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Welcome! :yay: This group is for stories and conversations about intersex individuals: those whose natural primary and secondary sexual characteristics do not fit fully or neatly into what ponies would consider male or female categories. It also includes individuals who are male or female if their species does not normally have those sexes.

This is not the same as transgender characters: those whose gender is either fluid, nonbinary, or does not match their sex or gender assignment as a child. For that topic, see the Transgender Bronies group. (It's possible for a story to be relevant to both groups, of course.)

To qualify for this group a story must either include an intersex character in the story or contain significant references to intersex characters or topics. Magical and surgical changes do not qualify as intersex unless they explicitly change the underlying genetics of the character in a way that would be permanent unless intentionally reversed.

While not strictly intersex, there is also a folder for stories featuring a species that has at least one natural sex ponies would not consider fully male or female, assuming it is relevant to the story. Examples include stories where all alicorns are genetically hermaphrodites or stories where changelings have multiple sexes.

See the story folder descriptions for more information on where things go. :twilightsmile:

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