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He looks more like Popeye XD!

Like + Fave

MOER NOW OR I WILL EAT YOU :flutterrage:

but he WAS a girl after all and naturally liked men (respectively).

Lacking an S there. Faved & given the thumbs up, I look forward to see more.:moustache:

first story, first chapter ad already featured.
CONGRATZ MAN!:pinkiehappy:

I was planning to write a story that shipped an anthro Twilight and Spike.

Oh, well. It's not like there's a trademark on the idea.

Good story, BTW.


Thanks. I'll get that fixed since I didn't think to do this in word.

Oh, that makes six of these spinoffs now.

Heh. Congrats on featured.

This pleases us. This is good. Continue :twilightsmile:

Well, it ain't nuthin' special. I'm not sure why exactly this is in the feature box.

But it's not bad. For a first piece, it's not bad. I look forward to moar.

Though I'm suspecting an alt here...

Shining Armour? Really? Jesus.


Shining... that bastard, also, spike expect some kirins on the futuuuuuure :trollestia:

Except for the Shining Armor bit... cool story bro. Characters were very spot on.

I will ignore the Shining Armor part to the best of my abilities... which is fairly difficult, because the implications... are disturbing.

Wow in less than just 10 hours, I already got 100 favs on this story. My very first fanfiction/erotic story for that matter! :fluttercry:

I am glad that you guys liked it so much as I really appreciate the favs and likes! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you all so much for your support and I do promise to get the next chapter out within the next day or so~ :ajsmug:

So I'm not the only one who found that part disgusting!

2353525 Glad to inadvertently give some support.

2353310:flutterrage: MOAR!!!

Also, I FAV this and I watch YOU.

So this is my first erotic mlp fanfiction I've read, I kind of wanted a change of scenery from you know... every other type of genre like Sad, Dark, Adventure that I've read so far.
And I loved it! :pinkiehappy: Wow I never thought I would read something like this, from my point of view it was very well-written, I could practically see the whole story inside my mind perfectly.

One thing I'd like to mention though, since this was my first clop fic, I struggled a bit in understanding that Twilight was indeed humanized, minus Spike
"She was covering her breasts with her arms despite not being exposed."
At this sentence I was like "WTF, since when do ponies have breasts??? :rainbowhuh:" It took me a while to realize that she was humanized lol

But anyway, I'd like to see where this is going so please take my favorite and like :twilightsmile:

Before I even read it, shouldn't the title be Secret Of My Sexcess? :raritywink:

That shit was hot!:moustache::twilightblush:
If your really going to make this from the "Secret of My Excess" then you might want to add Zecora to this as well ( she does get much love in these stories). Seeing as you mentioned age you might also be able to get away with putting the CMC on Spike's 'to do' list if your cool with that, that is.:twilightsheepish:

Well, the writing could use some help, especially the sensual bits, but overall it wasn't that bad for a first attempt at clop :raritywink:

I'd advise you to refrain using *moan*, *groan* etc. inside of the dialogues, it's clumsy and would look far better if you told the reader about your characters' reactions in the actual description. So, for example, this:

“Hmmm….no…*moan*…nnnh…Spike….it….no….*groan*…..nnenn…..” Twilight was in heaven with how he was licking her horn. A few kisses and sucking was present with his oral work on her horn.

Could look like this:

“Hmmm…no…nnnh…Spike…it…no...nnenn…” Twilight moaned incoherently as Spike sucked on her sensitive horn, kissing it occasionally. His skilled ministrations made the mare feel like she was in heaven.

Also, try to focus a bit more on what the characters are feeling during the act, as opposed to going in detail on what their bodies are doing. Most of us have read multiple similar works and it is becoming slightly repetitive :eeyup:

I hope I helped :twilightsmile:

Lucky-ass Spike. I jelly.


I appreciate your honestly. To be fair, I didn't do this on Microsoft Word (I wrote it here on the site) since I just wrote what came to mind and did a one shot. I didn't think to re-read it again just to see how much of a reaction I would get. But I am ok with the way it is, as I use it for reference as I currently finish Applejack's chapter and make sure that I am using different sexual material. That, which is being written on Word, WILL be a much longer and much better chapter compared to this one.

Thanks for the support~:raritywink:

I need some Coffee....or Tea.

this fic is awesome :moustache:
and if DnD has taught me anything, dragons can breed with anything :trollestia:

Reading all of this, and i must say it's pretty. GOD I SAY IT'S PRETTY!:derpyderp2:
Well, it's true!:trollestia:

"Ponies and Dragons can't cross-breed right? ...Nah."

Oh Spike, how wrong you are. You're about to knock up five other mares, best prepare yourself.

Also, I take it this story will have no major shipping, right? If it is, then are you going to somewhat stick to canon and have Spike confess to Rarity?

Twilight is just so cute in this story. Good job!


2353525 Me too, but on the bright side, they were REALLY young and they didnt know what they were doing, well maybe shining did :twilightangry2:

Oh man. I can't wait to see who is next for Spike. :moustache:


Spike is physically older only due to magical issues. He's still mentally and emotionally an infant dragon, one which Twilight has raised like a big sister/mother-figure.

You're complaining about actual incest when you're fapping to something even more perverted than brother-sister incest? Spike's essentially her toddler son and he just knocked her up.

All I have to say during this is: lolwut

OMG MAN THAT WAS AMAZING I WANT MOOOAARR:flutterrage::flutterrage:

Dragon you over anyone? no? just me? okay :twilightsmile:

A rather nice story, well written, and good erotica.
Concept works quite well.
However, when you drop the 'Shining was her first time' in the middle of the clop, it kind of takes away from the scene a bit. Just letting you know.

Mares beware, there's a horny Swagon on the loose.
Mrs. Cake: "He's going to take ALL of the fillies, BANG all of the unwed mares,
and chase off all the stallions. Thankfully I'm married."

2354104They do, they're just not called breasts. And they're just above their nether region. How I know this you ask? Too much rule 34 and clopfics.:facehoof:

LOL I'm not a big fan of rule 34, but I think clop fics like this one can have an exception

I haven't read it yet, but it seems like the concept came from A Different Kind of Love by Loyal2-1. Obviously not the story, but from the story title, the chapter title, and a lot of the comments I've read, it seems to be VERY closely related (concept wise) to A Different Kind of Love.

Amirite? Or were these similarities all to accidental?

I might go through and read it all later, the comments make it sound good, just thought I'd ask this before I did... Kuz Loyal is like my fav author on here...

2358772If you liked this, might I suggest going to see Theorangefox? He's an awesome clopfic writer.

well that was fun to read hehe
go spike! go get your harem started! >:D
also reading the summery agein.........is Zecora going to be a "Victim" of spikes lust >:P

This is your first fic & clop? ....I'm impressed. This was most excellent and i'm certainly looking forward to more.

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