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"Never let your fear of being criticized stop you from expressing yourself through art." ~Fluttershy.


General update. · 10:53pm May 5th

Alright so heres where things stand with my stories at current.

Make way for the REAL Storm King: Just got updated. next chapter is sitting at 2%

Evergreen Heart: Next chapter is sitting at about 70% completion, but I'm currently stuck on how to proceed there.

Sunset's Submission: Next chapter is about 25% done.

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Can't brain · 7:16am February 21st

Sorry for the lack of updates folks.

Lately my brain seems to be capable of only two settings. Namely Insomniac and potato. I hope it passes soon, cause it's making things a lot more difficult than they should be.

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Happy Holidays · 1:46am Dec 25th, 2019

Like the title says; Happy Holidays to all you readers, for whom I wrack my brain trying to come up with entertaining words to read.

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On hold. · 11:55am Aug 14th, 2019

Everything is on hold until further notice. My mother passed away last night. I need time to myself, and i need to support my sister.

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When we write... · 9:41pm Jul 5th, 2019

"When we write, we become as Gods. For we create a universe, and populate it with characters. We give them life and purpose. We infuse them with joys, pain and love; ambitions, dreams and insecurities. And when the last period is placed upon the page, the Multiverse itself rejoices, for a new leaf has sprouted upon its ever extending branches across the whole of reality."

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Situation update. · 10:24pm Apr 3rd, 2019

Mom starts on Chemo and Immuno Therapy tomorrow. Prognoses are not optimistic though. The cancer has spread. Doctors say that with the therapy she will, hopefully, have at least another year, barring any complications. But beyond that is anyones guess. Of course they could be completely wrong and she could just drop dead in a month or two. Suffice to say we are all on edge.

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Worst year of my life. · 12:34pm Mar 20th, 2019

I officially declare 2019 to be the single worst fucking year of my life.

It's been barely two months since my dad passed away. And now, today, we found out my mother has cancer. They discovered it purely by chance, but its already spreading. They are trying to figure out how best to treat it. But as it stands, they don't know wether she has two months or two years left. Right now its anyones guess.

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my thanks · 4:29am Jan 21st, 2019

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who responded to my last blog entry, and this seemed quicker than writing a lot of individual messages. Even though it might not lessen the pain, its still comforting in a way, to know people care, or can somehow relate.

So again.. thank you.

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what happened. · 9:39pm Jan 18th, 2019

Last year, on christmas day, my dad had to be rushed to the hospital.
His condition had been in decline for a while, but it took a sudden turn for the worse. He's been in the hospital since then.

Last wednesday we received a call from the hospital at around 3 AM, asking if we could rush over because dad was in a bad way. We did, ofcourse. We got to the hospital at around 3:45 and we stayed there with him for a day and a night. He passed away on thursday at 12:05 PM.

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Hard Times · 3:23am Jan 12th, 2019

Hey everyone.
Some of you have been wondering what the heck I've been up to for a while now. Well....

Right now, my family is going through a really tough time. Without going into details for now, let me just say that, all of us are emotionally very drained, stress is at an all time high; and there are days where I simply lack the energy to do, well, anything.

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