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A web developer whose writing process occasionally looks like Pinkie's infamous Party Of One thanks to characters deciding to derail his fics when they feel they make more sense that way.


Rarity's quest for love led her from Tartarus to Canterlot. Now, wielding powers beyond comprehension, she rules over Equestria.

Now, if only she could understand how Fluttershy's little cult had gained thousands of members virtually overnight, or why the cult's second-in-command, Twilight Sparkle, always seems to be one step ahead of her...

Some RariTwi written for the December Crackship Contest. My prompt was "Heartless Dictator Rarity + Cult Meeting + Star Student Twilight" (and since she appears on the "Cult Meeting" card, I decided to also use "Cult Leader Fluttershy")

Cover art done by the amazing Earthsong9405 (Tumblr, DeviantArt). Given how her AUs (via Monochromatic's "The Sphinx's Riddle" and "The Princess's Choice") have warmed me up to RariTwi, I found it rather fitting to commission her to do the coverart for this RariTwi AU.

Sex tag might be overly cautious, but I prefer that over being banhammered. :twilightoops: Nothing explicit, no smut here, it's just being mentioned/discussed, and Rarity has some short fantasies that she is quick to shove aside.

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That was fun. I bet Celestia, when she is unfrozen (at most a couple days later), will be only mildly pouty with Empress Rarity.

I'm still waiting for Rarity to go looking for Fluttershy.

I heard Teddy Roosevelt was doing pretty well in the polls.:moustache:

This was actually quite well done. The plot was twisty and intricate as befits one driven by a "mastermind/chessmaster" planner, but the story delivered a coherent execution in Twilight's bold claim and later explanation.

Then there's Celestia and Luna Nightmare Moon, who in the first conversation we get to see impressed on me the very distinct feeling that they are genuinely unthreatened by the Queen Empress. That was really incredible to experience so convincingly. In every one of their scenes, I felt just how outplayed Rarity was from the very beginning, even with her overwhelming power over them. This would have to be one of my favorite depiction of the Royal Sisters.

Very nice.

(Well played, the comment had me going "...wha...?" until I realized what chapter you were commenting on. XD)


Celestia makes her own fun - she might pout a bit, but only while secretly setting the stage for her next act.


Fluttershy is probably just waiting for a specific signal from Twilight. The princesses and Twilight are able to outwit Rarity because the latter keeps commanding them to answer her rather specific questions truthfully. Her commands compel them to be truthful, not helpful.


Thank you for the kind words!
To the princesses, this is probably just a vacation while a young girl with a gimmick tries her hoof at being "Queen Empress". They have lived long enough to keep their eyes on the big picture, and it's obvious that the amulet only makes Rarity more powerful, but not smarter or wiser. If push had come to shove, they probably could have taken the throne(s) back within a day, even if Rarity had bothered to look up a spell that actually does what she wanted.

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This story was awesome! Shame it's not that popular. Glad I randomly stumbled across it.

Why is this not featured!!!!
Gold, this is absolutely gold.
Can’t wait for the next update

Well. I'm clearly going to lose the contest.

Seriously, you blew this one out of the water. Fantastic characterization, beautifully intricate plotting, great balance of romance and comedy, an all-around amazing read. Thank you for it, and preemptive congratulations.

i woudl have gone with which ever one of the two princess is unfronze, nightmare mean twilgiht celeistiia mean rairty

Please tell me you're going to write a clopfic sequel of the altar being used?

Thanks, and I haven't thrown my name out a lot here yet, so beyond my involvement in the contest and my brief blip in the front page's "New stories" section, this probably didn't make it on anybody's radar. I suppose time will fix that, though. :)

Thanks! I'm considering a sequel, though it might be M-rated? We'll see where my muse takes me.

I'm happy that you enjoyed it, but that praise looks like a surefire way to jinx the contest results. :P (Nah, I'm just kidding, I entered the contest to kickstart my writing drive, so I'm happy regardless of the results.)

Your comment made me consider it. It's been AGES since I last wrote M-rated stuff (not even to mention M-rated MLP stuff), but I suppose I might give it a shot?

