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Sean Tan the Brony

Just a Brony who love Princess Cadance


A parent will do anything for her children, even it means giving them up so that they will be safe from dangers and live in a peaceful life, despite the pain that comes for the parent.

That pain is something Princess Amore has gone through for one thousand and fifteen years, but now after being restored from her imprisonment by her fellow subjects, the time is upon her kingdom, and she wants her daughter back. Even if that means saving her adoptive Canterlot family from the Storm Kingdom.

Inspired by Tom117z's Change Series

Cover art made by: Questionmarkdragon

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I found a few mistakes:

My dearest nephew, I am pleased to say that your sister, Twilight Sparkle, had decided to host a Friendship Festival in Canterlot.

Change nephew to niece and change sister to sister-in-law.

I found a fews mistakes:

popstar singer in the Equestria who reside in Manehattan.

Remove this: the and change reside to resides.

Inspired by Tom117z's Change Series

How so?

Comment posted by Sean Tan the Brony deleted March 10th

Thank you for your help in checking my grammar mistakes! 😊

I guess it's crystal details she has in this fic.

I found a few typos:

"Let's just say we have a lot of practises."

Change practises to practice.

At where the light was now stand a unicorn

Delete the At. Change stand to stood.

was a daughter of Princess Amore, who was alive.

Delete the was.

Sombra stared at the castle before saying: "Soon, once the Crystal Empire is conquered, then all of Equestria will be mine!!!" He gave a sinister laugh.

It would be take thirty minutes before two alicorns came in the view of the gardens. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna landed, both covered in snow.

for this festival and Twilight will required me, my sister,(—— and you to use our magic for something. See you soon.

"Thank you so much for reminding me that I have friends I can rely on, Cady."

Applejack was handing out apple ciders to everypony.

"Well, ah think Rainbow's right. Ah'm sore(——." The farm mare said.

"Alright, if you are really Cadance, then say something only my wife will remember." He demanded.

The seven ponies and a dragon regained their consciences after falling over the waterfall and quickly swam toward the shore.(—— As they dried themselves up, Applejack started the conversation.

——)”Yeah. About that... both the princesses might have... got away... " Grubber hesitantly answered as he fidgeted his fingers nervously.

How much of the movie are you gonna spoil? And how much of it is gonna be different.

The storm soldier flew and landed on the ground, dropping it's weapon before recovering.(—— To it's shock and confusion, light bluish crystals started

The King and Grubber turned to see several crystal ponies and crystal creatures containing griffons, yaks, hippogriffs, bat ponies, changelings,(—— and kirins. They were all staring angrily at the Storm King and Grubber.

"FALL BACK!!!”(—— Storm King shouted

Clover, Hurricane,(—— and Dew immediately bowed down while the others just stared at the new arrival.

Everyone except Clover, Hurricane,(—— and Dew all dropped their jaw at what Amore had just said.

crystal Kirins,(—— and crystal changelings. The ones who stayed in Canterlot were a yak, a bat pony, a hippogriff, a griffion, Mallow Sear,(—— and Furx.

"Did Twilight see me? What I looked like?" The Princess of Love asked herself in an alarmed tone.

Cadance surveyed the object she was sitting in, it was a large comfortable king-sized

just like her bed back at the Crystal Empire.

Before she could hyperventilate even more, a creak from the double door interrupted her and caused her to whirl her head toward the doors to see a crystal pony.

"Your wings are just like mine!

"H... h... how are you alive?”(—— Cadance stammered, staring at the unicorn princess before she continued. "From what I heard from my two aunties, King Sombra petrified you and shattered you into many pieces, scattering your pieces across the Equestria before taking over the Crystal Empire."

"I assumed Princess Celestia and Princess Luna told you the story of The Crystal Empire from the history book, but I will tell the story again."

arrived and wanted to conquer The Crystal Empire.

I gave birth to an alicorn filly..." She paused before speaking again. "That alicorn filly... was you, Cadanza."

that Princess Amore was just a distant relative,(—— only to told by the said mare in front of her

or crossbows, symbolising them as part of The Crystal Imperial.

I’m curious about this guard and the outpost cities.

Classic Twilight never change

three airships appeared from the sky and flew over our heads!

"That won't not be necessary..." Celestia answered. "Yeth and his friends were able to give some answers to us."

"We've been dating for twelve years before getting married(——." Clover said as her face became more red.

——)”I know, it's a lot," Twilight responded, her voice tinged with urgency as she continued.

as there are amy hostile frost animals roaming around in the Frozen North.


"To think that all this time..." The pegasus started. "Flash was believed to be perished at the hooves of the Pony of Shadow." She murmured, her voice tinged with disbelief.

"I remembered that a week from our wedding, Queen Chrysalis kidnapped me and take my form, before trapping me in the crystal cave under the Canterlot castle. I also remembered how I tried to find the way out, but kept failing miserably." Her voice wavered. "I also remembered how scared I was being alone in the cave while thinking about you being with the imposter."

I feel like that is a very weak try , because wouldn't a changeling also know about her being replaced? and : "oh I tried to escape but failed and I was scared!" Is the most basic generic stuff I have ever heard, if I was Shining I wouldn't have believed her.
that should have been something between JUST the two of them like how they first met or an embarrassing Story between them, not something that is technically Public knowledge.

Queen Chrysalis's day had taken a turn for the worse as she sat alone in her throne room.(——

"Thank you for informing me," she said, her voice steady.(——

Meant to publish yesterday, but I wanted to make sure the story is correct.

I saw nothing wrong with the chapter so it was correct.

Enjoying the discussion.

We were at the Canterlot when we first heard about the Crystal Empire. So, Hurricane and I volunteered to explore the Crystal Empire. While we were walking along the Frozen North to reach the Crystal Empire,

Suddenly, Clover held up a hoof, motioning for everyone to stay still. "They're getting closer, remain calm and still." She whispered, her voice barely audible above the night's gentle whisper.

That scene just made me think of this.

"Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, I am to escort you to your mother, Princess Amor. She's near the square and wants to talk to you about something." The pegasus stallion said as he saluted.

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