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In the end, I hope you had the time of your life.

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What's up with the dislikes?!? Just because this chapter has a few spelling and grammar errors doesn't mean this story deserves a bucket load of dislikes. Anyway, I'm so happy you finally wrote this. Can't wait for more.

Those dislikes must come from jerks!
here have a like and mostacho

Yay sequel!!!!
(Does anyone find it weird that fanficts seem to have a better sequel rate than most movies?):rainbowhuh:
Can't wait for more shenanigans!!!:pinkiehappy:

Thank you all so much! Its been such a long time and I'm just now writing for the first time in months and I'm just so thankful to have the best readers and friends! The MLP community is just full of awesome people. :fluttercry: :pinkiehappy: Thanks everyone for the support!


I would have to say it's for breaking up Shining and Cadance just so Spike can have all the Alicorns.

It's why I just downvoted it

6097185 well that's a lame reason to dislike a story dude. I mean its all just for the plot of the story. So what if they broke up, and now Spike has a chance. Spike is a pimp! Its only for the story.

And that's why I'm upvoting it.

6097232 disliking the plot of a story is a lame reason to dislike it?

6097250 Guys don't fight. Everyone has their own opinion. And yea it does kind of Suck having to break them up for Spike. I love their shipping, but its all for the fun of writing. And I just thought it would be a fun idea to work with :twilightsheepish:

But please no flame war s :pinkiehappy:

I hate when authors break up Cadence and Shining Armor because one of them is cheating.:twilightangry2: I can see them being an open couple more than them breaking up for cheating. I think I will pass on this story.:ajsleepy:

Will follow the story but 100 dislikes for yet another 'Shining cheats on Cadance so that she can get with Spike' story.

If that is really the case, then I hope that Spike is able to get to Shining and get to the bottom of it. I hate to sound chauvinistic, but Spike's the only male that probably get to see what is going on from Shining's POV, whereas Twi, Tia, and Lulu will probably gonna find out from Cadence's POV.

And as they say, there is always at least two sides to every story. I can say one further--the truth of what is really going on is always what is probably in the middle, meaning that part of it is Shining's in the wrong, and part of it is that Cadence's in the wrong as well. I hope that it can be resolved. Honestly, having Cadence into the hoard is a little excessive. You got the Sun and the Moon, as well as the new Princess of Friendship, and the Princess of the moon is working on a newborn dragon-alicorn hybrid as they speak. That should be enough.

Is this porn with actual sandwiches or is that title just a metaphor?

6092012 I'm pretty sure people are disliking the story on the basis of it being a Spike harem story. They don't tend to be popular with the general MLP fandom.

6108543 I'm not so sure about that. Almost all of the stories involving Spike with a harem have a high view count and a high like rating.

Breaking news... Blue Granite was found dead today. His body was found near the Unpickable Flower in the park. Cause of death was starvation, even though he was found next to a cart full of flowers. An investigation has been lauched by...

luna going the learn about cadance's feeling for spike through her dreams

Well this was interesting I have to say to say the least. One would question if Shining is cheating on her but she IS the princess of love so if anyone would know it would be her. And if he isn't cheating she could be picking up the face he might not love her anymore and she feels like he is cheating.

I do wonder what Cad will start to do with now her new object of affection being so close to her. She might doing things like leaning on him and doing things to turn each other on without realizing it. I think Luna will only have to dive into her dreams and see them filled with the pink mare being ravished in a primal way by her husband to know that she feels something strong for him. I do get a strong feeling Cad is the type to like feeling dominated while in bed and lets face it there are things that a claw can do that a hoof will never be able to do.

Anyway great chapter, can't wait to see what will happen next

Alright the sequel is out:pinkiehappy:

Oh and for Shining Armor [youtube=https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Jg2oR91_r5I]

Love this chapter but one thing was on my mind.

Twilight, we have been over this before. Her name will be 'Solar Flare'.”

Twilight laughed in mock humor.  

“I thought we agreed on 'Starlight'.”

Celestia glared.

