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Changelings have plagued Equestria for thousands of years, horrific bug-like beings who take the place of your loved ones and feed off the love you give them. Until the wedding of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Prince Shinning Armor, where their queen was finally defeated, and all changelings expelled from Equestria once and for all.

As the wedding takes place in Canterlot, ponies from Manehatten to Trottingham flock to the streets to celebrate the defeat of Queen Chrysalis.

No one mourns the lives lost.

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short, effective, I love it :pinkiehappy:

I want to know more.

Not bad. I feel the middle part could've been expanded to tell us more about the relationship between the three, but the story is fine as it is. Have a like! :raritywink:

is the title a reference to the musical Wicked?????????????

Sad and beautiful. I almost cried...perhaps if you had expanded the middle a bit, given me more backstory
I would have.

6236936 Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

6236955 That was kinda my intention. Just give a glimpse into the characters and make you want to know what happened.

6237278 6237869 Thanks! As I said, I didn't want to give too much information, but I probably could have shown the relationship better. Possibly make them older? I dunno. Still, thanks for the like, and this probably isn't the last time I visit this idea, for what that's worth :raritywink:

6237719 Yes, indeed it is :scootangel:

6238271 Though I can't garuntee anything, I really hope so. I have tons more ideas, so I should be able to assemble a cohesive plot out of them :raritywink:

6238512 Right. Whatever help I can give just contact me.

6238264 awesome i love that musical, it what caught my eye

See, now I'm immensely curious. What DID happen that made Chrysalis so vile and insane? Did Chrysalis even remember that Celestia was once her friend or had her heart blackened to the point where she either no longer remembered or didn't care?

I guess we'll never know. Still, this is a great story. It really makes you think about things.

(Though personally I never believed that Chrysalis was actually killed when the love shockwave sent her and the Changelings flying to parts unknown)

The feels... I admit, I cried.

Huh, if there's a chance of a sequel, does this means that she might've survived?


I approve of this tragedy. It's just... ;~;

I should point out the changelings are still alive

Ha! I found it! Finally, a story that shares my idea of Celestia's reaction! People called me crazy! But, no, I'm not alone!

But, yours was written better, so well done.

~ Neon Lights

Fellow Ozians...

That flashback was...


7003452 Let us be glad, let us be grateful, let us rejoicify that goodness could subdue, the wicked workings of "you know who", isn't it nice to know, that good will conquer evil?
The truth we'll all belive'll by and by out live a lie for you and-- Glinda!

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