight to the point and all that.

The twist at the end felt random and could have been replaced with anything.

6359237 It was pretty strongly hinted at throughout the story though.

I really enjoyed this take on DT. It surprised me just how well it seems to fit her character.

Sounds to me like DT should stand for Denying Testosterone...

6359213 I don't think she would either. However, because of Diamond's past experiences, she's immediately jumping to the worst possible conclusion.

Also, I'm sorry. As I said, I myself am not trans, and I saw that used a lot online. If you don't mind me asking, what would you use instead?

Prob just refer to her as a mare who always identified herself as one, again others still use the "trapped in body" thing so eh.

I honestly wish this could have gone on longer. Would love to read more of this Diamond Tiara, I think you wrote it very belieable and I can't see what anyone could find offensive in how you portrayed her. Fantastic job.

Seriously, this here could have been a prologue to a greater story. :twilightsmile:

Diamond has a real reason to be a brat in this fic.

Great story, but I think the story should be longer because I think it's very interesting.

Illya Leonov has an audio reading, for those who wish to listen. :yay:

Author Interviewer

Very nicely done. :)

An interestingly different look at pre-redemption DT. I did see the reveal coming a little before the end, and I'm not totally sure how Equestrian it all feels -- but it's a fascinating idea regarding why DT might be the way she is. (Well, was now.)

Short is fine. I like it, and it gets the emotion across well.

It is a really interesting theory too.

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