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A web developer whose writing process occasionally looks like Pinkie's infamous Party Of One thanks to characters deciding to derail his fics when they feel they make more sense that way.


Igneous Rock Pie has strong opinions about the concert his daughter has dragged him to. But when an assassin threatens to disrupt the evening, it is time to remind the world who taught the Pie sisters how to defend family and friends.

Features Igneous Rock and Princess Luna, so brace yourself for maximum Ye Olde Englishe. I'm not even sorry.

An entry in the Ancestral Tribute contest.

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Honestly, this fits really well, just in like a story sense sorta way.

Features Igneous Rock and Princess Luna, so brace yourself for maximum Ye Olde Englishe. I'm not even sorry.

I thought Luna stopped talking like that after Luna Eclipsed.

This was hilarious, you gained a new sub today.


Thanks for the kind words to both of you! :heart:


You make a fair point, and I'll admit that I've always gone a bit back and forth on this subject.

Ultimately, I tend to put her on a merry sliding scale between informal and old-school. When she is conversing with ponies she knows and/or is "off-duty", I write her with a less formal tone (as can be seen in "Betraying Tempest", where she chats normally with Celestia and Blueblood). But as things get more towards "Luna on her throne during her business hours", I make her relapse a bit because I really like formal!Luna.

And in this case, I went slightly over the top for the sake of comedy because the mental image of Igneous Rock and Luna going 110% "Old pony yells at cloud" amused me to no end. :rainbowlaugh:

So lemme get this straight. Luna sends an assassin to kill Vinyl Scratch because she doesn't like the music Vinyl makes?

Yep. :rainbowlaugh: I reason that sending an assassin sounds like a perfectly reasonable response when you are possibly older than classical music and are now experiencing dubstep for the first time in the middle of your peaceful night. For bonus points: the concert also takes place in a royal stadium, so in a way, Luna literally wants Vinyl to get off of her lawn.

“At some point, the next generation will have to find its way without our guidance, even if we may disagree with some of the choices they make along the way.”

"Well, strictly speaking they won't have to, given that I am nigh-immortal."

Luna paused for a moment.

"Unless my sister insists we both suddenly retire or something equally absurd."

She had somehow never fully considered what the night actually was for.

If this weren't a crackfic, I'd have thoughts there.

“I also found a note in his pocket,” Mister Pie said as if Luna hadn’t said anything, “that reads, ‘We hereby assign thee to unalive the menace that-’”

:rainbowlaugh: Luna really went and ordered this pony to go commit die.

Delightful stuff. Toeing the line at times given how much Pinkie factors into things, but she's still more a plot catalyst than a critical part of the reaction. Besides, I'm always a sucker for these kinds of rare character interactions. Thank you for it and best of luck in the judging.


"On the bright side, that would mean that Twilight would have to endure this racket and not us." :trollestia:


I knew I was dancing around on the line, although I was more worried about Maud's involvement. Can see your point, though.

Thanks for the kind words, I'm happy you enjoyed it!

That was a good story.

Utterly deranged and hilarious. I applaud your characterization of Igneous Pie. The Ye Olde Equestrian was an absolute treat n_n

The last scene is my favourite part.

I love that it's Octavia who gets to wear the shit-eating grin for once.

And I love how Vinyl is immediately concerned the moment she sees it. :rainbowlaugh:

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