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Hello there! I'm your everyday guy who enjoys writing lewd stories about gay horses (and the occasional mare). So feel free to stick around if that's your thing, I hope to please you all


100 Followers! · 3:00am Aug 1st, 2015

So a few days ago I hit 100 followers on this site, now I would have made this post sooner, but I was busy with a few things. For the past few months, my activity has sort have halted due to me working on Saddle Up 2. However now that I've finished and the pack is out, I'll be able to start writing much more often!

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Comment posted by Wandering Twilight deleted Mar 7th, 2019

Your story The Captive Prince has been inducted into the prestigious Ball of Fame! While the excitement of winning such a highly regarded award from a small, unknown group that you've probably never heard of might make you want to spontaneously yell out in excitement, just remember that there may be people around you. I would like to apologize if you are in a library, church, or a debate hall trying to secure the Republican nomination for president (You never know).

(Great stories by the way, keep 'em coming!)

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