Twilight flashed her a grin over her shoulder. “Aha! I am holding myself hostage with the power of my superior intellect!”

“Okay, that was simultaneously the smartest and dumbest thing I heard today,” Rarity informed her while they were jogging up a flight of stairs.

I guess my reaction to Twilight's statement wasn't too far off from Rarity's. It was, "That makes no sense."

Damn, this was a tremendous good read! Way underviewed, too. Faved and followed.

I had once thought of the ramifications of a more sexual Twilight. Didn’t go in this direction but I have to say this fit perfectly.

Oof, getting real good.

“Rarity’s hollow smile

No quotation mark

This was great. I'm bad at putting my thoughts into words, so yeah...


pulled a hidden level on its


Getting to know my love”

Period before quotation mark

Thanks, good catches! I edited the chapter to fix them. :)

I found one in "The Raid" as well, just so you know.

Ahhh, that explains why I got two comment notifications, but only saw one when I jumped to the second one! XD Hooray for my lack of curiosity! Thanks for the additional heads-up, it's fixed. :)

Thanks for listing where the names were from.

This 'verse is cetainly an interesting one. Any chance of a follow up? I would definitely love to read more of this. As in, as much as you're willing to write and then some.

I'm actually working on a sequel that wraps up a few loose ends, gives some more royal trolling and will likely end with some M-rated Rarity-on-altar action. Because what good is it to introduce a bondage altar if you're not going to use it? :raritywink: Prolly going to be a mid-May thing, but no date set in stone.

Wow, didn't expect such a quick response. An affirmative one at that! Looking foward to it, whenever it happens. Absolutely agree on the altar thing as well; such an object simply demands to be used.


Is it wrong that a part of me was pleased when Rarity shut Twilight down like that and threw her in the dungeon? I mean, she'd been acting SO smug and in control the whole time, and for her to suddenly realize things weren't going as planned was rather exciting.


By the way, where's Sweetie Belle?

“Princess Celestia had a better sense of humor about it, I admit.” Kibitz sighed. “However, I know that with great power comes great potential for a disconnect from reality, so I make sure to establish the obvious in case my charge loses sight of things. Last time I failed to do so, Princess Celestia attempted to interrogate a sock for failing to address her properly.”

I, what?

You, dear author, are both insane and a genious. I am very happy this story exists, and...


Hilarious and brilliant in one, so good it got a spot on my über favorites list, the first story to do that that's not heavy in world building I believe.

“Twilight Sparkle may be ambitious, but I will not let her take over my kingdom just because she feels that regular dating is beneath her!”

Funniest line I’ve read in weeks. :rainbowlaugh:

Haha reading this gives an insane looking smile.

Aha. Just the right amount of cute and hilarious.

Author Interviewer

What were you on? XD

Author Interviewer

I dunno if I liked the shipping, overall, but this was a damned treat to read. :D

Wait so after all that teasing with the altar we don’t even get to see it used

God, this was the sexiest kissing scene to ever grace my eyeballs.

Not Only that, but also villages in Sweden.

Also I agree. Good names are a bitch.

Th...the Dominator Medallion?

(I like the tube socks and the tennis shoes. They really bring the whole ensemble together.)

Hmmm...an ironic subversion of the whole fishnets-and-spike-heel-shoes-for-the-villainess trope?

and your cat in a blender!”

Pfft :rainbowlaugh:
Nice 👍🏻

This is a fun read. Like really I enjoyed myself

So far this is Aragon-level comedy.

This continues to be well written

God this version of Twilight is so sexy I want her to chain me to her altar and—


And secondly, I believe your to-do lists will have only one item on them for the next couple of days, and that item is standing in front of you.”

Holy Fuck.

Anyway yeah please write that m-rated sequel.

This was delightful. Great prose, great characterizations, and such a sharp sense of wit all throughout the fic. I think the way the romance aspect imapcted Rarity was way too sudden — I mean, she was having very vivid thoughts about Twilight after barely knowing her for a scene, and a day later she is ready to essentially go on a honeymoon with her. But still, I enjoyed this whole story immensely. Thanks for writing it.

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