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A Twilight Sparkle fanboy who also likes to write. The author of the Change series.


This story is a sequel to Change: Avia

It has been forty-five years since Queen Twilight Sparkle first discovered her lineage and claimed her birthright, forty-three years since she became Queen of the Hive. And never has it been harder on her than when a new power in the Undiscovered West makes itself known to the world.

The New Kingdom, another land of ponies. Unicorns dominate The New Kingdom, left behind during the founding of Equestria and ruled by their ruthless monarch. Their threats soon come, and ponies and changelings alike are left in a difficult position. One that may drive the Queen to the brink and destroy the fragile peace between Equestria and the changeling hives forever...

Edited by RC2101_Copey.
Cover Art was designed by Jesuka.
Featured on 05/05/2019.

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Congrats! You get a like.

I have been waiting for this. This is going to be great! The dramatic reading of this series on YouTube is also doing pretty well and I can’t wait for it to get to this point.

Well isn't this a pleasant surprise! I didn't think this would start up until after Sparkle in the Darkness. But I'm definitely happy to see this thing, I can't wait to see what you have in store for me this time!

The journey would take them east, far away from the three tribes and to the see.

Do you sea what I sea?

“Any time. After all…” He raised a hoof, one filled with holes seeing as he, unlike his wife and daughter, was one of the few remaining changelings not affected by the metamorphosis caused by the Elements of Harmony so many years prior. “I am a holy changeling.”

Damn this pun, why is it so good???


Well this is a surprise. Curious to see how this will go, as well as why the remaining nobles seemed determined to go to war against everyone else in the far future.

Oooooh shit!

And so begins the next chapter in the Change series, new allies, new foes, and a new mission...

Aaaand I just noticed the story's on the Featured list

*sighs* i should have known you wouldnt take my advice and leave be with avia

you realize you wont be able to stop now right...few series ever stop with 4 stories, its almost an unwriten law
you can stop anytime between one and 3 stories but once you've writen that fourth you have to write the fifth!
the quintet demands to be made!

He's made it clear that this is the finale, so...

Good lordy, I forgot about the Change series.
Time to pick it back up again.

we shall see, stories have a way of takeing on a life all there own, this is not a bad thing mind you but it can push an author to there limits, and sometimes, beyond them.

Once more into the breach we go, then. And though we tread in the shadow of the valley of death, we shall fear no evil, for we venture forth in the name of Harmony and in the magic of friendship we trust...

I've planned this entry ever since Queen of the Hive, and it IS the last in the storyline. If there ever is a fifth, it would be an anthology thing I'd dabble irregularly with from time to time rather than a sequel. It's another thing I've had penned for a while, but one I may not even do depending on how I feel by the end.

I also know my limits. I only write stories I want to, not because I 'have to' do them due to some arguable unwritten law.

belive it or not, dispite my commentary i do respect that.

the best works in the world ar those made by they whos hearts were complelty in it.

im just puting my 2 cents out there , i honestly don't expect anyone to pay me any serious mind one way or the other.

Hmm... You're in the Featured Box, in the section for Updated Fics, when this is still on its first chapter. :applejackconfused:

Now, everyone, you shall prepare for a both heart-breaking and unforgettable ride.

Allow me to present my unconditioned UPVOTE and FAV for the series.

Edited: Just... how? How could a story make it to the Featured Box no more than seven hours after its first publishing?

Because it's a sequel to three other stories that also made it to the featured box, the first Change in particular. :twilightblush:

Oh boy, this is gonna be good! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

The crease between her forelegs reminds me of the mons pubis and labia majora and I can't unsee this now.

The final story oh boy here we go.

One question that I'm probably going to be asking throughout this story is if Twilight will die in this like her mother, Chrysalis, in the first one. (Or was it the second story? I can't remember it's been a while since I read it.)

Woo, glad to see this story being updated. Time to enjoy this final ride.

You know, it is not every time that we need a boy to point out that the emperor is wearing no gowns, especially when there is actually a gown.

First of all, Avia doesn't count, since it's not required reading. Avia is a side story and not part of the main story.
Secondly, there is no unwritten law that you can't stop at the forth. Just because it's common practice for fanfic writers to do that, it doesn't mean all fanfic writers are like that. Granted, I wouldn't complain about a sequel series focused on Avia. But I won't complain if it never happens.
Finally... well... read Skijarama's reply.

