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"Never let your fear of being criticized stop you from expressing yourself through art." ~Fluttershy.


The Apple family are no longer farmers. They are the most feared Sky Pirates in a world where sky ships are common, and earth ponies are looked down upon by unicorns and pegasi alike.

( I wrote this nonsense as a way to combat writers block. So don't expect anything fancy. Still I hope it at least entertains a little :pinkiehappy: )

( We need a steampunk tag for stories )

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ARRRRRRR!!! :yay:


The white mare paled even further, if that was possible, as she looked at the towering red stallion with the eyepatch and couldn’t hoof over her jewels fast enough.

... You know, for a second, I actually wondered if Rarity wasn't gonna take the second option, :trollestia:

7607331 perhaps in an alternate setting she just might have :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm... for something that was meant to help clear the author's mind from all unimportant clutter thought's ... it was actually really good. Especially after a hard day at work. :twilightsmile:

7607411 well then, glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

7607413 i would actually enjoy more of this surprisingly. I enjoyed the dynamic of this story. Hope it unblocked u tho for evergreen heart.

7607714 glad you enjoyed it. And yes it did clear up the block. I guess i really just needed to get something else out to unwind.

7607791 good to hear. Can't wait for more shenanigans to ensue.

I have somewhat mixed feelings on this one. On the plus side, it's got some nice swashbuckling bucaneering, which I'm always happy to see. I don't mind the rather more violent take on Equestria, since after all it is an [AU] fic. On the downside, I really didn't like the scene where Rarity is threatened, which came across as unpleasant more than dramatic. It could do with some proofreading as well, but I did like the way you closed the story. As I said, a mixed bag for me.

7743406 Well it was meant to be unpleasant.:pinkiecrazy: And yeah, this story ain't no masterpiece.:unsuresweetie: But then, it was never meant to be. As the description said, it was just a way for me to clear my head. Still, thanks for sharing your thoughts on it. :twilightsmile: so long as it didn't leave a purely bad taste i considder it a win :raritywink:

7743780 Yeah, it's personal taste -- I just don't personally like implied threats of sexual violence in an otherwise fun swashbuckling story. Other readers aren't as sensitive to me about it, and that's fine. And you're welcome. :twilightsmile:

Regardless if people like this story (like I did), it is an interesting concept at the very least, especially when we think back to Apple Family Reunion where we see some of the Apples coming by way of Airship. I may be a little biased because this story has elements of Victorian/Industrial Era culture and Steampunk, which are both genres I like. I would love to see a sequel to this story, but with this story out: people can take inspiration from it and make their own stories and worlds from it.

First off, I'm glad you liked it. second, I have been toying with the idea of turning this oneshot into a proper short story, but at the moment i'm already juggling three other projects i'm working on. So for now the idea is shelved, but not forgotten. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for taking time to reply to my comment. At the very least, I'll be looking at your other stories.

Just found this, gave it a quick read. Then went back through to enjoy it properly. For such a short peice, the world feels.... more. I really hope you add more to this.

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