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A group dedicated to any and all things background ponies, and any stories involving background ponies so we can expand our collection of pure awesome.




Wolfe and WindSilver


Thank all of you for joining Backgroundia and welcome to our humble abode of any and all things background ponies. This group is a place for any fan fictions you have that involve any background ponies in any way, shape or form, there are no restrictions other than the fic must have a background pony involved in some way.

If you need more help and specifications we will be adding a Q and A and other help forums sooner or later that will be able to help you around the group, help with writing, and many other things.

We will have folders for any story that meets our criteria and more specialized folders for specific ships and characters, we will search folders weekly and look over stories. Who knows maybe we will have a little in group, featured story of the week type thing.

PM the Admins if you have complaints and we will attempt to fix any problems you come across.

All in all we just want you all to have fun and enjoy your stay in Backgroundia!

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378970 I suppose so. It didn't end as well as I had planned telling as this weekend I was SUPPOSED to write another chapter of my Sci-Fi Fantasy story and I did fucking nothing.

378969 Don't you remember when you took several days just so you could work on writing?

Even if little came out of it you still put in all the initiative.

378968 ehh.
:unsuresweetie: Im not to sure about that.

378967 But when you're productive you are fucking PRODUCTIVE.

I'm not even when I want to be.

378964 Idk about that. I'm PRETTY lazy when I want to be, which is most if not all the time.

378963 That is not true at all.

378962 Na man. You had plans. Im almost if not completely more lazy than you.

378961 I should get kicked from the group with all the slacking I've done.

378957 Yea ik. I should just demote you to member. JK :rainbowlaugh:

I'm not even going to tel you that I'll try to be here for the group but in all honesty I'm simply not capable of dragging around the responsibility of running a group effectively like Jack so for a while he's been jerking the reins. I hope that you all enjoy the group and forgive me for being the fool I've been.


I'm here for the OctaScratch.

*Whole folder full of it*

Guess I'll be here a while.

372885 I certainly hope you do! :trollestia:

372881 To be honest. i think one of your stories will make it to the top 3 and or honorable mentions

366326 Im glad you mentioned because we are doing some stuff with the best stories which entrails a name for said winner

370827 Thank you everyone who adds a story onto the group! We all love ya! :raritywink:

Found this thing a little while ago,
The Thing

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