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I'm doing some editing for a fantastic piece of work named Celestial. Anyone who has an interest in 40k should check it out.

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I love your icon man

2091255 Most of those stories shit on people more than anything aobut pink ponies kicking out butts you know >_<

2090548 Gotcha. I don't care what the author used to rope people in to liking it. It's his shtick and he can do what he wants. I just read the thing 'cause of all the drama in the comments and due to it being on the front page. I was being antagonistic due to the pretty clear misanthropic message you were sending out. I may be a faggot who likes pastel horses, but I don't like people shitting on my race.

Would comment on the comment you posted, but the 'writer' of the story blocked me.
Typos are typos and not indicative of education nor competence of thought. Unless you are talking about the humans sperior line. The word superior is intentionally corrupted into a less intelligent sounding sperior for a reason. Hs is based on very, very narrow thinking. Reliant on bias and a lack of creative thought to be executed.

More so, it is a pointless theme to have. What point is there is saying cartoon horses are inferior to modern technology when there is no point at any time in the ENTIRE series that states humans are inferior?

As for me lambasting these kinds of stories, it is simply because of the lack of creativity they all have. Rather than expanding the world here, building up compare and contrast between the two sides, you just make the humans automatically win without actually thinking through a scenario. And they actually think they are making some statement in doing so. The story i commented on, was Especially guilty of laziness. And forced drama by bluntly killing as many canon characters as they could, including what is labeled as 'gods' in their world, and planing on murdering even more of the characters on a later date.

And even if you mock the idea that a show with technicolor could have anything that can fight and kill humans (despite evidence to the contrary), then what is the god damn POINT of human superior? Its like saying smurfs or snorks or the care bears would get wiped out in a against humans at the point. Thus your whole shtick is utterly and completely pointless. Its a Duh scenario. Yet you waste you energy regardless on such a pathetic mindset.

And in all likelihood, it was all to manipulate you guys in the 'humans sperior' crowd into liking the story. It would probably be rather easy. All you comment on is the idea of Celestia being executed rather than any other content in this story.

Seriously dude! I am trying to point out how manipulative the story is and how implausible the scenarios are, and you are just saying 'yay humans sperior' the whole time. Analysis versus meaningless malice.

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