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I used to question the MLP FiM show, but one episode and I got hooked on it. See my Fanfiction account ChaosMagemon for more than just MLP fics. Joined the Herd Nov 5, 2011


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thank you for making this

lance blazer:moustache:

Wait. Is this a crossover with this anime, where guy was resurrected as demon or something and become "pawn" in demon games of "chess"? High School DxD, something like this.

5883581 Not a crossover, a spoof

Of course Trixie's the Fallen Angel.

Why do I now picture Blueblood as Riser Phenex?

And does this make Shining Armor the playful Older Brother with Cadance as the Maid/Queen? THE ANTICIPATION IS KILLING ME!

"What the bloody hell was that?!"
Best quote ever! :pinkiehappy:

OK, this story seems solid. I'll give it a favorite and a like.

I know exactly what this is.............................................AND I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This isn't just gonna be a highschool DxD exact remake with a different skin is it:rainbowhuh:

5883824 It won't it's not going to be about devils, angels, and fallen angels, but about magic and fantasy stuff.

5883840 you're going full harem route right?

5883852 he's gonna be more badass than the actual story right

Haven't even read it yet, and yet the premise alone gets me intrigued. :twilightsmile:

take all of my spike mustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

5883858 As bad ass as I can make him.

maby you should put more dettel in it it was a little short from your other storys and also put the funny stuff in it

lance blazer

No fucking way!!! This has been released?! AWESOME!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I though that the only other story like that that was good was Ponyville DxD by Naughty_Ranko (give it a shot BTW, if you haven't read it yet), and it was a crossover fic. But you actually made a adaptation of this instead of a crossover.

I am very excited to see how this goes. And considering that I have read most of the light novels translated (I can't read Japanese worth a lick, plus I'm from the U.S), I will see how you adapt the MLP characters in the world of DxD without actually having to bring in the Bakuple*** or the rest of the ORC show up to make sense.

***--a contraction of Baka Couple, the term Azarel gave to Issei and Rias. It's a term of endearment since the two of them have a loving but kinda perverted relationship between the two of them. Don't worrry; the love and affection is mutual on both sides.


Got that on the money. Riser's an ass as well.

And Shining Armor as Twilight's big brother with Cadence by his side? If that actually comes to pass, there's your SirZechs Luficer and Grayfia to a T . It works so well because they are married, just like Cadence and Shining Armor are Married.

Also Twilight is Rias, and Rarity is Akeno--honestly I though it would be backwards, but then again Rarity's flirty nature is really suitable for Akeno, and Rias is know to be a bit of a bookworm, just like Twilight Sparkle. So excellent characterization with the opening players. I swear, the more I look at High School DxD and My Little Pony: FIM, it makes me wonder if the people that created FIM are also currently DxD fans too.

....Wait who is pinkie supposed to be

and who is going to be Kiba

I haven't even looked at anyhting DxD related since the second season finished airing. This should be good, but first I must sleep. Full tummy=sleepy eyes, and sleepy eyes=no enjoyment.

Edit: I couldn't resist the temptation. I went ahead and read it. Aside from the fact that (and it has been a while since I last saw season one, but I have seen it several times) it seems almost like a direct play though of the first episode, it was pretty good. I like the character assignments. Cant wait to see how far you take it. Like and Tracking

Thank Celestia someone finally did this crossover now someone do Kill la kill crossover with Spike as Senketsu and Scootalou or Rainbow Dash as Ryuko
And somebody please do a Soul Eater crossover Twilight as Maka, Spike as Soul
Rainbow as female version of Blackstar, Fluttershy as Tsubaki, Rarity as a female version of Kid, Applejack as Liz, Pinkie as pattie Oh and Sunset Shimmer could b Crona and Trixie as Ragnarok

*Sigh* I was hoping this wouldn't be harem. That genre's been milked dry to the point that I can predict what's next. No offense, but when I clicked on this, I was hoping for an action/adventure story with the ecchi and romance thing being on the side. Harem pretty much destroys that.

