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Ha ha ha, oh man. That's really cute. Nicely done.

Bets that this is gonna go feature? :pinkiesmile:

Seriously, great job on this one, my heart stopped at one point from too much hnnng


great story really heartfelt :fluttershbad::fluttercry:

Oh man i would pay to see this animated 5 Smileys

The twist was kind of clich├ęd and predictable.:unsuresweetie:
BUT I DON'T CARE! I absolutely loved every word of it. The writing was vivid, eloquent, and spot on - nothing short from perfect.

:moustache:Thank you for that story and keep up the good work!:heart:

Excellent story! I love to see the CMCs sticking together forever!

great story, and the ending was just plane heartwarming :fluttercry:

Then I was like [missing image]

Also, d'awwww

That was realy good, :scootangel: well done. It was nice to read a Cutie Mark crusaders story that wasn't overly sad, or that had other characters in. I think you caught the essence of the trio rather well.

Very well done chap! Indeed, made me smile at more than one point! Good to see that you turned the sadness into a good ending.

:yay: love this story. i just wish applebloom's talent wasn't art...it's more suited to building things since she's good at it...or jam making

but i LOVE LOVE LOVE how scoots got her cutie mark and it SOO makes sense

From way things are going with featured stories, I highly doubt it.... :facehoof:

Thanks for the feedback, I tried to avoid cliche, but it always seems to go hand-in-hand with heartwarming.

To be honest, I have Apple Bloom headcanoned as a mechanic. But I had to make concessions for the sake of the ending.

Why is everything I click on so well written and D'AWWWW? This is really good, and my heart can't take much more of this. Well done!:raritywink:

Seriously though, nothing would be more deserving of a feature then this story. How bout a little bet, if this story does get feature, promise to give me some tips on writing :rainbowkiss:

This is gorgeous! Stories about the Crusaders being friends forever are simply the best, and having them go on to teach other kids how to find their own special talents is wonderful.

I don't know how to put this... this story captures the essence of what it means to be a brony.
Synopsis: At first I was like :moustache:, but then I was like :twilightsmile:
Sir, you have just earned twelve internets.

This...this was awesome and touching. :fluttercry: :fluttershyouch: I hope they make an episode like this.

i enjoyed reading this a second time. wonderful job here. its got a sad touch to it, but overall the message is great and i found it touching :pinkiesad2:

Thanks for the second read. This was initially meant to be a two parter (with a much, much sadder ending) but everyone liked the way part 1 "ended" so much, I just left it alone. Actually, I kind of gave up on it because I couldn't stop getting feels while writing it. I might get around to it one day though. :fluttercry:

865106 not that a sad story isnt good, but i do think this ended quite well on its own. of course, if you ever felt the need to continue with your original idea, go right ahead, you are the author after all; but in this writer/reader's opinion, you did a fine job here.

Wow...(Ahem,sniffle) Here are all my feels...you've earned them, but use them wisely.
Anyway, LOVED the story!!! :heart::scootangel:

So many feels. I approve of this.

Scootaloo seemed kinda stupid to me. It didn't seem like her friends minded, so it was idiotic to just assume that they do. That aside, this is a good story and really sweet. :unsuresweetie::applecry::scootangel:

It is good, but what's with that long blank spot at the end?

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