If the story must take on a life of its own and continue, then why can't exist as the fans making fanfics of the Change series? And yes, fanfics can have their own fanfics. Just look at Fallout Equestria, Past Sins, and the Lunaverse. They are all fanfics that are functionally their own sub-fandoms.
Also, why can't you just take the author's word for it that this is the finale? Sometimes people do have the entire story (including all of its sequels) planned ahead of time.

Recursive fanfiction is the term for a fic about another fic and I never said it couldn't
Also maybe I missed it but I don't recall the author ever stateing avia was a side story but as I said I may have missed it

I'm pretty sure it's not intended to be required reading. And it's size is a good indicator. Rather than being part 3 in the series, it's more like a part 2.5.

As for when I think it was mentioned, I think it was in a blog post. Though it could just be my interpretation of the story.

Tom, you son of a...
*Sounds of furniture getting knocked over*

Erm... We're experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by.

What Sebaste meant to say was that the death of Twilight Velvet and Night Light came as a major shock to him. But it's not surprising, considering years have passed since the events of the Summer Sun Celebration.

No! Not again! It’s too soon! Why?! Twilight lost another mother and her father?! Why do you torture us with these emotions?!

Poor Twilight and Avia, at least they died in a time before the metaphorical storm hits.


Velvet and Night Light passed....? This is really going to bear on Twilight's mind while she's on her expedition. Honestly, I'm expecting her to postpone it for a time to take care of the funeral. And just when Avia was thinking it's been too long since she's seen them. Man, that's rough.

Oh. Oh, no... no no no no no. This isn't supposed to be the at the beginning of a story. Happy stories don't start like this... please, Tom, tell me this isn't going where I think it's going; I'm not sure my heart can handle that path again...

And why on mother's day!

“It’s your parents, Night Light and Twilight Velvet,” the guard said apologetically. “Our embassy, just a short while ago, received word from Princess Celestia herself that they have passed away.”

Oh you @$$clown, why!? Why on Mother's Day of all days!? :flutterrage:

In my defence, us British have Mother's Day on the 22nd of March. :twilightblush:

This is still an injustice!!! :flutterrage:

Captains Vladimir Vespertillio and Valiant Snow

Ah, good to see our olde good Vlad is still on duty.


Our embassy, just a short while ago, received word from Princess Celestia herself that they have passed away.

OK, user tom117z, you really are a heartless monster.


OK, user tom117z, you really are a heartless monster.

I have a heart, but I must break it for the sake of the narrative. :fluttercry:

Damnit I'm at work at the moment and you made nearly cry.

Perhaps we should mark this story as NSFW.

Come on, it's not even close to being that bad. :rainbowlaugh:

No it isn't I just wasn't expecting it.

That being said I'm starting a death count for this story.

Deaths: 2


Tom, you son of a...

Brit? :moustache:

This is upsetting, but I'm not angry. If I were to criticize you for killing off Twilight's parents...well, 3/4 of her parents anyway, I'd be a hypocrite. I've done a similar thing myself. Though the character I've killed off was a main character that the readers grew to love rather than a background character that the readers only hurt because of how it affects Twilight and Avia. But the point is, I know the narrative necessity of killing off a loved character. Though before I did that, I have thrown a couple of tantrums at the deaths of other fanfic characters.

Do not take any of these negative comments as a bad thing. If anything, it's quite the opposite. The more negative the comments are, the more evidence you have to show how much they care. Sometimes the best stories are the ones that tear your heart out, puts it in a blender, and hits puree.

Though I will admit that this ended up reminding me of when my grandmother died, and how I wished I could've seen her one last time. (Damnit! I'm starting to cry now!) Right now, I just wish I could give Avia a big hug to comfort her, Because I know how she must feel right now.

Honestly, the whole thing with Avia wanting to see them and then finding out about their passing is a draw from my own experience. When I was in High School, on walking back home one evening I was thinking about how I hadn't seen my grandparents in a couple of months and should arrange to go around to see them.

When I got in through the door, I immediately learned that my Grandfather had passed away.

Dammit! I wasn't ready! You should be legally required to give us warning for this Tom! I was ready for Chyrsalis, and I was ready for Draco, but you just pulled that one out of nowhere! :fluttercry:

All annoyances aside I liked this chapter, it seems to have set things up going forward quite perfectly.

They will always be remembered....

Rest in peace, Night Light and Twilight Velvet.

Gone but not forgotten. Twilight Velvet and Night Light left behind quite the legacy, one that Twilight Sparkle will ensure stays alive.

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