Luna is the one that's pregnant, can't she name the baby? If Twilight and Celestia were pregnant as well then they can choose those names.

Mood swing Luna is kind of terrifying.

Kinda hoping he cheated on her so Spike gets more mares

Well this was a interesting chapter I have to say. I can see Spike believing Shining... or better yet 'wanting' to believe him about him not cheating on her but Spike is far more logical then that and he knows just how accurate the princesses powers over their domains are. So if the princess of love says you are cheating or not in love with her then it is pretty damn sure you did it. But he wants to believe his brother wouldn't do it.

Cadence I feel is in a interesting spot. I mean even if she is alittle afraid of Luna right now she wont be able to stop lusting for Spike just like that. By the way her fantasies are they are something that Shinning could never hope to make come to reality and that is something she will know. When she looks at Spike she wont be able to think of anything else but how good it felt to have him ravish her and own her, do things to her body her husband never would do. Which would make her also think of the things Luna said to her that night. After thinking it over she would remember she said without her permission. This might cause Cad to go and talk to Luna about all of this seeing how she is the most open minded and the only other one that knows about her lust for Spike.

Which speaking of lusting for Spike I think it would be too funny if Cad can't help but want to draw the drake's eye. With things like her noticing him staring at her flank as she is bending over and her feeling the lust pouring off of him in amounts she never felt from a pony. But also a faint traces of love as well. This turns on the married mare and causes her to move her tail to the side to give Spike a view of all her private areas, almost like she is presenting herself for this manly drake to jump her and ravish her. It would also be interesting if Cad also started fantasizing about Spike taking her and talking dirty about her being a naughty mare for cheating on her no good husband and how much she loves it. The taboo of being with the drake she is growing to love even tho she is married makes her want him more.

Anyway interesting chapter, can't wait to see more

I'm scared of mood swing Luna now. I wonder what Mood Swings Celestia or Twilight would be like?

Commence Operation: Rekindled Burning Passion of Love.

Honestly, I didn't understand it. Why Spike can have a herd, harem, 50+ mares, etc, but Shining didn't.
Standart movie to make Shining cheat on Cadence, to add Cadence in main character's HAREM where Cadence comfortable to share her new mate with other mares, but by some reason she didn't comfortable to share Shining with others.
Or another cliche where Cadence want new D, she cheat on Shining, he finds out and started to punch her, main character fought Shining and added Cadence in his harem, and all ponies started to hate Shining and etc.
Authors frequently ooc Cadence and Shining only to add a sex scene between Cadence and MC. I hope Thebravenorse wouldn't do it and, if he want to add Spike /Cadence sex scene, then he'll find a some not cliche way without a divorce with fight.
Yup, open relationship a way better than divorce and ooc.
Also, cheating don't have a sebse in the world where polyamory is allowed, because if you want to add someone in your bed then you just need to ask wife's permission. Or, again, only main character allowed to have a herd.

Hopefully, the next chapter will soon be published, I love the harem spike and more if you add Candace now.

by the way that domination fetish for me gusto mucho, also another thing I hope Candace send the devil to shining armor.

Anyway hope you update soon by the way someone can tell me how I do to find the fic with lemon, since not much of this product

C'mon, NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

:pinkiehappy: loving the story!!!!!

6097262 How long till next chapter?

Spike and all the alicorns? Didn't think of that one. Good job Mate!

Dude. A little fast paced, but dude you need to finish or I'm going to kill you. Please

7178746 I think this story is dead

Well if shinning armore did cheat then have spike break his every thing :twilightangry2: but if he didn't then cadence is going to have a lot to make up for :trollestia:

Oh God Luna went all Freddy krugger on cadence :twilightoops:

Hope another chapter comes got soon

6139965 Agreed, because regardless of their opinions, it's more than likely to look like a mixture of Luna and Spike. So why should they choose names that are closer to them when it's not even their foal?

7266399 no man that's more jason!

Waiting for the next chapter :3

plz continue this story!


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this story ain't being continued

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