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Prince Blueblood is absolutely convinced that Tempest Shadow has lied to Princess Celestia and that she is still plotting to conquer Canterlot. Now it's up to him to stop her.

Unfortunately, he is (a) dead wrong, (b) not a fan of comic books, and (c) not trained in espionage, counter-intelligence, special operations or anything else that would be useful in such a situation. But he does know which flowers go well with her coat and what restaurant can offer the best candlelight dinner opportunities, so... that's... a start...?

Prince Blueblood / Tempest Shadow, because I love my random and obscure shipping constellations these are two very different, very fascinating characters who can probably learn a lot from each other. (Also maybe some Capper/Celaeno on the sidelines later on?)

Content warning is again on the "better safe than sorry" side: there is no suicide, and the only reference to self-harm will be when some of Tempest's scars are discussed.
Took out the warning label for the time being. If I or others feel now or at a later time that it should go in again, it'll go in then. Thanks to the commenters so far for the feedback on when to include it!
Also a mild spoiler warning since this takes place shortly after The Movie.

Cover art (and thus early hype-generation for this fic) done by the amazing Earthsong9405 (Tumblr, DeviantArt).

(Featured Box on March 4, 2018? :pinkiegasp: Thank you all!)

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Saw this art on DA. Will read with great interest!

Awesome cover art. :rainbowdetermined2:

Got to give this a read when I have more time; Blueblood's an underused character, and pairing him with Tempest, of all ponies...? Shenanigans will follow!

as far as I know, as long as your story doesnt specifically contain suicide, you don't have to tag it. Just like you dont have to tag every story that has a joke as comedy. I'm pretty certain you can safely remove the tag

Interesting premise. I always got the feeling that Blueblood was always smarter than he appeared. An unusual plan and pairing, but hopefully this will have a happy ending. You've got me intrigued.

there was no denying that her mere presence had likely escalated the situation.And then the unicorn had kicked her straight out of the room.

There's a missing space between "situation" and "And".

This is great and you should keep going with it. I have to admit given the plethora of tags (I really think you can remove suicide/self-harm unless it's a bigger part of the story) I was worried, but you actually come out and make everyone pleasant and funny to read--even Tempest Shadow, who was my least favorite part of a movie I didn't even like that much. You have my fave for this so I can read more.

Oh, this looks like a lot of fun

Perfect start to something I hope we can see completed.

Doesn't Sony own Fantastic Four?


Oh. OH, this is going to be good.

Also, I'm not sure if the match between Tempest and Shining would be that satisfying. We all know he'd have him knocked out in under five seconds.

Wow, what a rush! Honestly didn't expect so much feedback here or on the announcement post on my Tumblr, given the obscure pairing. I totally "blame" Earthsong and her amazing art, as well as her signal-boosting capabilities. :heart:
Also thanks to whoever added this fic to the various groups!

I'm absolutely in love with how the art came out! Blueblood looks so handsome, and Tempest got that warrior look down perfectly!

Thanks for the input on this issue. I've taken it out for the time being. :)

It doesn't help that his big introduction episode had him shooting down Rarity in a rather spectacular fashion. I like to imagine that he's politically cunning and just exaggerated his "vain beauty" traits because her "marry this guy for the title and the rich lifestyle" plan was fairly transparent - he had probably been in this scenario a dozen times before.

Good catch, thanks!

Thanks, I hope not to disappoint! I'm trying to stick to a more regular writing/posting schedule this year, so fingers crossed!

I was thinking of the comics, not the movie rights. Clarified the note to "Marvel Comics" just in case.

Who whom? Fizzlepop knock out Shining Armor? In under five seconds? No way. Not unless it's plot convenience. Kind of difficult to get through a shield you normally need an army to break, and only after he's been severely drained and weakened and has been keeping it up for days.

I gotta say, every character so far has been kind of toxic, haven't they? It says something when Blueblood seems the least hostile after insulting a cripple to their face. Even Celestia was all like "Here's your horrible punishment, now tell me you deserve it!!!" until she's told Tempest holds he blame, at which point she's suddenly all for being mellow and forgiving and all that. What kind of signal does it send when Celestia jumps down the throats of her Wonderbolts but the pony who'd just recently been a terrible villain, she all but wants to mollycoddle?

Someone should take her aside and tell her she might increase the incentive to be a villain when ex-villains get preferential treatment over loyal retainers.

Man, that escalated.

However, before she could worry about whether she’d be able to rock the scarred as well as Tempest, the balcony doors behind the unicorn were flung open. Yes! Guards! Take care of-... She cursed under her breath when she saw whose balcony had doubled as the landing zone.

