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Hi, my name's Nightingale and I think my Mommy's the best Mommy in the world. She doesn't just have one face, but many. And she always saves the very best face just for me.

Mommy has a great big list of ponies that hurt her before she adopted me. I really hope she gets to meet them all again. To make them apologize.

Artwork by LaurenMagpie.

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AMAZING. I love this so much! :twilightsmile:

I may need to go see a psychiatrist...

Man this was really well done, I get really into stories like this so I very much so felt my self in Nightingales (horse)shoes.

The flow of everything and the direct hints to various events with the right clues added to the childhood wonder of it all. I honestly would love to see something from Chrysalis's end just to see her finally figure out she loves the filly, but I know this is a one off so I'll just wonder.

Splendid work NBD.

Oh...Ohhhh boy. I forgot I can this kinda quality stuff from you man. That gave me all the right kinda chills.

I'm glad you went with that ending rather than the one mentioned. This one felt a bit more right.

However, at some point I was expecting to find out Nightingale was stolen from one of the first ponies on the list but unless I missed a queue it looks like it was just a random family.

Oof, this was stunning. Absolutely horrifying and at the same time so sweet.

Just lost internet for a few hours and this was my first story back here. :twilightsmile: And it. Was. AWESOME!!! I absolutely loved it! I loved every single second of reading it. It was just amazing... I'm speechless. Well, I would be if I didn't already know how awesome your stories are! :yay:

I'm a bit confused about the last part though... Was Celestia Chrysalis or was Celestia Celestia? I've got a feeling that it's Chrysalis...

This whole story is dark but beautiful. I'm super impressed at how well you played it out. Also, it's going on my Favoritest Fics shelf!

Fun fact: I don't think there's any of your stories that I've read that isn't on that shelf... And that's a very high place for stories. Your stories are that awesome, NBD! :raritywink:

Simplistic, but well done.

Very well executed.

7922554 It depends on a person's intellect, their wish to explore/discover, and last but not least, how fanatical their parents instill cherished beliefs and insulate them from the rest of the world.

And even then, a few always slip through and still develop self-will!

Which, of course, is why I'll be replacing my children's brains with nice obedient computers! :pinkiecrazy:

Ok, I get what's going on, but there is a problem...

So Chrysalis is bumping off the Mane 6... and clearly no one thinks to give them protection or check for changelings, no matter when this takes place after "Canterlot Wedding" or whatever... they have zero protection when they start getting murdered. I know they're all idiots in the show, but come one now.

This was a wonderful story. Changelings receiving love from animals seems too obvious for it to work and have not already been tried, but foals they raise and institutionally brainwash is a superb idea. Perhaps brainwash is the wrong term, most just bring them up to see the world from the changeling point of view.

Loved the bit about not getting to Thorax first. Were we supposed to know who the first two names crossed off the list were?

I wish Chrysalis had come back at the end rather than Celestia, but I suppose there's still the possibility that it's Chrysalis in disguise, so there's more of a cliffhanger there than there would be otherwise.

Well now, that was delightfully disturbing.

This story really shows how relative morality can be in someone's eyes. Nightengale here absolutely loves her mommy, even though Chrysalis is doing absolutely awful things and presumably assasinating the princesses and possibly the mane 6 (definitely Starlight, at least).

Good job, this was definitely an interesting piece and I think you got the child's perspective pretty good. My main criticism, however, is that while you are telling Chrysalis story rather well, Nightengale is just an observer-she has no real role in the story beyond saying Chrysalis kidnapped a foal at a very young age.

Another maliciously good darkfic from the master thereof.

That ending was brilliant. Loved every second of this story.:twilightsmile:

Great work as always Natural.

10/10 I got chills

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you seem to returned to your roots

Well you've certainly succeeded in composing a dark themed story and I liked it, after all would I lie to you?

Great story that shows that everyone has someone they love. Even those we believe as evil.

7922738 Twin studies of identical twins separated from birth frequently indicate quite a deal of similarity in personality even when maturation occurs in very different environments.

So it's a mix of genetics and environment.

