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"Never let your fear of being criticized stop you from expressing yourself through art." ~Fluttershy.

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It's never easy to let go of a loved one when the time comes.

I wrote this on a whim, as a way to vent some of my own grief, and cried a lot while doing so. This ain't no masterpiece, just an attempt to turn raw emotion into coherent words.

Sadness inside, you have been warned.

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One day while out crusading for their cutie marks, the CMC find themselves in a heap of trouble. But they come out of it with super powers. There's just a bit of a catch to it. Hold on to your flanks Equestria.

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What is but a small thing to one, is the greatest of gifts to another.

Spike decides to give somepony a very special gift indeed.

A Random little oneshot I hope you will enjoy.

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The Apple family are no longer farmers. They are the most feared Sky Pirates in a world where sky ships are common, and earth ponies are looked down upon by unicorns and pegasi alike.

( I wrote this nonsense as a way to combat writers block. So don't expect anything fancy. Still I hope it at least entertains a little :pinkiehappy: )

( We need a steampunk tag for stories )

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When a mysterious comet changes the already rather abraisive dragons of Equestria into seemingly mindless titanic beasts of destruction, the inhabitants of Equestria are forced to flee for their very lives. Driven to the frozen north the survivors dig in and prepare to make their last stand in the Crystal Empire. Fortunately they have a new weapon that can hopefully match the dragons power. The giant mecha know as Sleipnir.

( now with cover art drawn by myself :yay: )

( Dark tag is for possible character death and ample amounts of gore. If you gonna fight monsters its gonna get messy no? :rainbowwild: )

( This story is not exactly a crossover. Its more of an amalgamation of sorts between MLP and ideas inspired by Pacific Rim, with a heavy sprinkle of mecha anime thrown into the mix, because my muse is a mecha junkie. Tags and rating may change depending on future chapters. )

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Many years have passed and one pony, now old and sick, is about to pass on to the great unknown. its a sad fact of life that it all must end someday.

( Warning, contains character death. If you don't like sad then please look away. )

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