Tempest stopped channeling her magic, almost as if she could feel the aura of murderous rage coming from Princess Celestia. The unicorn turned around and immediately backpedaled when she saw the princess’s expression, which was beyond mad. Then, slowly, the ruler of the day directed her glare of death upwards until she was looking right at Spitfire. While Tempest practically crawled past her, Celestia used one of her wings to point first at Spitfire, then at the throne room she had just come out of.


Okay, calm down. Calm down. Blueblood’s safe. Calm down. No need to panic. Everypony is safe. Everypony acted professionally, and we can-

Spitfire slammed into Tempest with much more force than seemed necessary, and Celestia could hear the unicorn crashing into the wall a few floors above. Then, without much fanfare, Tempest’s body hit the balcony, and Celestia could hear her cursing quietly.

So much professionalism.

Goodness, this is suicide by princess.

Geeze, no kidding.

That's pretty clever, not bad Soarin.

“No, no, just couches. She swooned all drama-like, and bam, the couch floated in. I guess it’s her special talent or something? I dunno, didn’t really ask. Ponies and their talents and cutiemarks freak me out.”

Close enough.

“You’re never going to let me live that down...” Finally, he sighed. “My parents told me that Princess Celestia regularly assigns all the colts who mas-... pleasured themselves the most to sun-polishing duties.”

I was wondering about that chapter title.

This camaraderie between Tempest and the Wonderbolts is not what I was expecting, but it is not unwelcome. If anything it's pretty fun.

Blueblood has shown a rather impulsive-insensitive side, especially when he's caught by surprise and dealing with folks he presumes are commoners. Celestia was operating on adrenaline in the first half after watching a member of her family almost falling to his death. And she only saw Spitfire attacking Tempest. Not to mention that these are the most professional pegasi she supposedly has, and they had been on guard duty specifically to prevent ponies from falling to death, so her attitude is along the lines of "You had one job!" By the time Tempest constructs her story, she is realizing that she indeed has been an unbalanced mess and that Luna's less emotional approach would have been better.
If her adrenaline had lasted longer and if Tempest hadn't interrupted Soarin, Tempest would be rotting in a cell now, and the Wonderbolts would have dropped significantly in rank. But that's not quite where I wanted to take this fic, so I had to apply some guidance along the way.
Aaalso, I like to start out by emphasizing flaws because it gives me more room to show when somebody is improving.

I feel that, out of the ponies she met in the movie and this fic, she would have the least problem bonding with the Wonderbolts because they're professionals (...when they're not making poor decisions under pressure...) and because they obviously have no trouble with playing rough. Also, they're good banter-buddies, and I always feel that being with folks who are relaxed and friendly can be contagious.

Blueblood seems surprisingly smart (from what we've seen of him).

I'm curious but I hope that he isn't just able to do his thing with Tempest and making her look stupid and naive in the progress as if she wouldn't be a trained soldier with an more or less harden personality and probably a few snide remarks in her.....(repertory?).

I just don't want it to be like "Tempest is nice now and because of that she does every naive mistake possible, because she is affraid to hurt others and believes everything they tell her", if you know what I mean.

You're right, of course, that flawed individuals usually make for better stories and that the situation they faced at the beginning was extraordinary dire. If memory serves, though, it's not the first instance of Tempest leading a member of Celestia's family to almost fall to their death, considering what happened with Luna, right? Anyways, those were just some impressions going by the first chapter. We'll see where the journey takes everyone.

Yet still stupid at the same time.. reminds me of a person I knew in middle school, was brilliant when it came to Math, but in terms of reading the atmosphere in a room, a complete dolt.

Whoa... this is like, really good so far.


You have my attention. Please continue.

Tempest stopped channeling her magic, almost as if she could feel the aura of murderous rage coming from Princess Celestia. The unicorn turned around and immediately backpedaled when she saw the princess’s expression, which was beyond mad. Then, slowly, the ruler of the day directed her glare of death upwards until she was looking right at Spitfire. While Tempest practically crawled past her, Celestia used one of her wings to point first at Spitfire, then at the throne room she had just come out of.

Welcome to McHayburgers, what can I get you?

I like it when that meant that Celestia was mad at them and not exactly Tempest, for the most part. Yes she did something bad, but she should probably know of her possible trauma and the danger that comes with it.
It seems like she got it bad in this story and I kind of like it that you try to let her have that past instead of letting her go from proud warrior to an apologatic mess.
I like Starlight and Tempest, but even if it wasn't so bad till now, they did the same whit like with Starlight in the stories and made her into Fluttercry. Not exactly meaning Fluttershy, but I thought this explains it the best.