Which means... I can program people! :pinkiecrazy:

10/10 celestial goddess got fuckin merked

The child perspective in this adds an extra layer of fear to all this.

It didn’t look like it’d been crossed off with ink, though. It was all red and thick.

A moan. A scream. Then a sharp crack.

When Mommy came back, she was carrying what sounded like pieces of metal along the ground. Again, she checked to make sure that I was asleep, and I did my very best to pretend that I was. One day I hoped to be as good an actress as her.

We all know what's happening here. But to a little child like Nightingale, it's just Mommy playing, or working, or having fun, or doing whatever it is Mommy does. Mommy can not do anything wrong. Mommy knows what is best, after all...


I don't exactly see this as a completely "dark" story. I'll admit, i kind of teared up a bit when "mommy" was leaving Nightingale. :rainbowlaugh:

It's definitely a debatable ending. I mean, the Sun's coming up - so someone raised it. The main question is 'Who?'.

But I'm choosing the happy ending option. Well. Happier. Go Sunbutt~

This story is AMAZING! I need to make a special folder for this!

7923276 you're asking the good question
who raised the sun...
I think I know who is it
after all

Would I lie to you

For me, it's... I dunno, though I think Celestia is more likely

Well, that was uncomfortably well-done... :pinkiecrazy:

This was like watching a shelter puppy slowly learn to love it's new owner, really made me tear up. But yeah gonna team bug horse hope she and her kid live happily in the new lie.

7922738 Just think for a moment, if Chrysalis murdered Celestia , why the heck would she go around looking like her when she already had all/most of Equestria's military hunting for her.

On the topic of the mane 6, i imagine Chrysalis only has Twilight on her list of them since the rest didnt really do anything during the wedding, it was only Twilight who was a pain in her flank. :trollestia:


Read that last line again.

I think Celestia in the end is really be Celestia. I think Chrysalis went to fight Celestia and lost to her. And before she was killed by Celestia who have no mercy left for Chrysalis after what she done to all pony she loved. She asked Celestia for one last mercy and plead her to take care Nightingale. She told Celestia the password that only secret to her and Nightingale (Would I lie to you?) and where she left her. She asked Celestia to take care her. One last children of her that Changeling like her "love" the most...And once Chrysalis gone. Celestia went to the forest and meet Nightingale here.

And I think that is a reason why the sun still go down and why this Celestia said “I know someone's out here.”. Because Celestia might know the location from Chrysalis. But not accurate place where this filly be. And she said “You’re safe now, little one. I promise.”. Because Celestia think Chrysalis is dangerous to this filly. But since she gone. Filly will be safe now...

Woah, this was amazing! Great job!

7922738 So, uh, I did a stupid. Sorry about that. I completely forgot the phrasing of the 'would I lie to you?' line at the beginning, and so absolutely missed its significance at the end, and posted a comment displaying how I'd totally missed the point.

Thanks for the patient reply :twilightblush:

And, now that's cleared up, let me reiterate even stronger than before - great story!

Everyone here keeps saying it's most likely Celestia in the end, but that seems like an incredibly specific and not at all normal thing to say to a child you never met before. Chrysalis told Nightingale to find someone in the city to take care of her; in a fight to the death or whatever happened between Celestia and Chrysalis, would Chrysalis really not only tell Celestia where to find her daughter, but also a phrase that would instill immediate hope/painful despair in the filly?

I get how it could be taken both ways, but this one leans toward bug butt supremacy for me.

PS, I must be fucked in the head if I consider Chrysalis winning the happy ending.

Frankly, I think it's actually Celly, not Chrissy.
7923073 FucKINg TRigGERed

Pretty sweet. I think it was Chrysalis in the end though.

Dear naturalbornderpy,

Kindly stop filling my favorites library. I can only take so much of your excellent execution.


This story was lovely thank you for the read.

The ending is open ended and I generally dislike such endings (especially those documentaries that leave a note after the one hour saying you are meant to draw your own conclusions with all the info provided...) but I must say this one is a good one! I actually genuinely enjoyed the whole dark tone that it takes as the protagonist has nearly no clue of what is going on, yet the readers know exactly what is happening.
I think I've seen this take before, just probably can't remember. This one is equally as well done (and that's good!)

