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The lamb misused breeds public strife/and yet forgives the butcher's knife


In Limbo, a Gardener cultivates a place of peace for a Lost Princess.

An entry into the May Pairings Contest 2022.

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Quite good!

This was a fascinating story. It was really interesting seeing all these figures with only vague recollections interacting via the essences of their souls, across time, space, and relative dimensions. I will say it was kind of a headscratcher that Sombra was even capable of conquering other souls in this state, or that the Pillars could fight him, though. It was nice that Mistmane and Amore could reunite in the end; there was some easy tragedy out of them not remembering each other.

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hot damn this is good

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"I'm just happy to be able to help," the Mailmare chipped in cheerily.

I'm sorry, what

From the movie, Tempest petrifies Derpy.

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Interesting bit with Sombra there.

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very well done :)

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