“One of the Wonderbolts came to my help, but she was kicked through the window. Then, while saving her from whatever spell that unicorn was trying to cast-” Soarin and Spitfire exchanged glances, but let the assertion stand. “-the other Wonder-...“ He caught himself, and Soarin was looking extremely uncomfortable all of a sudden. “Ah... I mean... I... we...”

For some reason I'm not sure if I can follow his description even if I'm sure I understood what happened in the scene itself.

I really love that Tempest has actually those emotions in this story.

I don’t care what they say about reformed villains not wearing their old armor, I’m not going to run around without protection anymore.

Yep good ponies and heroes go unprotected.

“It’s okay, it’s okay!” Grubber quickly assured her, making soothing gestures. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of, just the price we have to pay for being on the winning team n-“ He yelped as her lightning struck the spot just to his right and arced across the floor, leaving scorch marks. He carefully eyed the narrow path of destruction that had barely missed him. Then his usual, slightly nervous smile returned in full force. “You rang?”

He is stupid and Ijust to be sure, I really believe she is still that good, just need to adjust to using her power without nearly killing her foes I suppose and to avoid getting punished by Celestia and co.

Soarin carefully looked around, his eyes moving from the assembled Storm Creatures to her. His expression slowly shifted from shock to amused curiosity. “...is this a harem?”

I never thought something like that would actually made me laugh in a story, but I just did, till I noticed he was smirking, I thought he was only schocked, meh...makes it less funny.

“Of course it’s not,” Soarin said and moved further into the room, but his grin told a different story. Behind him, Spitfire just raised an eyebrow. “Ohhh, I know that couch!” He gently nudged one of the D-rings with one hoof and nodded to himself.

Sometimes I hate if when they get so bold and embrass someone like her.

“How can somepony so evil be so innocent?” Soarin asked and shot Spitfire a suggestive grin.

I know that I don't like it that he is doing it so much, but somehow it doesn't feels important to me right now.

“I’m not the one who pushed her out of that window,” she hissed and shoved her colleague. “She assaulted me, and I broke her fall. See, I care!”

“You tried to break a wall with her.”

“My sole crime is that I cared with too much enthusiasm,” Spitfire replied and gave him her best innocent look.

I get the feeling they either believe they are actually stronger or that they feel bold because they are feeling more than safe at the moment.

He gave her a surprised look. “I kinda expected you to be a bit more grossed out than that.”

“I traveled with those guys for far too long. Trust me, I’ve seen things.” Some of the Storm Creatures nodded enthusiastically.

Those guys make the whole thing and what they talk about so much more funny.

I really want a scene with one maid or better a guard going in the throne room if her and the princess have a meeting, just saying he needs a vacation. If Celestia asked why, he is telling her he has seen things no one should ever see or something like that, then goes into a corner and is rocking back and forth, something like that. I image Tempest to shrug it off and I guess you could decite if Celestia get's a laugh out of it or is grossed out or something like that.

“Tempest? Flowers? Candy?” Judging by the overall lack of verbs, the oldest alicorn in the kingdom was at a loss for words. “You... what?”

“I would like to ask her out on a date, auntie.” The smile turned into a predatory grin. “I believe I’m in love.”

I kind of enjoy him in this story, but I really hope he doesn't has an easy time with that and that he maybe fails so much that he starts to actually feel something for her. Well it doesn't need to be so onesided, but I would prefer him to take a longer while before he manage to trick her into believing him.
You know let him be the one in that scene I described.

I proceed later with the story since I haven't noticed how big the chapter was so far, but it is good.

I need more of this in my life. This was incredible. I need this ship to sail.

Minutes earlier, Princess Celestia mused that it had been a rough week, even by her high standards.

If a week, during which your kingdom gets invaded twice, first by giant centauroid creature that steals everypony's magic, your student becomes alicorn and her celebration is ruined by army of Storm King , you get robbed of magic, restored then turned to stone and robbed again , if all that can be called just "rough week" in Celestia's standard rating... I'm afraid of what would be a "bad week".
(PS. I know that those event might be longer apart - I'm going for comical effect)

Twilight is barely out of the country, and ponies start shoving each other out of windows. Talk about friendship problems!

Just L.O.L.ed.

To author: I absolutely loved this. The humor, the consistency with canonical world, the twists. "Summon: couch" lol.. I was wondering if that was Rarity's spell. Big thanks for not creating Mary Sues or complete villains.

Still have yet to see the movie, so this will be the first fic I read with Tempest in it...

damn girl, this story is to good start from what i can tell

“My sole crime is that I cared with too much enthusiasm.”

