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Somewhere in the deep, dark foundations of the Crystal Castle, Princess Cadance finds herself a perfect mother.

First place winner of the August 2018 MLP Writeoff event, "All The Time in the World," in its original draft. This version tweaks and expands the closer.

Now with a Spanish version by the gracious Spaniard-Kiwi!

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Yay, new Skywriter!

Well that was strange and heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once.

Crinkles form at the edges of Velvet's eyes. "My gosh," she says, touching her cheek with her hoof. "I'm not certain how to react to that."

"Is it okay?"

"It's wonderful, dear. It’s just that you’ve never done anything like that before."

"I'm going to start. If that's all right."

She beams, bright as the sun.

"Of course it is," Mom says.


That haymaker'd me really hard in the tear ducts. Excellent stuff, dude.

Her desperate attempt to deny reality and twist it to create something, anything meaningful, to fill a hole in her heart and give her the acknowledgement from the one person she never knew, yet so desperately wants in her life, is painfully sad to read.

This is top tier feel abuse.

Okay, that was a well of unexpected feels. And so frustrating also, but masterfully done.

This was good. Was it inspired by the Supergirl TV show by chance?

I can see why this won.

Thank you for it.

Nope! Just a coincidence, I guess!

"You have in hoof the weapon you have requested," says Mom. "My service is complete."

I laughed and cried at the same time. Bravo! :raritystarry:

The Princess of Love and Family needs a mom. Good thing she has such well stocked resources.

A very fine read!

It reminded me most of the Doctor from Star Trek Voyager. “Please state the nature of your medical emergency”.
Although, as I recall, the enchantment of Princess Amore is from the ‘Guardians of Harmony’ annual issue of the comic book series.

Personally, reference-wise, I got the impression that Doctor Strange has been studying pony spells.

"knowledge of heritable traits and and the"
"knowledge of heritable traits and the"?

Very nice. :)

I get where you're going, but it doesn't work for me. I just don't see Cadance as desperate or delusional enough to try to be mothered by a magical phonebook. It's even telling her, repeatedly, "No, stop, that's dumb". The whole family thing is probably a meaningful lession for her, but I feel she already learned it long before. That scene just doesn't fit its place in her character arc.


She has a character arc?

I surmised early on (like about the third response to Cadance) what was going on. And I was like "well, that's not awkwardly tragic for Cadance or anything..."

And you still managed to have AI-more (do you see what I did there?) deliver an appropriately helpful message.

Superlative work as always.

Aaaand I just realised that the Best Princess of Destruction is being schooled in weapon use in the magic armour from just about the earliest age. I can't tell if Equestria is doomed, or everything BUT Equestria is doomed.

(Also, this sort of fits if I squint into my own Caddy headcanon as Paladin Princess, which is even more awesome...!)

The nature of the guardian was quite evident from the get going, and that made the story better. Great, touching look at the more intimate aspects of the relationship between Cadance and the legacy of the empire.

Thank you for it.

Touching and heartwarming and bonnily, bonnily written. Lovely work, Sky. :twilightsmile:

At first, I wasn't sure what to think. Depending on the overall silliness of the story, I could see Cadance being convinced that the Guardian really was a full AI who was really into her job, or Amore herself. Once I got a full sense of Lovebutt's fear and concern, I loved seeing her Google fu her way to an affirmation from something that was never meant to give one. The Guardian's no Jor-El, but it certainly gave its best to meet the needs of its user. Even automata aren't immune to loving Cadance. They're just painfully limited in how they can show it.

And that scene with Twilight Velvet, to say nothing of the bit at the end... Fantastic work all around. Thank you for it.

Sweet. It's just sweet all over. Thanks.

That picture was made by IDW Publishing, I can tell. What comic was it?

OMIGOSH, I wasn't certain about this story at first, but it grows on you like a warm, wonderful glow of light and love. Cadence's frustration with dealing with the Guardian is played out so well and circumvented by accident, as all great discoveries happen in life. And I love the ending. If there were one thing I would change about it, it would be to drop that last line. It truly is not needed.

My primary proofreader said the same thing, but I was attached.

Apparently the Guardian doesn't side with the ponies who insist that Flurry Heart is the second coming of Sombra.



Well. That. That gave me emotions. I enjoyed them.

Oh wow...

It wasn't in the first draft but I couldn't resist.

Was anyone else expecting Amore to say that Flurry is evil and not allowed in the vault at the end?

Just me?

Just because it's literally true?

Guardians Of Harmony comic series.


Correct. IDW link is in the image source.

No thought as to its literal truth, just being silly.

Apparently not, based on the upvote!

Look, I'm just saying, you give virtually any baby god-tier power, and see if they do any better.

XD Ah okay. I just thought Celestia might have walked up to Velvet and asked her one day.

9157251 "Heart of the Storm" is up their with "Flim and Flam" as names destined for villainy.

9157251 Also, it's weird that other countries have periods of time they refer to as the "Dark Ages," but in the Crystal Empire this period is simply referred to as the "Terrible Twos."

All right, let's masterpost this, in reverse chronological order. Hold on to your butts.

Maybe she has a really mild-mannered middle name. Like "Mildred." Or "Stroopwafel." And also--Terrible Twos, yikes.

Hopefully that's a good "oh wow!" :pinkiesmile:

Can hardly ask for more than that!

Glad to have the approval of a fellow Pinkest Princess fancier!

Aw, that's a sweet way of putting it.

Glad you liked.

And thank you for reading!

Fear for the future, I guess! Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for giving it a shot at least! I do always worry that my versions of Cady, with their carry-on insecurity baggage, are not close enough to the canon.

Fixed, thank you!

Thanks for the comment! And yes, this is absolutely from Guardians of Harmony. I just thought they didn't wholly consider the feels aspect of "life-sized interactive version of Princess Amore" when they used her as a plot device. :pinkiesmile:

Glad you liked! The Guardian is pretty pragmatic, ain't she?

Thanks! And thanks for convincing me to do more Writeoffs!

Thank you!

Yeah, it's pretty sad. I wasn't sure about the "sad" tag though, since it ends pretty upliftingly. And it's no "Sun Princess" either.

Glad you enjoyed! I was on the fence about keeping that part in at all but I think it ended up being the right decision.

Thanks so much for reading and replying! I really appreciate hearing you say so.

Same old Skywriter, I'm afraid.

Missed one. Thank you for echoing horizon's sentiment, since it was such a nice one!

That's what I always struggle with! The canon and secondary canon keep tantalizingly hinting that she has actual flaws but usually fail to make good on them. Oh well, more room for me to play.


Just like they keep claiming Celestia and Luna are really powerful and relevant, honest.

You're welcome!

The pinkest. 👌

I understand why this story won. Your dialogue is always so great!

Thanks! I try hard! :pinkiehappy:

Wow. I didn't expect to find so much poignancy in pony Alexa. (Or to find Cadance trying to hold a conversation with her)

I can practically hear the thaumaturgic sparks as the enchantment makes a desperate leap for a conclusion.

She tried though. :fluttercry:

With the level of ability that she has to remember and learn I wonder whether she'll end up having a real sort of relationship with Cadence eventually. :derpyderp1:

Could be! Thanks for reading!

You've captured Cadence's motherhood fears well. Bravo!

Thanks, glad to hear!

Makes me wonder if that had really been Amore, her spirit if nothing else, she would have given Cadance what she was looking for.

Hard to say, really. Possibly she would have just kept on looking, I suppose; but the Guardian's vagueness allowed her to fill in exactly what she needed. Maybe?

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