I want to believe in the end Chrysalis won. Celestia wouldn't smile if "the list" had actually been successful up to that point. Or Celestia is a darn good actor. Then there's the counter-point, where the sun was raised. Who else could've done it? Or did Chrysalis strike while Celestia was raising it? Sounds rather unlikely...

Love it! To me its kinda feels like a ceepypasta, and I guess it kinda is.

7924021 When your a figurehead who is kind of worshiped by everyone as pretty much a deity and probably seen as "can do no wrong and would never lie" or such, why would it be so strange to reassure a frightened child with something like "would i lie to you", from the authors perspective its used to attempt to keep it ambiguous as to who it actually is.

But from a story wise perspective, Chrysalis using Celestias image would be suicide and not allow her to even leave Canterlot without being detected, and using it just to approach Nightingale makes no sense whatsoever, if it was the guard figure she donned before leaving then there could be lots of ambiguity but that would make using the "usual" line chrysalis uses totally immersion breaking and strange to use.

I assume that under my name you replied to someone elses comment since the part from "As to your other question, " onward i really cannot wrap around my head how it would related to my "why would she use Celestia as her disguise" point. :rainbowhuh:

Would be a good point on why the need to eliminate the mane 6 as a whole, but well with Twilight gone the rest is useless as no harmony for the elements of harmony to use as one is missing already. Plus shes a stealth based foe so adding kills is dangerous and pointless.

7924185 Do you think Chrysalis died? I think she did.

Is it bad I hope Chrysalis is alive?

I like this. The implication that Chrysalis took out Celestia and took her place...so awesome. I wish we could see what happens after. Does she stay Celestia or does she rule as Chrysalis?


when your comment gets downpinkied by normies

Like button smashed into oblivion!!!

two possibilities here:

1) because of the last line, we're led to believe it's Chrysalis
2) it could also be Celestia, since there is no mention of green eyes and a wink

7925131 I like to spike my imagination on this. I think Chrysalis won. Celestia is always being caught by surprise.

Comment posted by The Watcher of all deleted Feb 6th, 2017

Ok so, I Wanted to say this to EVERYONE who thought that Chrysalis died at the end... or even Celestia...

:trollestia: Beware for spoilers.

So I asked naturalbornderpy for clarification about the ending.
As I was confused about it being chrysalis or Celestia, and I asked him if luna was alive, because if that was chrysalis and not Celestia, then there was a good chance that luna was dead.

**<< And I WILL tell you what he said to me in a moment. >>**

so I just wanted to say, yes, this story was kick ass and I loved it too. if not more than you. :P and so with that I'll give you both of our messages.

again, if you don't want to know what happened at the end of the story, DONT READ BELOW.

You Have been warned.

The Watcher of all said:
Heeeeey, sup.... so ah..... I got a question about that story you made. you know the one. " The Mother Of Many Faces. " ya... that one.

Anyway, my Question is. " is luna alive? " I mean ya you could have it as luna never knowing about her sister, but I just want to know if she is ( in the cannon of the story ) alive or dead, also as another Question....

I honestly need some clarity with this one, " Celestia " said " would I lie to you? " which is, as you know. The word that Chrysalis says to nightingale to let her know that it is her. and it also says that Chrysalis shows Nightingale her eye's. and it does not say that at the end of the story. so if you did not want to give us a cliffhanger, you did by accident, that is unless you did intend for it to happen.

So Anyway, in summary. is Celestia dead and Chrysalis took her place or is Chrysalis dead and that was the real Celestia, and if that was Celestia, then you don't have to answer the luna one, as that most likely means she is alive.


also loved the story, you did a great job, VERY few spelling errors, but I can forgive that, Overall loved the story.


not 10/100

aka is the best story I have read in forever.

naturalbornderpy said:
Celestia is dead. Now the question is what remains of the others.

The Watcher of all said:
Yay. Thanks for telling me. :D


P.S STOP BEING A BULLY TO PEOPLE!!!! and yes as you can tell, he was right this whole time. :3


Give the guy a few Likes, pls. for me :3

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