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Spike the princess. It had a nice ring to it. If only Spike wasn't what he was...

Things are complicated for spike, not only does he have to deal with the fact that his older sister, Princess Twilight Sparkle (maybe you've heard of her) is asleep, but also the fact that the title of princess sounds oddly appealing. What is he even? Does he even know?

Contains first person narrative from Spike's point of view and gender confusion.

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Cute! Spike in a dress would be adorable. She could be the princess of gems.

Specifically, economy~

6114401 indeed! It would be irony at its best. She couldn't eat all of the gems cause the economy would die. Hmmmm I guess it would force her to keep her greed nature under control.

Dragons need that balance as to avoid losing themselves, yeah.

I expect Princess Spike fan art on this fanfic. I EXPECT TONS OF IT!

I knew someone would write this after the latest episode. :rainbowkiss:

I'm interested in the general premise. However, I do think the story itself could use some touching up. It's interesting, you should continue playing with the idea.

Instead of Draconius, the more accurate term for his race would be either Drake or Draconian.

Ri2 #10 · Jun 21st, 2015 · · 1 ·

Wait, so...is Spike a guy or girl?

I'd like to read more of this fic.

...That's the point. You very nearly missed it, but I think you caught a bit of it.:twilightsmile:

I just things don't go wrong

I just hope things don't go wrong

I like it.

*imagines Spike in a dress*

I was very disappointed that never happened in the Princess Spike episode

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