Good luck with this though.

Not bad, never seen this anime before truthfully, but I like it :)


You should watch it. I wouldn't advise the dub, not a great choice in cast, and I'm usually for dubs over subs (only when the Dub is available and I can watch it online without getting a virus)

Am I sensing a highschool DxD crossover??? :trollestia:

I am... I figured, to put it in one word. :moustache:


5884356 I know of a great site that you can watch anime on that is free and safe, it called kissanime.com

So definite elements of High-school DxD, but some differences. First thing that pops into my mind is how Trixie said she was hired and didn't know why. Waiting to see what comes next.

as always you never cease to amaze me. as for that ending, this would be me to snips and snails:

he may not have a girlfriend but he now has something even better

High school DXD!?!?!
You have my interest

Pretty fun so far.

Let's see if I can draw the proper character comparisons.

Spike = Issei
Snips and Snails = Matsuda and Motohama
Twilight = Rias
Rarity = Akeno
Rainbow = Kiba
Pinkie = Koneko (the only connection that leaves me going "what the?" Personality wise, Maude would make a better Koneko, although it does imply some interesting things for later...)

Which leaves Fluttershy and Applejack.
I'm guessing
Fluttershy = Gasper
Applejack = Xenovia.

...that's going to be interesting. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

5899493 Not bad, though Fluttershy would be sort of a mix between Gasper and Asia.

Forgot about Asia. Although I think Coco Pommel would make a better Asia if you wanted to include her.


I like that possibility, it could a bit better that some of the characters can be cast with background ponies. But then Fluttershy's the ideal Bishop, and it's not just because of her personality and similarity to Asia and Gaspar, and surprisingly Ravel also (the tsundere chick that Koneko's got issues with). Come to think of it, Do you think that Fluttershy is more suited for Irina, who is a reincarnated Angel in the novels, or is that just further down the line?


The Similarity there with Pinkie and Koneko is what you mentioned. Koneko has a big sister as well that is very different in personalities as opposed to her. Kuroka knows she's kinda a bitch, and knows what she wants, while also cares for Koneko. Maude can be Pinkie's Kuroka.

This chapter was great, glad to see an update firs this story.

'Maybe being a dragon boy won't be so bad.' he thought, before Pinkie pulled him over to join the others in celebrating.


Spike: I'm so gonna get laid

"It's ok, darling, I don't bite,"

If Rarity were a true Akeno parallel, she'd have added, "Unless you ask nicely, ufufu."

All in all good, but still needs some editing.

Isn't their another person going to join the group like the main character meets that nuine with the healing power


5900065 Like I said, it's not going to be completely like the Highschool DXD plot

Besides, I'm sure Derpy is in the school somewhere anyway. :3

Huh...you weren't kidding when you said it's not the same.

...Why am I thinking the Dragon King's name is Scorpan?

if they guys were jealous when spike got called away by twilight, wait till they get an eye full of him and the mane six together. this is how I picture the spike walking into school the next day:
and this is how I picture the guys' reactions:

So why is it Celestia had to come to the school and be a principal? Has Luna taken over all royal duties while Celestia goes to deal with the threats on Earth? I mean I can understand why she would send Twilight, go opportunity to see how she handles the field.

Hmm... Is there something at that school's location that will play importance? Something of such significant Celestia felt she had to watch over it herself?


According to your comment, I can assume that you haven't read or seen High School DxD. :ajsleepy: I'm not sure if it's spoilerific, but this school is quite important to our main protagonists. You may have to see the anime of the second season to see the comparison. I will not tell it publicly.

I will tell you in PM however. :twilightsmile: Be ready.

I like the change you've already made from how things were in DxD. Twilight scolding him for having dirty thoughts while training, only for AJ to suggest it as the perfect carrot to make him work harder. That was great!

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