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wasn't always a fan of mlp, until I got to know a certain purple dragon named Spike, now I like reading stories where he gets some appreciation

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Needs an editor but I'm curious to see where it goes. I'll keep this on track for now.

This is already peeking my interests. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Not bad! Was this perhaps inspired by BloodBorne or something else?

I can't say it was, I wrote this story to take the place of a story i wrote which got revoked because it didn't relate enough to MLP, I kinda used ideas from that story and incorporated it into this one.

Can't wait to see to see which girl will do Spike first. ^w^ :trollestia:

It was Spike the witch hunter, wasn't it?

Yeah it was, it seemed pretty ridiculous to me but those are the rules and I can't repost it unless I make some substantial changes.

Exactly, how was it not MLP-related?

They ( wanderer D) said it all I did was add in some mlp names and put it in equestria along with mention things like pegasai and other than that it is not at all mlp related.

Just a quick question, why did you use kamina from gurren lagann for the picture?

He portrays spike look wise the most, so I'll use him until I find a better one.

that description tho

I'm going to enjoy this story.

Before I read this, what is the Gore tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

Agreed. And love the back and forth flirting, between, Starlight and Spike.

The gore tag is for the scenes where spike fights the monsters, as for how bad it gets I'm not sure just yet.

As much as Spike wants to hide his night job of monster hunter from Twilight and his other friends, other than Luna (who already knows, she's his boss BTW), I think it would be easier for him if he actually did tell at least one of them the truth. Not Twilight, obviously--she would give him the third degree for starters. Pinkie's too obvious--even though she will hold Spike secret as just that, even she has a limit, and the beans will be spilled at some point. Rarity, RD, and Applejack are obvious 'hell no's!', and in a way Celestia's a no-go as well. Honestly, I would say that Fluttershy and Starlight could be the only others of Spike's secret occupation. I really think Starlight is able to keep the suspicions in check, plus it's a bit there showing that there is something there between Starlight and Spike, and as for Fluttershy, her knowledge of animals to help Spike out, not to mention knowing Zecora really well , seem as a valuable ally to his work. (I realize that as I'm writing this, I see that Spike already knows of Zecora since she's the one that provides him with aid to heal him when needed.

Just my opinion. Enjoyed the chapter and waiting for more!!

That does seem to be gaining speed as a ship huh? Now its a tugboat instead of a dinghy.

Yup! And I'm all for it. She better looking than Rarity, magic that rivals Twilight and has one very interesting personality.:moustache:

I'm not happy about Luna making Spike hide this, with him looking lazy, he be forced to work when he already exhausted and hurt.
Even with that healing potion helping him, he be pushed to the limit.

Well rock on you crazy lovebirds. Spike will have quite the life.

Spike showing no fear of making lewd comments on any mare.

Spike better watch out for a pouncing Winona.

Oh there is a third party who is aware of Spikes nightly activities, this person acts as back up whenever spike needs it, although he rarely ever needs it.

Are there gonna be clues as to who Spike's 'anonymous' partner is, or would there be a point where all of a sudden he/she appears to Spike?

They will show up at some point, but like I said Spike only calls this person whenever he's in serious need of help, and when it comes to his night Job Spike has almost as much Pride as rainbow dash so it may be a while.

Cool, sounds interesting. I can't wait to see how Spike skirts the other girls when they inevitably ask about his issues like more tears, wounds, or sleeping in a lot. Especially Applejack--we all know she's like a living lie detector, so Spike's got to be on his toes around her.

Spike has something special for dealing with Applejack, you'll see in the next chapter.

Ha love that twilight gets jealous when spike and starlight flirt with each other

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I crossed my fingers for that last part with drunken Twilight and Starlight. ^w^ :twilightblush:

KO awesome chapter, well Spike sure is popular with the ladies and he'll probably let them have their way with him soon. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

loved it cant wait for the next chapter.

This was an amazing chapter!!!! I can't wait for the next one.

the tension is real.

Had to comment on this while it's fresh:

“Can’t say I do,” Spike said as he felt a third jolt crawl its way up his spine.

Well ah suggest you take it, looks like something that should be in a lab and ah think ah heard mah sister mention there’s one in yer castle,” He said handing Spike the vial.

“Thanks Mac I’ll do that as soon as I can” Spike said taking the circular object and walking off before being stopped one last time by Mac, but this time his tone was far more serious than before so it made Spike turn around to see his stern face.

“Be weary of yer wanderin eyes partner,” He said with a squint of his eyes before walking off.

1/ You are a very skilled monster hunter, but you pretty much suck at lying. You already knew that you only had 5 lies to use before Luna could supply you with more, and you wasted three on them on Scootaloo and Mac. At this point you're gonna be up shit creek with Applejack, and it could probably come down to him having to explain to Applejack what's going on. That or having Pinkie or RD teach him to create better alibis and lies to cover his night missions.
2/ It just bugs me so much when I see the stereotypical 'big brother that kinda threatens ones that like his sisters' character, and even more so if it shows that Mac has a lady friend of his own (doesn't matter whether it's canonical Sugar Belle, or any other woman that you would want to have him with). That's hypocritical as hell, not to mention that Spike's not trying on purpose to be a player. Give him a little slack.

This is good but you should really try to ease up on the harem thing. Interested in the fight to come with WereMac.

Good chapter. If Big Mac turn in to werewolf, is Spike going to help him, and be his new partner?

What does Spike do when he encountered monsters that are female?

He's less hostile and even sometimes flirty, but he will do what he must if their serious trouble.

I wonder if I should add a dark tag.

KO awesome chapter, Spike sure shows those monsters who's the boss with a gun blazing action of awesomeness though he might bite off more than he can get. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

Manehattan? OMG Apple Bloom's cousin lives there!! What if she saw that fight and write a letter to her about that?!!?

“Well initial reports say that their numbers where at five,” Luna informed Spike.

yet another error/typo

and on a side note, why didn't you use the "S, A, B, C,..." rank system (like in One-Punch Man) , rather than your... "W, T, B, D" was it? You can even have the class system mean things like "C" for "Child(ish)", "B" for "Bankrobber", "A" for "Assassin(ation)", and "S" for "Special" or something like that if you really need to

Good chapter, but you should be careful. The errors and mentioning of other shows may make this feel cheap.

And I get that, Spike, behaves different when on the job, but don't go making him so OC, that we forget who this is, ok? Cool.

P.S. If you feel you need to explain something, just do so in the dialogue between the one's involved. No need for that, "your probably wondering mess". You don't need it.

Still not really sure what kind of personality your go for, for Spike, but I guess I was nope for someone the, Ichigo, from Bleach. Serious in a fight, but fun, smart and patient with his friends. But that's just me. There are good choices.

And again, good luck. Still, looking forward to, Spike's, reveal with the others. Still go a feeling that it going to happen because of Mac.:twilightsmile: Yeah, I saw the setup!:raritywink:

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