I love this line so much!

I think I like this blueblood, insensitive and boorish yet not incompetent.

I am really liking this story so far. It has a unique paring, good humor and Blueblood whilst still an ass does appear to be decently competent in this story. I am really looking forward to the second chapter just to see Celestia and Luna their reaction to his love declaration. They're probably shell-shocked.

I almost died with the harem part.

Spitfire's line was also awesome

My sole crime is that I cared with too much enthusiasm,

haha I have to remember that one.

This promises to be amazing. Grubber is already thirty times more tolerable here than he was in the movie, and he may be the least entertaining character in the story. And yes, I mean that as a compliment. Eagerly looking forward to more.

When I read that last line, I cant help but hear the sound of Bowser from the Mario CDI game laughing.

This story has so many great things. Soarin and Spitfire's dual interaction is great, and I love what you're doing with Grubber. He comes off like a villainous version of Spike, and I really hope we get to see a lot more of him here.

Tempest had understood not being permitted to bring the couch in, seeing how it was obviously an item used for interrogation and torture, even though she only used it to relax since it was surprisingly comfortable. She had not understood why the officials had giggled and blushed when they had discovered it, though.But who cares about some Canterlot servant - probably has never seen a proper couch or torture instrument before.

Ah, classic case of AIE, Accidentally Innocent Evildoing.

Interesting story can't wait for more 🙂

Not that it's likely to happen in this story, but I would totally be into Prince Blueblood showing Berrytwist what else can be done with that couch.

I'm sure we can find a nice paddle too.

I mean, he likes boats, right? Should get his hooves on a paddle easily.

Oh....oh dear me *furiously fans face*

If you should talk about anything sexual, I would really like to wait till they mean it seriously and Blueblood isn't trying to trick her anymore. I don't really enjoy it in stories if it doesn't means much. Long story short, I prefer meaningfull relationships in stories, later I wouldn't mind it even if I think she can image as much as Blueblood could show her, she only never thought her couch was for that.

I just had the feeling you wanted that to happen sooner than later if you mention it now.

Actually, it was mostly meant as a joke. I have trouble seeing Prince "I just had myself groomed!" Blueblood putting a tied-up Tempest Shadow over a knee to give her a spanking like a naughty girl.

Sure, I'd be all over that, but... if that ever were to happen, they'd both need some time to get there.

I agree and well I needed to be sure, not sure if it has to do with me being german, but I don't think I always get a joke or hidden meaning in some english texts.

Ohhhh there is just so much to love here in this fanfic! Though I'd say the best part is Tempest's interactions with her minions! <3

Although Soarin and Spitfire together are also pretty funny.

Last, but not least, I am sad that we didn't get to find out Spirefire's embarrassing "secret".

THere is is too much to laugh at here, I don’t know where to start.


Honestly didn't expect so much feedback here or on the announcement post on my Tumblr, given the obscure pairing.

While I consider only one pairing to be even less likely than Tempest and Blueblood, you've done wonderfully at selling the situation. I can't wait to see how it plays out!

Tempest is going to be so confused for a very long while.

Oh, and while it's in my head, there totally needs to be some fallout for the truly glorious spittake that must have occured in response to that final line.

Well now I want art of Tempest as Von Doom. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Of the Dozen or so stories I'm keeping a close eye on, I want this one to update most :heart:

She was trembling. The room slowly fell away, her vision focusing solely on the pony who obviously wanted to do to her what some of the Storm King’s dumber minions had done years ago.

Again and again.

Until one day, she had made them stop.

Until one day, she had hurt those who had hurt her.

Until one day, she had made an example of one of them.

Being a rape victim is going to make Blueblood's plan even more difficult since she'll be gunshy of intimacy.

It's about stealing her few personal belongings to mess with her, not rape, even though that paragraph out of context does look pretty bad.

I was going to say, that implied something much more sinister than taking her things. It made it sound like they were going through her stuff and when she confronted them, things took a turn to the much more sinister.

I'll keep it in mind and either amend the wording in that section a little bit or let Tempest clarify it later when she talks about her past, thanks. :)

No problem. The sinister way would make a lot more sense for why she went completely apeshit, but then she was never really playing with a full deck so something as simple as being in her room and messing with her stuff actually makes just as much sense to be something that sends her into a berserker rage.

Also I loved the ending to the chapter. I can see Blueblood doing the Bowser laugh from the Maro cd-i games.

C(elestia):\> cd Verbs

Disk Read Error in Drive C(elestia)
Abort, Retry, Fail?

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