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Dinky has finally gained her wings and become an alicorn! But stopping at the Princess Registry to get her new title brings some discouraging news.

The original version of this story placed 14th in the Writeoff Association's 56th contest, "*Princess Not Included."

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Well, call me the Princess of Incorrectness, because I didn't think there was going to be any good way to expand this past its original ending. Much less to 3,000 words. And yet you did. :rainbowlaugh:

Okay, fine! Take your upvote!


Hey now, where's due respect to Princess "Alula" Animatia Erroria, the original OG Alicorn of Paradoxes?!
She's from season 1; seniority begets recognition! :duck:

To be precise, Dinky is the Cutest Princess of Paradox (just in case there's another lurking out there.)


Thanks, folks!

Yeah, the 3,000 words surprised me a little, too. I knew the story had two more scenes after the original version, but they got a little more involved than I was expecting. :twilightsheepish:

As for Princess Erroria, I'll beg Her Highness' forgiveness, but I was unfamiliar with her till this very moment. Looking over her portfolio, though, the Ink Slinger in me thinks she might perhaps be the Princess of Accidental Mistakes rather than of Paradox, but that could just be my Officiousness showing...


Magnificent expansion of the Writeoff entry, incorporating some of my favorite characters in a glorious hyperdimensional logic knot. I especially like how princess titles appear to be a sort of second cutie mark. Now that they've assigned all of the easy ones, it's time start getting creative.

Loved this from start to finish. Thank you for it.

Pretty sure Erroria is the Princess of Mutation, given her most faithful servant, Donny Swineclop.

I don't see the problem here. After all, would not having them each be the sole and unique Princess Of Paradoxes seem fitting?


And 7558571:

Solves the whole problem right there. Everypony from now on is the Princess of Paradox! They can have big conventions every year and ev'rything! :yay:



Well, y'know:

Quick as a bunny and all that... :scootangel:


This was at the top of my list during the write-off, and it's getting my up-vote now. :twilightsmile:

Nice job expanding it. :twilightsmile:

Can I be a princess!?!? :pinkiegasp:
I shall be the Princess of Reminiscing!


Thanks, folks!

I think Ink Slinger will eventually add a "self-service" option where alicorns can submit what they'd like to be the princess of. Then after he's checked it over, he can just give Derpy a rubber stamp and let her loose.


Really, they were just asking for paradoxical vortexes of doom once half of the population started mutating into goddesses. Thanks, Twilight and Cadance, I blame them.

Ink Slinger is best princess.

hey, look its most of the oc universe!!! jk, dont take that seriously at all. please.:yay::yay::yay:

When paradoxes happened my head started to hurt...
Seems I still have the ability to subconciously render everything correctly (and try to imagine a paradox)

7558691 Actually, it is well-known that the Lord of Paradoxes is Discord's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.



Yes, there's:

More paradoxes to come! After all, what fun is it to stop at the end of the world? :pinkiehappy:


"It seems like forever! Half an hour, even!"

OK, that there is the best tossed-off line I've seen this week.



I'm finding Pumpkin to be way too much fun to write. Also? Typing her name only uses the fingers of the right hand. :pinkiegasp:


Oh, I have plans for Mac. Do I ever have plans for Mac... :eeyup:


"In the first place, one paradox doesn't fix another: there's no 'backsies' when you've destroyed the universe! In the second place—"

Hmph, tell that to Marvel Comics.

Just go buy yourselves a Franklin Richards at Omnimart.


hm, what would i be the princess of... i have it! i'll be the princess of split personalities!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: of course thats pinkamenas job. for now.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

7667848 what the... no, dinky best non-canon princess (luna best canon princess.)

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