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Another Bimbo fic. these keep popping up

Doing good. Can't wait for more

This is the first time I'm reading a bimbo fic....WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING!?!?!?

I never approve of a story in which Twilight is a floozy but you save the story on this chapter alone so you know I would break the thumbs up icon if I could.

More. Good. MORE!

You think we can get some chapters describing the each of the mane 6 going through their transformations?

This story and cover art makes me want a boyfriend.

Not again. *Sigh* CTRL+SHIFT+N *Unzips*

Comment posted by zsewqthewolf deleted Jun 19th, 2015

So, Twilight was disappointed that her date only wanted sex, then fucks the one guy that probably appriates her brains more than most others. This Twilight doesn't logic much huh?

>more than 2 upvotes
>featurebox status

Why Fimfiction?

Live reader count- 21.
Jeesh. That's a lot.

Nice job making it to the feature box, this is definitely a hot one.:raritywink:

Hmm.... had a thought. What if the Elements of Harmony caused this in order to try and get them to find someone to live with in harmony, and once finding such, they both get pregnant and start to 'settle down' in regards to lust and lack of intellect, due to 'bonding' with someone that could truly love them.... only for it to wind up with all six bonded to Spike, even the Elements of Harmony surprised by the results. XD Still staying sexy as fuck regardless.

Just a thought.^^

........I got nothing..

I am so looking forward to more of this

OOh, I like this. The Elements are screwing with the bodys and minds of the Carriers. I always figured there use should have HAD some side effects. And Bimbofication would be a real odd one.

I'm sorry, but the picture throws me off. All of the mane 6 looks like they had love handles roll up their chests. Except Rainbow. Anyways, onto the story.

Very nice.^^ It did seem like she was, to a limited extent, able to think a bit more coherently after his fucking her. Wonder if my theory could be right.

Still, another nice chapter.^^

Go on. I wanna see if you follow my story idea from pastebin.

And, things get really 'busy' for Spike really fast.:ajsmug:

This story is waaaay more fun than it should be.

6104306 Not at all. i'm actually glad bimbos fics are becoming more frequent and one with Spike being with the mane 6 that has been turn into bimbos is even better.

6104306 Depends on how well it's written. Any story can be good if written correctly and for the right reasons. Considering this is supposed to be a Sex Comedy I expect to laugh and see mature situations. If it doesn't even make me chuckle, then to me it will be a failure.

I vote for Pinkie next. I want to see how a bundle of joy like her would act when completely sluttied.

6104380 I'm merely a shade, mate. There's as many of us as there are particles in the multiverse.

6104408 Still remember you from Mind Over Magic. What part of it was the dash-filled again?

6104413 Oh boy, can't remember. However, dashes are used rather sparsely in English due to how easily they got obnoxious, you can just use this; for the same effect. A pause, and a binding point.

they're going to wear spike out :trollestia:

Be listening to "you spin me round (like a record) by:Dead or Alive. The hole way through this XD best experience EVEH

Ummm I know where she's getting cause I legitly get like that sometimes but did she get bit by thee bimbo Bug or something XD just saying.
This story is Stormy Aporoved ;D

I wonder if the other elements have been having similar problems? How come nothing has happened between Spike and Rarity already if it has?

6104541 Meh, he's a dragon, they've got good endurance.

*Looks to the right* :trixieshiftleft:
*Looks to the left* :trixieshiftright:
*stealthily clicks the Read It Later button* :trollestia:


needs more Rainbow Dash.

I hope not too short. I would love to see what bigger-breasted AJ and Dash are like.

6105140 You're not the only one. Dash's chest deserves more worship.:rainbowkiss:

I can't wait to see how Rarity will react. Will she just use the goods, or just pounce on him?:ajsmug::raritywink:

Comment posted by Eliseo221 deleted Jun 18th, 2015

Ok before I read this I just want to know one thing, what the heck is a Bimbo fic?!?!



So apparently that happened.

......... so if this happens after the new Twilight Castle and all that, doesn't that mean that this is right after blasting Tirek and thus the girls are undergoing another 'transformation'?

Yeah, of all the things I focused on, it was the time line.

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