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"Her crews are babes or madmen? Her port is all to make? You're manned by Truth and Science, and you steam for steaming's sake?" - Rudyard Kipling "The Three-Decker"


Short stories of various genres which I've submitted to the Thirty Minute Ponies Tumblr (or "Abecedarian excuses his poor writing by claiming he only had half an hour to get it done.").

Includes stories inspired by prompts I've missed out on, stories where the writing took too long, etc.

(Note: There are some minor edits from the versions posted to the Tumblr. Nothing too significant, mostly just fixing misspellings or adding or taking out words or phrases I thought I'd dealt with I as writing, but didn't. I type slow, so I don't have much time to proofread.)

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I love thirty-minute stories because they actually motivate me to get something done (and quickly), and I hate them because they don't give me a lot of time to develop the ideas I put into them.

This one might have been better if I'd been able to devote more time to it, and part of me wants to make a fuller story of of this, but I dunno. I don't really like "Oh woe is me, I'm immortal" stories.

Like #109, this is one I'd have liked to spend more time on, but it had already been more than half an hour, plus I ended up submitting it about two seconds before the prompt ended. (And thn Tumblr dvourd it mrcilssly)

In particular, the dialogue feels wrong, and I'd have liked more time to expand upon the characters and their actions. I also like to play around with the prompts more than I did here.

Well, maybe these stories'll help my typing speed, and maybe I'll make this into something better someday. (Probably not.)

I wrote this after 24 hours with no sleep and a long day at work. Does it show?

(I promise that not everything I write will consist of line after line of uninterrupted conversation.)

I broke my own rule and edited this one considerably from the version on the Tumblr, mostly to make things a bit smoother and clearer.

(Of course, the whole thing is based upon a fundamental misunderstanding of the events of the episode on my part. I mean, uh, it's clearly AU! Yeah! Totally!)

This is probably my favorite origin for these two so far.javascript:smilie(':rainbowlaugh:');

Sooo... Nightmare is a pinata now.:rainbowhuh: I wonder how long Luna's 'therapy' is gonna take.:pinkiecrazy:


:pinkiesmile: : All the best pinatas last...

:pinkiecrazy: : ...Until everyone at the party's had a turn.

Missed the cut-off date for submitting this one. It's pretty "meh", anyway.

I was at work so I missed the end of the prompt. Oh, well.

Dedicated to Nerds (tm) Blizzards (tm). (1980something-1990something, I guess).

The first half was originally meant to be from Fluttershy's perspective, based on her expression in the GIF, but RWL (who commented on it on the blog) believed it was supposed to be Rarity's point of view.


Since that makes for a much, much better story, let's pretend it was supposed to be that way all along, shall we? :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::scootangel:

(The smart thing to do would have been to make the POV character completely ambiguous, but that didn't occur to me while I was writing.)

Ah, missed chances... I was an antisocial mix of Fluttershy and Twilight as a kid and stories like this make
me think about what might have happened if I had any. :unsuresweetie:

I was running a fever. That probably explains it.

Can I write a story on my phone at work in time to send it in by the deadline? Nope.

No excuses for it, this one's bad. :fluttershbad:

I gave up on it after five minutes of typing, then decided 'oh well' and started over again. from scratch. I should've just let it lie.

Oh god the first one made me laugh out loud. Nice job on expressing keeping them in-character with mostly dialogue!

Goramit, Y U write so well??

Faugh, You distill an entire life into the words I put into a paragraph describing a room.

It's bad, but it's the first thing I've been able to write anywhere at all in over a week, so I'll take it.

Brain: "Okay, here's the deal. Twilight Sparkle's on trial, right? But it's a spy thing and she's only fake executed. Cool, huh? Great images, huh?"

Me: "Sure. I like it. But why are they fake executing her? Why go to all that trouble?"

Brain: "That is for you to know; that's not my problem. I sleep now."

Me: "Crap."

Then five minutes after I submitted it to TMP, my stupid brain came up with a better reason than I had. :ajbemused:

I broke the spirit behind the special rule, so it didn't get published on the tumblr.

Crazy Twilight is fun Twilight.

:) Another 30minute writer, hello there!!! Oh wow, your writing is so top notch...I'm a bit jealous! :fluttershysad::heart: But then I'm also a bit honored that you've recently decided to watch me~! Actually, scratch 'bit'...VERY honored! :twilightsmile:

Please keep up the good work, you have a new fan!

Well, at least Fluttershy is still speaking to her. Oh, wait. Fluttershy thinks that saying "Hello" makes her the same sort of jerk Trixie is.....
Oh, well.

Four down, thirty nine to go. I think this is going to be fun.

I've been reading and enjoying all of these so far, but this one really cracked me up. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Aww, this one was adorable. :twilightsmile:

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :trollestia: Another one that made me laugh out loud, literally.

Pfft. Oh Twilight, never change!

I like this one! It almost makes me want to try and figure out the rest of the story around it, but I am lousy at mystery and spy stories and so on.

Aww, now I'm out of stories. They were all fun! Some were better than others, but all were at least worth the time spent reading. :twilightsmile:

My reasons for the fave and the upvote: Very interesting, engaging and unique story. It's not every day you see AJs hat get turned into a... Whatever that was! :pinkiegasp: Funny funny stuff! Actually laughed out loud several times. Also, I had a weird thought... What if the naming hat from Harry Potter had somehow ended up in Equestria and it was all flipped out on some drug like PCP? Yes! that's exactly how I would expect it to act! :rainbowlaugh:

Wonderful stuff! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more! :twilightsmile:

This made me laugh right from the beginning. I approve.

Nice. Fluttershy's reticence was probably little more than a gag to the animators, but you give her a full perspective here.

As a former child, I'm well aware that children can be really really stupid.

Author Interviewer

Wish you'd had a bit more time to get into this, but you ended in a fun place.

Author Interviewer

“It doesn‘t have sprinkles! What is this, the Dark Ages?”

“More or less.”

Now that's comedy. XD

Author Interviewer
Author Interviewer

I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, but... I don't even get why Pinkie was sad tromboning. o.O

Author Interviewer
Author Interviewer

I expect this fellow is the Honesty equivalent then? :)

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Haha, dammit. XD This was great.

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I dunno, after seeing a few names rattled off, I figured it was Fluttershy, and took the second scene as confirming that. :)

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